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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


No more evasion. Only attack speed. Attack speed is useless for Mounted Sword class.


wow that is bad x.x …


Should I try go hacka with a 1h spear class adn switch weapons?
I don’t really play a swordman before so I don’t know what to do with my Hacka now.
My main chars would be in Archer & scout tree


I myself dislike weapon swap on swordsman classes, so I do not recommend it. Right now I know of 3 hacka builds without weapon swap (they use sword + shield):
Templar, pelta, hacka (low damage)
Pelta, rodelero, hacka (still lowish damage)
Rode, templar, hacka (still lowish damage)

If you dislike sword, you can give your 1-handed sword to Scout.
Scout uses sword + [dagger or pistol]. Sword = bonus stats. And give crossbow to archer. No need to play a tree you dislike.


no xbow archer available now when Cannon go 2h like other archers
Bow, Musket, Cannon

I have my Velcoffer weapons ready for Re:build: +21 Gun, +21 Cannon, +16 dagger, +15 cannon, +15 shield, and making a shiny rod for my sorc. All of them can share eq.
So if a good dmg hacka build avail with swap weapon (they have swap now?) I can make a 1h spear. If nothing avail I might quit hacka. Because it seems all hacka with only 1h sword now is not good enough.


If you enjoy quarrel shooter you could go xbow + shield archer. But: no mergen, no cannon, no musketeer for this build. Quarrel lost running shot and gained Block&Shoot: doubles your block, and after blocking an attack your next attack will crit 100%. Defensive class. Also you will have 3 archers then: 2 with cannon build and 1 with crossbow build.

Yes swordsman have auto-swap like archers now. I am sorry I cannot recommend you a hacka-hybrid other sword build. I have not found a good combo for hacka yet.


That Qs seems fun but what can I do if no mergen/cannon or musket? xD
I will I switch recent xbow to other weapon because can’t invest more.
I might just make a new velco bow for Mergen or use recent +16 380 primus
I will have more invest on Scout tree because many visable builds there.


Only options will be: hunter, sapper, wugushi, falconer. Also fletcher and ranger are available for crossbow + shield.
There is still some time for iTOS to prepare. I will wait for more tests and videos before I recommend a build.
I think you will enjoy the scout tree. Very fast skills.


does that confirm that you can’t use block and shoot with auto swap?

Like if blocking and then using skill with 2H cannon auto swap will do guaranteed crit


Not sure about that. Haven’t thought about checking this synergy. Someone also asked about block & shoot with pavise’s block effects.


“after blocking an attack your next attack will crit 100%”
Goodluck find the right time right after you block a hit to swap weapons xD


It’s a passive buff so I’m assuming it lets you crit every time you block? Since you can block any hit now it shouldn’t be too hard lol. I imagine it works by giving you a short buff that guarantees a crit on next attack but what I want to know is if that buff disappears or does not apply to auto swap attacks.

Of course a proper testing and explanation by someone in ktest is best.


If you’re thinking on some sweet Hoplite for the buffs, before Re:Build changing to wrong weapon type cancelled the buffs.

Gotta check for that.


Wait no more Crit Res Reduction debuff? is the only good thing about this skill X_x
NO Pain Barrier effect? O_O (Right swordman now -_-U)


well you are a swordman already having double pain barrier will be redundant


Nope,because of uptime.

Immunity to knockdow/push is never enough.




man it looks so bad, im really drepreseed rn i wanna quit so hard


I will never comprehend not putting this in the same line as Schwarz and Rogue.


:fearful: : f e a r f u l : 20 chars