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Please Help with FPS - I already tried a lot of ways, but still

Hi Saviors,

I am really frustrated with the performance of this game… Current I am playing with 3-15 FPS, with an GeForce 780TI, i7-4770K 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM DDR3 2666, 1TB SSD configuration.

Before I was playing on a notebook with MUCH LOWER configuration than my desktop computer with the same FPS.

Well first of all, I tried a lot of tutorials and guides to optimize the game and improve the FPS, but it doesn’t work for me, even 1 o 2 FPS went up. I waste like 5 hours with a lot of things, I will list here below, so if you guys have any tips or advice that I can do I will really appreciate it.

Things that I tried:

  • Re-Install the game
  • Unchecked the option box on Steam for “Enable the steam Overlay…” and “Use Desktop Game Theatre…”.
  • Add the key “-dx11” at “Set Launch options” on Steam for the game.
  • Re-Install the GeForce graphic driver with “clean installation”.
  • Set the game on NVidia Settings for ToS On 3D Settings option at “program settings” (Setting all to Off and others for High Performance).
  • Changed BitPerPixel from 32 to 16 on User.xml file.
  • Editing the User.xml file (For less render at the scream, set useWater=0, fastLoad=1 and so on).
  • Removing effects inside the game and set VSync to off.
  • With the game opened on the Task Manager, for ToS process I set priority to Real time and also I set Affinity with processor 2,3,4,5,6,7 (Unchecked and processor 1 option).

Well… all of this above is current now set on my PC.

important note: the desktop PC that I am using now is fresh. I mean, I just install windows 10, did updates, install steam and then jToS only (Yes I am playing japan server).

Also, the game is taking too long to open itself (2 minutes) and for change maps about (30-40 seconds).

Links that I remember I used as reference:

Thank you in Advance.

my spec lowers than yours and i do all above and my fps 100+. i even undo things to get better experience