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RandyBK is a known RMTer, proof has come out

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name : FeelsBadMan RandyBk

  • Location : Klaipeda marketplace

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : roughly a month or two ago NOT MY PHOTO, sent in by a patriot.

  • Evidence

He uses cockat feathers instead fo rabbee fur to try and be discreet. Sometimes the real heroes don’t wear capes. Again this is not my photo, it was given to me by someone close to Randy. We’re tired of 15 year old Randy’s antics. I don’t care if this is real or not, not my decision to make. But it was sent to me by a credible source from within his guild, people who had problems with Randy being a hypocrite.

False reports and spreading false information are against the rules.
Dont get yourself banned, unless you want that ofc.


its not a false report u moron. Days old sent in by someone else. the photo itself is 2 months old.

Sure, IMC has ways to find that out and maybe do something…

Dont blame others for your actions. Think of your guild.

Diane stfu if you have nothing to add. Go the F away. Randy posted photos of me with the wrong team name.

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That teamname was correct.

Just warning/telling you to not dig your own grave… any deeper

No it wasn’t. My team name should have been Greasy.

That is the char name, we told you before. And you can change that char-name or make another char.
Calm the f down. Guild without leader would be sad, wouldn’t it?

So you’re willing to fabricate every contingency with the wrong name. But ignore this credible photo? You are biased as f. Tell randy I said hi.

No? You keep confusing/messing-up char+team names. Calm down.

I actually have no problem against Randy Rmting. But he posted ■■■■ on me, so I’m going to post what was given to me BY HIS OWN guild members.

Do u have any proof to defend Randy?

As far as i know, RMT should be banned on first strike

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In the other thread it looks very much like this guy edits images. Sure punish all RMT and other rule breakers.

Click the link

Also, here is an original image that has not been tampered with:

Here is his screenshot with the tampered photo:

The second one shows a perfect rectangle, because it was just pasted in there. He’s just mad that I exposed him for RMT and now he’s throwing fake news on the forums because he won’t admit it.

Randy noone believes you anymore. Wtf are you posting right now? I don’t believe anything you post anymore. You faked the first photos of me. LOL someone just told me you tampered with these images. 5 5
BOth are tampered with sorry buddy. and what rectangle are you talking about? they both look identical. you’re full of ■■■■. I’m not an expert but I got more than 2 eyes on this thing, and everyone says its totally legit.

both of those photos look completely fine to me, aside from what you tampered with. messing with the colors to get the effect you want, it still looks legit to me. Showing a video of similiar items on the market way after the fact doesn’t prove anything, the photo I received MONTHS ago. That video is today wtf… you can’t just drop someones name inside of that name tag because the nametag stretches with character name. so your theory falls apart.

you sound desperate. maybe you shoulda thought twice before smearing someone who supports this game the ‘legal’ way.

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Policy Update Regarding RMT Just incase anyone else missed this glorious thread that started his explosion.

Hey everyone run the photo through the same site he ran it through. Says its completely fine. No anomalies. Yes Randy people know about that thread already, you are incriminated there firstly, now here secondly.

Randy you faked the photo. Here is proof.
Look at the black squares where my name supposedly is. it was the wrong name btw. 100% doctored.
my photo of you selling 200M stack of red cockat feathers, photo from anonymous lotus member. 100% smooth no doctoring of the name plate

Guys do you need to open a new topic for all this bull****? Watching this once is funny and entertaining, watching this twice becomes tiresome…

Time to close this thread like the other one don’t you think?