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Lvl170 - 2H vs. Xbow + Mana-mana - Current BIS

I didn’t say BONUS is the attribute. I know Enhance is the attribute. I’m talking about additive damage from Arde, Mana-mana, etc are considerd final additive which is the “BONUS”.

Now I’m unsure. I just saw “Extra Elemental Attack” and it gets multiplied by attributes.

If the bonus from Mana-mana indeed really gets multiplied by Attribute Enhance, then it is the better option.

@EternalDream Can you confirm which is which?

Anyways, I have Karacha Set on my old Rogue. Gonna pass the gears to my new main after I do boss rush and test how it will affect Barrage’s damage.

oh gosh… the formulas appeared :open_mouth: haha go guys!

i just base the damage per auto attack and didn’t consider those.

Please help to confirm @Dream if you happen got those bows/gun. and show how 8k Barrage is possible O.o

I’ll just watch and eat popcorn here :wink:

No one is fighting here. Not even an argument. We’re just discussing.

I’ll be back with results once I’m done doing boss rush.

haha get it, I will wait for that result.

It’s good thing we’re discussing and sharing information.

Hope you got good loots on those cubes! go :wink:

OMG I should thank you for that!

Anyways, I tested it instead on my Critical Shot with Lv30 Attributes. It’s a pain to test because removing your weapon for 0 variance will make the formula abit wierd. While using Crossbow still has that damage variance.

I tried to land at least 20 hits of Critical Shots with and w/o 40 holy elem attack.

3135 highest with 40 holy elem attack.
3079 highest w/o 40 holy elem attack.

56 difference. That’s 40% improvement compared to it’s default 40, not so accurate probably because of the damage variance but it’s still near 30% and the fact that it had improvement means it really does get multiplied by damage attributes.

Final conclusion: Xbow+Mana-mana is better than 2H-Bow except against Flying.

I’m actually grateful to this. I’ll start investing on Xbow+Sub.

Im jealous :frowning: already 2 weeks there and nothing! Spare me something! I pray to RNG-God for that! xD SEA - Telsiai here hoping for your donation :wink:

Well you have tested in small scale (40 elem only) it means it will be much stronger since its +278 elemental attack.

You seem rich already for having tons of bows and even mana-mana though.

Anyways, the test doesn’t matter if it’s small or not as long as it’s multiplicative, that’s all that matters.

I stand corrected though. It’s definitely worth using Xbow+Sub for everything not flying.

Barrage works better with crossbows anyway, the hit box and range of the skill is much better.

If the mobs are close, or if you are trying to land all the barrage hits in one target its skill animation is faster and easier to land.

Which weapon do you guys think would be better for a Hunter/Falconer? Hunter does have a few DOT’s so I was thinking Viper but the DOT comes from the pet so I have no idea if that would synergize. Should I try and get Magas (although I don’t see myself being that lucky anytime soon) or use a cheap bow and focus on a 220 weap?

Also should I even bother going through the trouble of getting the roxona set or should I keep my cafrisun and focus on the 220 set? I’m 178.

@Dream well I sold it RMT. hahaha so I’m broke now since I challenge my self to start over again as QS3, wihout mana-mana/karacha xbow so im starting again with nothing. haha so willing to accept donation :frowning:


PURE DEX or DEX>STR (if you always crit)
Karacha Crossbow + Mana-mana
Khasti Bow (flying)

PURE STR or STR>DEX (if you don’t have Archer2)
Catacombs Shooter + Mana-mana
Maga Bow (flying)

DOT: Viper

Optional: Isbality

Low Budget Bow: Magas Shooter

Viper is a very very bad weapon even for DoT builds. If DoT, go for Catacombs Shooter / Lv220 Superior Xbow + Mana-mana.

No, a viper is very strong for a DoT build because DoTs don’t get snapshotted with elemental property damage, but they do get snapshotted with physical damage.

They highest dps you can do with DoTs is equip a weapon with the highest base physical attack (which is an enhanced superior wrench bow with +15 squire enhancement), cast your DoTs, and then swap to a Viper or Manamana + Whatever. Your DoTs will then get dynamically updated with the elemental attribute damage.

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W8 a minute… The skill change its damage even after you casted it? The total damage of one skill is not calculated in the server in the momment you cast it?

Nah. It isn’t snapshotted on cast. If you have a Scout, cast Flare Shot then do Kneeling Shot and you’ll see the ticks do additional damage. You’ll also notice this when you play w3ele3. If your Quickcast falls off, your ground deployment spells will tick for less damage.

For debuff DoTs, it should be as sudonim7 said.

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Thanks for the info! Thas looks fun, must test this at some time :smiley:

Like: cast magic arrow (or Broadhead) with +15 lolaphanter. Change for elemental dmg, moar damage? :joy:

Magic Arrow isn’t a debuff DoT, so no. It will work on Broadhead I believe.

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I already knew about how the damage is still affected by changing weapons but I never knew it actually retains the physical attack of the weapon it was casted on. Thanks for that info.

This is not that related to the topic anymore but I think it has a CON. Once you stack all your DoT and swap to Viper, you still spam some skills for more sustained DPS but Viper will gimp your skill’s damage other than the DoTs especially if the skills got high modifiers.

flies in

Arde’s Fire Attack and Manamana’s Lightning Attack go under “Extra Elemental Attack”, not bonus. Bonus is pretty much exclusive to buffs like Blessing and Concentrate.

flies away


I already managed to confirm this but thanks for the double confirmation. I did correct myself already on one of my previous replies.

One question how is the second weapon phys dam with related skill.
For example will SR skill use automatically the phys dmg of the secondary ?