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I started playing Tree of Savior since Beta, along my sister, and the first thing we did was to do Quests to know more about the story. I’ve been updated with the story and am looking forward more of it. When people see my Tree of Savior art or I show it to them, the question is always the same: What is it about?

As a person who likes to read, and with the few resources we have. I feel capable to tell them what the story is about. Not just the fact it is a MMORPG, but what makes it interesting. A good story will always catch the attention, along the art, music and character design, which is an area Tree of Savior has a lot of potential in yet its what it lacks more.

These two years, I’ve met great people in the game, and would tell them what I love the most of it. Aside of music and visual art, I mention my favourite character Rexipher, and the most common I’m told is "Who is Rexipher?" and “You mean the Demon Lord?”. Within MMORPGs, the highest percent of players get in to max level and become powerful to later migrate another MMORPG to repeat the cycle. Whilst a lower percent are readers, who are experienced in RPGs and Visual Novels since, then again, RPGs consist in reading and know the story.

Developers obviously focus on the highest percents (play-to-win gamers), but it is also important to release some content about the Lore because, I quote again, a good story catches people’s attention. Tree of Savior has excellent Music composition, unique and well worked Visual Art and Character Design, but it needs a section about the Lore, where you can check who the main characters are, who are the antagonists, who are the masters we consult to reach such class. Most play-to-win gamers don’t care nor find it necessary, but others who question and want to know more would really appreciate it.

I don’t fully know the number of IMC’s developers, but it’d be really good if there was an area in charge of releasing these kind of contents, and that comes from official resources rather than fan mades.

I hope this thread reaches to IMC.
Thanks for reading.


Yeah, I agree with you.
It would be much better if it displays or looks just like what they did to Popolion Post Magazines. :blush:

I think you will be happy to know that many have tried and there are threads and stuff about our lore of savior…

Search it for me too cause am about to fall asleep :expressionless:


Ktos magazine (GOS).
IIRC, several edition has story or lore of the masters.

Only masters Lore.

Well we used to post Lore about Classes and Class Masters in the Developers Blog, but we can’t post in-game stories because that would ruin it for those who haven’t played the game. The most we could do are character highlights that don’t give too much away.

Some of the master lore is also translated in the first Magazine and in previous Developer’s blogs. :blush:


I would love to see someone doing storytelling videos about ToS lore

I don’t like to read the ingame quests to know the lore but would definitely listen to podcasts talking about it
Unfortunately I didn’t find any content like that on Youtube or similar sites. It seems that there is no content creator interested in this.

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Well, maybe not tell everything or going into much detail, but to describe the universe and protagonists/antagonists. Like, what is the Magic Association and what’s the task they’re doing right now, concepts like Kedoran Alliance, Loremasters, and such things. Class Masters’ background would be useful, since they’re an important element in the story development.

Maybe the Developers Blog should be a little more accessible, like adding these kind of stuff in the Guide tab, so people can know about the Game story as well, and not just the Game System. Because most players have no idea what’s the plot of the game. >:

These are just suggestion, because hardly people want to do quests.


Here are some notes that I took last month about some people, locations and things that I could remember. Gonna hide cause it might have spoilers for people who want to play the actual history.

It is not in depth at all, and might have some wrong information. One day, when I have time, I will try to find more. I collected the books, also know some locations that I can go to find some information (like Narvas Temple, Library and Mage Tower rooms).

Would love to see a more compiled information hub, specially if it can be separated by each King’s Era. The History created for this game is very rich and should deserve better.

Might have spoilers ahead!


Klaipeda: Small miner’s city located at the southwest of the Capital. Citizens normally work at the Crystal Mine. Seems to be the city less affected by Medzio Diena catastrophe.

Orsha: Small feudal city located at southeast of the Capital. Ruled by a lineage of Lords, very affected by Medzio Diena catastrophe. Actual Lord sent out migration orders to small villages around it, trying to protect them in small camps closer to the city.

Fedimian: Sacred City of Fedimian, located at west of the capital, very close to it. Completely shattered by Medzio Diena. Its Holy District is more active and intact. Its north districts are shattered and affected by a Stone Curse.

Roxona: City located in between snowy mountains at north and Fedimian City at south. It seemed to be the “Ruklys City”, as people there, apparently, relied a lot on him and Ruklys himself fought some of his battle against King Kadumel there. Because of this fight, the whole city and region ended up suffering from a Petrification Curse, created by Kadumel’s mage army.

Capital: has not given a proper name to it so far. Completely shattered by the Medzio Diena, it is said that the Holy Tree has sprouted there, bringing the catastrophe upon the land. It is said that Laima foretold the disaster, then the king (which king?) built a 3-layered wall (Outer, Inner, City walls) to protect it. Not many of the capital inner locations has been revealed, besides his commemorative orbs, big plaza-like places.

Istora Ruins region: ancient place southwest of Fedimian. Medzio Diena destroyed those ruins, shaking everything but, also, bringing undiscovered buildings to the surface. According to Demetrius, an ancient historian, humans and the Goddesses lived together underground, until the day humans left and scattered across the land. Apparently, this region contains such underground buildings, undiscovered until Medzio Diena. Notable places: Nuoridin Falls - training Ground for Oracles; Earth Tower - one of those underground buildings, where Goddess Zemyna lies; Namu Temple Ruins - where a fairy named Eitdaras recorded his interactions with Ausrine and Giltine about humans being able to live freely, but there is no end, and Lena (Wings of Vaivora) said she can’t say anything more than what the player found.

Maven and his Disciples

Maven: notable priest. Founded his Church east from Fedimian, creating a pilgrimage route between both places. His church and Maven himself were chosen to protect one of her revelations. He also has an Abbey all the way south in between both Klaipeda and Orsha cities. It also has a pilgrimage route

Agailla Flurry: the first mage that studied Chronomancy. She managed to become Master of every single field in Magic. Founder of the Mage Tower and the Narvas Temple. Her blink from the past is taking care of the Former Fantasy Library, inside the Zima Suecourt. Narvas Temple slates contains a lot of information of her life, alongside with some Kings names and eras. She lived for many years, but she followed a different path from Ruklys and Lydia (that were attempting a revolution), regretted that and followed her predecessors mission.

Ruklys: notable swordsman, his fierce and bravery is well spread around the kingdom. Lived during King Kadumel’s era, he tried to accomplish a Revolution. He had an army and also created the Fortress of the Land to protect one of Laima’s Revelation. King Kadumel wanted it and fought against Ruklys. This war affected Roxona City, where most of Ruklys allies lived on, where Kadumel and Eminent left strategically without supplies. Ruklys tried to negotiate with Premier Eminent, bringing him closer and inside the Fortress of the Land, but Eminent accused him to be an ally of the demons. Tricked Ruklys to kill some Lydia Schaffen townspeople and, apparently, he was killed by her. I am not sure what this revolution was about (maybe to be free from Kadumel, a tyrant).

Lydia Schaffen: founder of the Astral Tower. Her skills in archery are praised among Archers in general, they even fight to find her arrows. She seemed to be involved on Ruklys’ revolutions plans, but apparently she was tricked by Kadumel and end up fighting against Ruklys, killing him with one of her arrows.

Notable Small Antagonists

Antares: mad magician, work in the Mage Tower. End up killing himself pursuing power.

Delmore Rephraim: took control of Novaha Institute to create experiments around Kruvina’s creation. End up sacrificing all his people to create a small Kruvina, that he ended up using on himself.

Premier Eminent: Kadumel’s chancelor, infiltrated himself in Ruklys Army to negotiate with him, but his true intentions was to get information about the relic (Revelation). Used by the demons.

Ebonyphon: mercenary, master at poison techniques. Small participation in a curse ritual at the Settlement Area near Klaipeda. Suspected of a murder case at Astral Tower, he sought asylum at Tyla Monastery while being chased by the Schaffenstar group. He caused a mess there, took control of Tyla Monastery and poisoned almost all Monks there. Also chased Laima’s Impersonation at Grynas Hills. End up killed by Vicentas and the Revelator inside City Wall District 8.

Order of the Divine Tree of Truth: scams that plays with people’s faith. There are registers of them being found at Carlyle’s Mausoleum (looking for his buried landowner papers), taking control of Elgos Monastery (not sure about the reasons) and also keeping monks hostage in Maven’s Abbey (not sure about the reasons).

Notable People

Archivist Jonas: lives at the Gateway of the Great King, waiting for the heir that will enter the Zachariel’s Mausoleum and retrieve the Revelation.

Bishop Aurelius: kept his spirit inside Maven’s Cathedral, waiting the revelator to come, then help him retrieve the Maven’s Keys to reach the Revelation.

Follower Algis: works with the Templar Master to protect the Tenet’s Church. Helps the Revelator to find the Church’s Revelation.

Inesa Hamondale: actual Lord of Orsha. Sent out migration orders to try to keep the Settlers around Orsha safe around the city. Overwhelmed by work and duties.

Vicentas: Capital’s General, lies inside the City Walls. Fought against Ebonyphon, chasing him with the Revelator.

Zanas: chosen by Laima to protect one of hers Revelation. Killed himself inside Kalejimas Prison to hide the Revelation from demons and wait for the Revelator. Apparently, a former soldier, but unsure about it.

Kedoran Merchant Alliance: organized group of people who roams the kingdom searching for relics and artifacts. Most notable appearance at the Trade Routes Region and in Istora Ruins, negotiating with Revelators that are going inside Earth Tower.

Knight of the Kaliss: group of talented people that works on the old Roxona city region and northern peaks. They seek a solution for the Petrifying Frost that roams the Kaliss Province.

Legwyn Family: Very rich family, they all got killed but I have no information about when and why.

  • Justina Legwyn: the Squire Master, is the only Legwyn still alive.
  • Gaius Legwyn: father of the Family. Helped a young lost girl once (judging by the quest, this girl is the impersonation of Laima that roams around the kingdom), and since that day demons started to appear. They followed one of them, Kartas Hunter, until Mochia Forest (where you meet Gaius’ spirit). Overpowered, Gaius sought for help with Pardoner Erikas, who lend him a magic device but asked for the heirloom as a collateral. He and his vassals ended up loosing their life to seal Kartas Hunter, then a Revelator (you) appears years after and help defeating the demon once and for all and retrieving the heirloom from the Pardoner.

Winterspoon Family: Notable family of hard-workers on magic, mostly Alchemists.

  • Vaidotas Winterspoon: Alchemist Master, got captured by Vubbes and help you retrieve the first Revelation from Crystal Mine
  • Lucienne Winterspoon: Alchemist enthusiast, she is always trying to create something that will turn her name into a legend. Found at the Rainforest, around Elgos Monastery area, trying to solve the giant bracken problem there.
  • Lucid Winterspoon: Chronomancer master, she followed a different branch of magic from her family. She also has one of the Rune Stones from the first Rune Caster Master.


Austeja: Goddess of Destiny. She can be found around the Apiary’s area. She is protecting the region, not letting other Dimensional Cracks to open upon the land (as happened inside Demon Prison). At the end of the quest line, she says that she will follow the stars to find Goddess Ausrine, cause she believes that finding all her missing sisters will be the salvation of the world.

Giltine: main antagonist of the whole plot, she is keeping Goddess Laima hostage. She tricked humans to violate a contract of non aggression, causing the Divine Tree to sprout in the middle of the Capital to punish the humans. Her plans are still a mystery, but it seems that she is waiting for someone to appear (as the Zeraha cut-scene where you wee Giltine and Laima discussion).

Dalia: Goddess of Fate (like Laima?), imprisoned in Tevhrin Stalactite Cave. Cursed by Giltine, her Kupoles are helping to keep her safe inside the cave. Destroyed her physical body to stop Demon Queen Gesti.

Gabija: Goddess of Fire. Her Phoenix is named Grita and it took a human form to find the Revelator. She is taking care of the Mage Tower and was protecting one of the Revelations.

Jurate: Goddess of Water. Seems a little bit selfish. Her area was shattered during Medzio Diena, bringing all the land that was under the sea to the surface. Her lorekeepers are always trying to flatter her.

Lada: Goddess of Love. She is taking care of villagers in the Rainforest east of Fedimian. Once imprisoned by Zaura and Beholder, they were using her lifeforce to create a medium Kruvina.

Laima: Goddess of Fate. Kidnapped by Giltine, predicted the Medzio Diena and ran across the nation to give her Revelations to notable people and Goddesses to protect them, cause the slates will guide the Revelator to save the kingdom.

Saule: Goddess of the Sun. Kept prisoner at Septyni Glen. Protected one of the Revelation slates, now she is trying to revert the Thorn Forest back to what it was.

Vaivora: Goddess of Knowledge. Taking care of the Library that contains every single person’s history and fate. Library rooms known are Sausys and Valandis Rooms.

Vakarine: Goddess of the Evening Star, of Guidance. Dionys, a black panther that shines as a constellation, accompany her as the Evening Star itself. She is taking care of the Demon Prison with her Kupoles.

Zemyna: Goddess of the Earth. Mentioned in the questlines during the Commemorative Orbs events. Seems to be at the top of the Earth Tower.

Medeina: Goddess of all Forests. She is mentioned in Teresh Forest quest line, with the singing trees. It is said that she is at Parias Forest, but not sure when we will get this region to explore.


Demon Queen Gesti: First found at Tenet Church region, searching for the Revelation. Fought against Dalia inside Tevhrin Stalactite Cave. Dalia destroyed herself to kill Gesti. One of the three Queen/Kings under Giltine’s control, all of them control the Demon Lords.

Demon Lord Hauberk: the Demon Lord of the Brutality. Has been chased by other demons and his soul was shattered into many pieces. Apparently, Helgasercle is the one that did it. It is said that there are four pieces, each one of them holding one of Hauberk’s traces: conscience, memories and knowledge, boldness and brutality. Pieces known so far: Ambition, Deception and Suspicion at Narvas Temple, another one in Demon Prison quest line and a last one inside a man’s body in Sutatis Trade Route region, this last one showing to be really kind.

Beholder: seems to work behind the scenes, manipulating people and other Demons. Notable appearances around the Kruvinas’ creation.

Demon Lord Marnox: Orsha’s Bishop stole his Demon Orders about the Kruvina creation. Marnox chased him inside Ashaq Underground Prison, where the Demon Lord got defeated by the Revelator.

Demon Lord Naktis: appeared looking for the Revelation inside Maven’s Cathedral

Demon Lord Zaura: Kept Goddess Lada prisoner at Rainforest to use her lifeforce to create a Kruvina. Beholder then used that Kruvina to increase Zaura’s power.

Diena: a fairy controlled by Gesti. Found at Jonael and Taniel Commemorative Orbs questline. She was going after some holy pieces, but tricking the other demons to have the pieces for herself.

Demon Lord Helgasercle: fought against Gabija and Agailla Flurry inside the Mage Tower, pursuing the Revelation hidden there.

Demon Lord Rexipher: tricked the Revelator while opening the seals for the Royal Mausoleum. Entered it and end up defeated by the Revelator while pursuing the Revelation there.

Demon Lord Blut: defeated by Hauberk, the Revelator and Zemyna’s Kupoles inside the Demon Prison.

Demon Lord Mirtis: same fate as Demon Lord Blut.

Demon Lord Solcomm: found in the Lanko Waters region, closer to the Astral Tower. It is said that he fought against Lydia Schaffen, and he is very unfortunate.

Demon Lord Warpulis: summoned by Giltine during the Library quest line.

Nebulas: Demon Lord under control of Demon King Kartas. Once a human, Nebulas was found at Kalejimas Prison, searching for the Revelation and opposing Zana’s spirits will.


King Zachariel: The great King that built the Royal Mausoleum to protect one of Laima’s Revelations. It is said to be one of the greatest Kings that the Kingdom had.

King Kadumel: It is said to be a tyrant, his era was the most turbulent but also where Maven and his disciples lived. Built the Kalejimas’ Prison. Fought against Ruklys in a pursuit for the Revelation. End up cursing the whole Roxona City and surroundings with a Stone Curse, casted by his mage army.

(more Kings mentioned in Narvas Temple)

Geography, Notable Places and known Goddesses Locations


most players look foward to ready the lore outside the game because they are not in the mood to read it while they are leveling their characters, or they just forgot about something. Also everyone knows how to avoid spoilers. I don’t think that’s a plausible excuse.

But I also don’t think that’s something your team should shift resources towards . You don’t need to post all the little details about the lore anyways, that’s mostly the fans that create wikis that do. But if you guys were to do like lore books that be amazing.


He included Dalia, you missed it

I wonder if there is mentions of godess ausrine, she does not have official artwork (only concept image) unlike the other goddesses.

nice thread.

i remember there were some old threads which tackles some lore in TOS too.

i will try to find them.

just to add:
under Giltine, the hierarchy would be the two Demon Kings and Demon Queen then followed by the Demon Lords. There are two demon kings, Vaiga and ??? (i forgot the name, though i think it was mentioned already)

and Diena was actually on the side of Laima and the goddesses but got possessed by Rexipher, iirc, cmiiw.

found some


Dalia is listed there,


But she and Gesti can be considered alive, cause their spirits remains. Dalia even said that this would not defeat Gesti once and for all, she can still recover a physical body one day.

By the way, this is one of the best moments during quest progression in Tree of Savior. Such an epic reencounter of the Savior and Gesti, with an amazing outcome

About the Divine Tree, yeah, I forgot that. I will edit there when I return home. But my idea behind that was that she was the one with the whole scheme to bring the Divine Tree up to the surface.

Still want to know who or what she is waiting on, she stated something like that during the Rainforest/Zeraha cutscenes where it’s shown Laima hostage.

Also, Astral Tower is hinted to be the next revelation location. Cannot wait to go there, finally. To be able to know more about Lydia Schaffen. Hope they don’t treat her like Ruklys, that there is no relevant historical information if compared to Agailla Flurry, during the Fortress of the Land quest line. Although the script might tell us more about him, as Ruklys and Lydia had a very close connection

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Ahhh yes… we need this… thank you for suggesting this @WarNux :two_hearts:

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I feel like Lydia was kinda fallen in love with Ruklys. If yes, it’s so freaking sad 'cause she killed Ruklys by her own hands :frowning:

She was, at least that is what some in-game text said (or intended to say). I’m unsure if Kadumel tricked her (judging by the way she ended up killing Ruklys) or if she was aware that Ruklys was on the other side of that rock/cliff.

I’m inclined to the first supposition, but I hope the next main quest line at Astral Tower can describe more about Lydia and Ruklys relationship

they were in love… yes :sad:

@fabricio_polo Both were tricked by the king, one to help build a wall and then was called a traitor and the other was forced to kill the one she loved :frowning:

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The one you missed was actually Ausrine, but great post anyway.

Personally, instead of a lore section in the official website, I’d like more lore-related raids (like Former Fantasy Library) and a Revelator’s Journal to keep record of the quests you did so far. It could be a list of chapters with each one added after finishing a main questline and extra chapters related to the issues being faced in each region of the continent after completing certain sidequests. It could even rewards the player with titles and achievement points.


I edited my post:

  • Corrected myself with Gesti Information
  • Added more about Legwyn Family members
  • Added more about Demon Lord Hauberk

Also, I did a map with some geography and locations. Gonna share here, but it is also there with the other information. If you find any misplaced location, or a better description for one of them, feel free to share so I can correct it.

big map ahead



I updated my post again.

  • Added Kalejimas Prison and Roxona City into the map that were missing
  • Added Roxona City entry. Even though it is destroyed after the Petrification Curse followed by Medzio Diena, I thought it is still valid to be mentioned there
  • Added Dionys, the Evening Star itself, to the Vakarine’s entry
  • Austeja - edited, now that I did the apiaries’ quests one more time. For people looking for information on Ausrine: Austeja said that she will follow the stars to find Ausrine. Besides that, can’t remember another relevant info about Ausrines’ location.
  • Added an entry for Kedoran Merchant Alliance. There is not much to talk about them, but they worth the mention
  • Corrected Giltine’s info about her plans - she is waiting on someone (there is a cut-scene between her and Laima where she say this).
  • Added more info about Agailla Flury, Ruklys and Lydia Schaffen - Ruklys and Lydia were trying to accomplish a revolution (not sure if it had reasons other than fight against King Kadumel’s tyranny), while Agailla took a different path. After many years, Agailla regretted and decided to follow the mission of her predecessors.

If anyone find any missing location for the map, please let me know. One day I will format it better, these circles are not representing the area properly.

If you have any other information that want to share that could add to the list, please let me know.