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Quick Cast damage formula?

So, this is an interesting question i guess, that not a lot of people seem to ask themselves.

Lets say, we all know that C3 Wiz Quick cast has the attribute to increase your Wizards damage by 50%.

Now the question is, how is that damage calculated? Obviously, most people assume that it adds a whole 50% ontop of your final damage calculations, but is that the case?

As we know, all spells have a base 100% modifier plus the additional damage ontop, basically it would look like something along these lines (100*1)+250 with 250 being additional damage from the spell tooltip.

If we add the damage passives from upgrading your attributes for each spell, that damage also increases by another 100% , which should make the damage formula look a little like (100+100)*1+250 , however, where does Quick Spell damage go into that formula? Does it go at the start? Does it go at the end?

Depending how its calculated, obviously we’ll get different results.

Is it (100+100+50)*1+250? Or is it [(100+100)*1+250]*1.5? Or maybe [(100+100)*1.5+250?

Does the damage multiplier from the attribute get added first? is quick cast damage somewhere in the middle? Or is it a total multiplier?

Its exactly the case: final dmg (matk + skill atk - mdef + %attributes) x 1.5
You can check my screenshots before and after quick cast:

But its a little different with weakness bonus and skills has hidden 1.5x multiplier like energy bolt and freezing sphere:
final dmg (matk + skill atk - mdef + %attributes) x 2.0 (quick cast attribute + weakness bonus)
For example if i deal 15k dmg meteor (fire) to a ice monster, with quick cast it’d be 20k dmg. 10k (base dmg) + 5k (50% fire bonus) + 5k (another 50% to base dmg from quick cast attribute)

Sounds good, thanks~

Adding to this, the same goes for resistance effects. So quick cast and elemental resistance cancel each other out or so to speak - you end up doing double the damage you’d do on a resistant target if you use quick cast.