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Question about SR3. Currently A2-Ranger1-wugu2-sr3

This is my first character in this game and I’m totally confused now as of what to do as I’m more towards dex than str, hence my poison skills are very weak. Few questions I’d need help with are

  1. What end game crossbow and pistol should I invest in? I’m currently using isbality and manamana but I’m not sure whether to transcend them.

  2. What kinda gems should I put in my primary and secondary weapon?

  3. What kind of bracelet would suit me best?

  4. What to do with my stats? Should I have gone full str instead because I have a Wugushi class?

Thanks guys for your input!

“I don’t want to think. Please, tell me everything I should do”


I don’t really know what is really out there, that’s why I’m here to ask. Thanks for your great input.

Is a great database for all your needs when it comes to items, mobs, collections, maps, etc

The korean version has even more things. Way more things (some of what is said in the english version are wrong like orange 315 recipes for example)

Has the formula that still applies for the calculation of your damage

Has the latest changes kTOS had for archer skills, including the wugu ones which you would love to know if you don’t already

Wugu’s poisons are 1 str -> 2 dmg. That’s because each point in STR is added to your poisons and each point in your physical attack too (STR adds to your physical attack). Add in the enhance attributes changes and it will be up to 1 str -> 4 dmg

But there’s the problem of the survivability (DEX let’s you be more lazy). You can overcome that overgearing yourself for phdef though. Since other than concentrated fire you don’t have any channeling skills, maybe you could live without evasion

The other problem is critting. You have to crit to make use of yellow gems, which are much better for SRs than red ones; but yellow ones don’t help your wugu at all, so you’d have to go for red gems if you decide to maximize wugu’s dmg.

Going wugu is a pain in the ass because every other class in the archer tree needs crits, so you have to decide what you want to be your main dps skills and focus on them. With wugu you won’t maximize both

Ah alright, thanks =) I’ll look into the links and think about what to do.

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how much is your crit rate after swift step? what lv are you?

the amount of thread regarding SR3 is too damn high. i guess the search button does not function at it is. :’(

620 but with the zenyma necklace expiring, Im not sure how much will it be after lol. Haha 312. Im wondering if its worth investing in Double Stack as pistol as ive read many people saying it sucks.

620 after swiftstep? your crit isnt 100%, i think you better use red gem for your weapon. use 2 sissels as your bracelet. use silverhawk as xbow and aspana as your pistol. put the rest of your point into dex

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially since it’s his first character.

this reminds me of when every one jump to fencer/doppel due to videos

We should really shutup on SR before it turns into Doppel handicap. Cause retreat shot hits too many targets with 1 bullet. It ignores the reality mechanics :joy:

inb4 nerf bat breaking all SR legs.

inb4 retreat shot and marching shot will scale to AAR instead of per skill level.

keep the SR3 hype coming and kill the class :joy:

  1. to expensive i am quit playing SR because need trascend both weapon
  2. red gem because wugu poison/glassmolecard
  3. sissel
  4. don’t go full str , wugu poison is strong enough without full str you just need ele+phy HC x3 ,redgem,trascend, don’t forget using bow vs fly boss

would probably worry about pistol first.

more worries with so many sr3 will they nerf sr3 now.

don’t think there’s a lot to nerf, unless imc wants to shut down any aoe class that exists in this game.
marching fire doesn’t even have an attribute its only strong because the guys in the videos have both weapons transcended, how could they not be strong with both pistol and xbow at stage 8 + transcended
any char can seem op with a stage 10 transcended weapon tbh.

all they need to do is limit SR retreat shot to 7-10 targets and Marching fire scaling :>

It will cripple hard enough.

but please no hate i am speaking from a neutral point of view. When too many players favor X class. It tends to go bad.

You know how IMC balance stuff. lel…