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Linker: Physical link then using buffs causes damage to entire party+durability loss

Bug Description : Using Physical link as a linker on any party member or multiple members and then anyone currently linked using a buff spell (sure cast, quick cast, reflect shield, gungho, concentrate, painbarrier, etc) will cause damage, if reflect shield is active it will cause a reflect and bounce the damage until all instances of the shield have been used.

This needs to be fixed as physical link is already a worthless ability, destroying my tanks plate armor makes it even worse.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use Physical Link
  2. Have a linked member use a buff
  3. ???
  4. Lose profit because armor breaking.

Screenshots / Video :

  • link to video replication of the bug.



Any mod/staff acknowledgement of this would be nice or additional input as I haven’t been able to test all buffs (so far i know all warrior/wizard buffs proc this, haven’t tested cryo ice shield though).

Also suggested fix to make physical link used/usable and not absolute garbage like it is now:

At level 1 Physical Link applies 20% of the main targets defenses to the damage before it is spread to others, then apply their defenses, this percent bonus scales on level of the skill at 5% per level, so a C3 linker with level 15 link applies 85% of the main target hit’s defenses before the damage is spread to other linked members. This double application of defense is the only way the ability becomes usable with the current damage calculations/defenses/enemy damage numbers being as high as they are, the ability simply cannot compete with spiritual chain so it’s never used and it’s pretty much the core of the class.

@STAFF_John @STAFF_Shawn @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_J @Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan

I’ve tested this, and it looks like Physical Link buff damage is capable of some pretty significant damage when used with things like reflect and subzero shields, enough to kill someone with.

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can you use physical link while using spiritual chain? if not… can’t even surespell…

this skill needs something to keep it from breaking spell casts. for that matter, burning and poison status damage are also rediculous, can’t cast spells. durability is already an anti-fun feature, the best situation would be never losing durability unless you die.

there needs to a “status damage” damage type if there isn’t already, and it should never reduce durability or break spellcasts.

Spiritual Chain and Physical link cannot be used at the same time, one overrides the other, I just hit circle 2 last night and tested this.

Also, spiritual chain will NOT share sure spell (the only wizard buff it shares is quick cast and i haven’t yet tested if it will share the attribute damage increase), i am unsure if this is a glitch or intended, but either way i have submitted a support ticket with a link to this thread and further information regarding this bug, hopefully we can fix this classes defensive abilities so people don’t just look at us as a Joint penalty/hangmans knot machine…

EDIT: Quick Cast will not supply it’s attribute of 50% magic damage to linked members, another broken linker ability that is worthless…back to being a JP/HK bot for my party. Staff, please work with me to fix this class and game.

I’m sure they’re aware of it… It’d be nice though if they devoted some time to fixing it.

well, there is always subzero shield? I have it on orsha if you wanna test

Already have tested it, does not transfer. Friend has found a list of skills we believe to be able to transfer within the game files, will post when we confirm.

Also, to add to this bug report, Spiritual Chain (and presumably Physical Link) will break on height differences, just the same as Joint Penalty and Hangmans Knot will break and cease function or not function at all when height variations occur, this sadly includes jumping, which as a wizard i do often to cancel and avoid boss aoe…this just keeps getting worse as i play =/.

Anyway, i’ll state it again, @moderators, I will become the posterboy of this class and work with you on a regular basis to improve and fix all of the issues with this class. Please let me know when/if you wish to resolve these issues and i will help as much as possible.

How did you test this? If this is true, then the skill is 100% worthless as it only has the best effect when your tankiest character is getting hit - and if your tankiest character is already getting hit, why share the damage with your party members?

On that note, there was a video I saw of an archer testing damage/block against monsters that use the physical link skill. From observation there might be more mechanics to it. When a linked mob blocked(not the main target), the main target also took less damage.

SUGGESTED fix, and yes that is the point of link, to mitigate your tanks damage onto the backline so the backline who is safe due to the tank doing their job can easily be healed and the tank will not be 1 shot by the absurd damage ratios currently present in the game.

Contrary to popular belief, linker is indeed a support class, meant to make mobbing and dungeoning easier through it’s ability to increase damage output and decrease damage taken by using physical link and my proposed change above does just that, because by double applying defense through my formula damage is essentially removed from the equation.

Example: Tank gets hit for 1200 damage normally, his defense lowers that damage to 1000, linker physical links this tank to his party, tank who would have taken 1000 damage (after defenses) now takes 200 damage (spread equally across a 5 player team), those party members then receive 200 damage a piece without their defenses factored in, instead we now factor those defenses in (and all things equal for all 4 other people) would take 180 damage a piece, so now you have an effective damage taken of 920 (200+180+180+180+180), thus removing 80 damage from the effective damage taken.

As it currently functions each player linked would take 1000 damage, the ability is broken and does not divide damage, it is simply a joint penalty for your own team, it’s broken, clearly because that could not have been it’s intended purpose.

Well the times I was trying to use physical link finished in my (and other squishes) death :slight_smile:

In theory it looks cool, but in practice if you’re good in dodging and other randoms in your party are not you will end taking much more damage than you want.

Also if you have tank + healer in party it is ezpz anyway and you don’t need physical link at all. At least on 200- levels there are no damage that could one-shot tank.

BTW your suggested fix is a LOT imbalanced. I have 301/366 physical/magic defence on my lvl 203 linker. Imagine your calculations with that - every hit <= 1500 will be nullified.

Obviously numbers not final, suggested. Plus from the sound of it you’d rather continue being a JP/HK bot than be able to build your other skills up?

As it stands linker is locked to leveling JP/HK/SC and UC, there is 0 potential for physical link to ever be viable unless it is changed, it’s literally a joint penalty to cast on your own team right now so no one with any sanity will level it, which I personally want to love the skill but the min maxer in me cannot let the support lover in me make such a dumb decision.

I’m sure we both can agree the skill DOES need to be changed from it’s current state to be remotely usable…

Not only it is a copy of JP on your own party, it is probably a pre-nerf copy of it when getting hit by AoE would inevitably wipe a linked party.

Btw, have you tried reflect shield trick in a group of 4-5 players? What IF one of linked party members leaves a party, enters another one and gets linked there (and then both parties do the reflect shield thingy)? Would servers explode?

Well I totally agree that this skill is useless now.

Also SC imo pretty useless too.

At least for me now linker is only JP + HK. Both of which are bugged :smiley: And all their attributes are pretty useless too.

However I don’t regret I picked this class - JP is very op even bugged and nerfed.

I agree, and yes, every skill we have is bugged in some shape or form. However I disagree on the attributes, since I have a Cataphract and Wugushi partied with me at all times, then using my lethargy from wizard to boost strike damage for my monk…effectively make my group do 20x more damage due to the bonus damages and link.

And yes, Spiritual chain is useless most likely due to more bugs of buffs that should spread not spreading however it may have been ninja nerfed, friend and i are confirming this soon.

Anyway to get back on topic, hopefully a mod comes around soon and can start asking us some questions so we can finally fix our class! ._.

There is also Umblical Cord… That is probably bugged in some way or two as well.

Yeah, it’s actually dangerous if I press the physical link hotkey when I’m dungeoning haha. I should just take it off.

I’m a bit disappointed that it’s so useless, and so is spiritual chain. I mean, at least I can still nab quick cast off of other wizards, but it’s not like it ever stays connected for its intended duration anyways.

That’s the height breaking bug that is present on all 3 chain abilities, if something reaches a different elevation than you are currently on then it breaks all currently links, going up stairs, walking up hills and, as stated above, this includes jumping, that thing all of us wizards do to animation cancel our autos…

I was in Demon Prison 2 with a group on my linker, accidentally used physical link, and i got hit one time by a random enemy. The hit did like 10% of my health at 15k, but did 18k to the rest of of my linked allies and killed them all in one hit.

Still not sure how that makes any sense whatsoever…

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Was it an aoe spell that may have clipped someone else? If so this confirms @nizidr’s thoughts that it could be the CBT version which basically massively amps damage when it’s aoe and will lead to instant party wipes