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[Mechanic] Joint Penalty + AoE (with screenshots)

Yeah, I really love fighting with people with pet.

May I ask how do you find people to PvP with? just randomly send duel request?

Some like to fight for the grinding spot (that rude Barbarian KSing you? send him a duel request, they usually think they can 1-2 hit you like they do with monsters, if they manage to stun you - you are probably dead, else you win, but you can pre-cast your fireballs…), some like to mess while waiting near dungeon entrances, some like to mess in towns. And there is no better way to test your build in PvP atm.

Your friend don’t need to wait for it, especially when they are using the DoT spell such as fireball. Quick cast works after the spell such as flame ground and fireball is placed.

I see, that’s very useful. So it acts kind like swell left arm that boost MAtk of character directly which give boost to DoT spells straight away then.

From what attribute says, it adds +50% MAtk. If that so, with Thaumaturge that can +MAtk in total of about 700 then Quick cast will add +350 on top of that. Sounds very nice!

What skill or summon is that?

uhmm no…quick cast doesn’t work that way. It add 50% to your total dmg. For example if your fireball does 1000dmg per hit, with Quick Cast it’ll be 1500dmg per hit. If 2000dmg +50% =3000 and so on.

Why so much trouble while you can bind multiple opponents and nuke them with strong burst skills :X. Anyway, in mass pvp there are plenty of targets to link with and strong burst dmg skills has more advantage, if your fireballs can’t kill them fast enough, they can easily get unbind by priest’s aoe status cure skills.
And its not easy to kill sorcerer’s summon, they are ranged, ridiculous tough (50k+hp) and hit like a truck, my friend’s temple shooter shot me 4,5k dmg per hit. ~.~
Well, all of this are just theories since we don’t have any chances to try on 5vs5 yet and i doubt hangman’s knot would work in there since its too op, they may nerf it for balance purpose (like frost pillar and fire pillar can’t lock ppl inside it).

Too bad, i just found out spiritual chain doesn’t pass attributes which mean included quick cast’s 50% dmg (well it’d be too op) but good thing is it can boost all other classes casting speed.

If Hangman Knot works, the priest will be disabled by the Sleep.

Either way, your first priority should be taking out the enemy’s healer.

No point for Wiz 3 Linker 3 then.

Would you mind posting proof of that somewhere? There is no mention of it in the spiritual chain thread you posted.

I may still go for it though, i don’t like any dps classes from rank 1-6, ele is the only exception but she disappointed me too much :(. Or wiz 3- linker 2 - sorc also nice

Plus he’s still excited about quickcast being linked.

And he didn’t post any evidence.

So, pics plz.

Quick cast being linked definitely worked. I tested it before. No pic though. I’m not sure about the damage as I’m a Wiz 3 myself.

Ask the linker in that thread to confirm ? But aren’t swift step’s +25% crit att and quick cast’s +50% dmg att are the same ?_they don’t add flat value like concentration.

Hm, the screenshots posted show him and an archer as the only people in the party.
Perhaps the 25% was lost, as the wizard has no way to enter the strafing state the archer does?

Both Shoggoth and Skeletons! :slight_smile:

Can I ask you something please coz I don’t have a Wiz 3, if you have MAtk 1000 and Elemental Attack 500 then using skill that has 500 damage, in total you deal 2000 damage (no Def, no Attribute). Then you use quick cast, would the damage be (1.5*1000) + 500 + 500 = 2500 or (1000 + 500 + 500) * 1.5 = 3000 ?

By the way, if it works like you say, then it is essentially +350 MAtk extra with Thauma if you calculate it back.

Let’s say you have MAtk of 800, skill damage 200 and Attribute lvl 100 then you do (800+200)*2 = 2000 damage. -> 3000 with Quick cast.

If you have 700 extra MAtk then you do (1500+200)*2 = 3400 damage -> 5100 with Quick cast. So the extra damage is 2100 which is from [700 + 350] * 2. That 350 is the extra “MAtk” I mentioned.

What I am trying to point out is that it works multiplicatively with Thauma’s buff.

(1000 + 500 + 500) * 1.5 = 3000
Frost Cloud before and after Quick cast (at 0:05) :

I think i’m falling in love with necro. They have many strong & useful skills for every situations.
Guess i"ll go wiz 3 - linker 2 - sorc 1. If the skeletons/shoggoth fall short in late game i can reskill and maxing other multi-hits skills.

Edit: its exactly as you said. Sorry for the confusing XD.

Thx a lot for your clarification! The attribute has a very misleading description!

Necro is very strong at this point of the game but if they are going to keep this formula for summon’s stats, skeletons are going to be useless late game (they only have about 10k HP). They die too quick to any attacks unless you have a god like CC.

Shoggoth on the other hand should still be a good tank since you can keep upgrade the boss card.

The multihit skills look good on paper but actually it’s quite difficult to use.

  • Flesh Hoop requires you to be at melee position and very risky to use

  • Flesh Cannon has a considerable cast time and the locked and small AoE like multishot which makes it only usable effectively only in boss fight. The need of 15 corpse is what kills this skill.

  • Corpse Tower on the other hand will remain a nice distraction through out the game because it doesn’t have HP but has “Hit Limit” instead. With 100% uptime, It’s going to be a nice addition damage through out boss fight.

Oh are the corpses expensive ? and does they have weight ? can i store ~1000 corpses in inv ?

I really like Flesh Cannon it can dish out huge chunk of dmg with quick cast + linker and cast time isn’t a problem with sure spell + quick cast. Much better than the stupid frost cloud can’t hit flying mobs -.-

With quickcast + link, it’s gonna be amazing!

Corpse are actually very cheap, you can buy corpse pot which contains 30 corpses for 500 silver and they weigh 5 each. The problem is the CD of pots is 30 seconds and you can only have maximum of 300 corpses in the necronomicon. The even bigger problem is that I heard rumors that the pot is only available in CBT, and if we need to rely on disinter + gather corpse to get corpses, I wouldn’t want to burn 15 of them through a single use of cannon :slight_smile: If they keep the pots, I think its going to be fine.

its not too bad then, all necro attack skills has 30-50s cooldown so its hard to ran out of corpse. I don’t think they will remove the pot, that would kill this class for sure, you are literally fcked if a world boss just spawn but you ran out of corpse.