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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


:disappointed_relieved: : d i s a p p o i n t e d _ r e l i e v e d :


SR and BM autos hit stronger than your entire rotation, it’s pathetic.


I don’t get it, wasn’t hackapelle supposed to be a combination of melee + ranged + mount? why are they putting this class on swordsman? The origin itself said they are meant for ambush which fits the bill on a scout. Even google picture depicts that they don’t use shield but a Sword And Pistol and guess what class has those?? Freaking Scout.


It´s a tank class now …:sad:

Hacka/Pelt and then you can chose Rode/Murm/Temp

Sounds boring but its some sort of mobile tank now…Have murm skills restrictions for mounted cls?

The worst thing is Pelt/Rode/Murm use strike atacks so hacka cant make use of the debuffs and barbarian cleave cant get used mounted xD


I feel the hate toward us hacka from IMC. If it’s like they said “for historical accuracy” it’d be put in scout tree where you have sword and pistol. Which historical reference are they looking at?

The thing of being TANK is also ridiculous. Team formatting is only fun when the game have a healthy amount of player where you can easily form a party and not in this game’s current state.

Anything that is not with certain power of DPS will be trashy and played with only love which I think is one of the main reason they do the re build. And look at this hacka? Re build? My as. I’m sad. I’m a hacka lover.


Move hacka to scout and 1 unique class is saved


Should we re-roll in sw tread to continue discussion?..

If only hacka could use 2H weapons, sigh


so many cries… idk, but making hacka part of scout tree would break the point of the tree focused on Dagger/Pistols/NoHealingSupports.

Oh, and after some tests looks like they did set some skills to scale with Attack Speed, so it would be good if they updated the description…

I m Ok with Hacka on Sword Tree.
Also, if they could maintain the X-Bow+Sword thing it would be at least interesting.


It was fun a character can do both range & close atk like a build with hacka on archer tree.
And people usually invested on 1 tree to share eq, weapons,… If you main Hacka you might have many different archers.

Now when hacka moved to Swordman you need to move to Sword tree because invest on 2 trees is very expensive. Especially invest on DPS
You can’t ave a strong hacka anymore
Also,… not many good build for hacka until now. The other swords much better.

You still can go hacka because you love the class, but… it’s sad :<


Hacka on scout tree can share weapons
1h sword/pistol/dagger/shield :<


i disagree about it using a shield if it had go to scout tree :stuck_out_tongue: And you still would need a place for your X-Bow.

And just informing i will put hacka on my build just because its going on Sword tree.

The only thing that bugged me was the Attack speed steroids when practically no skill scales with it. that is something that ruined a bit the potential.


No more xbow user now
After Cannon go 2h, now just Bow, Musket, Cannon
Scout using 1h sword & other off-hands


Hackapel is now mace-man
More piano than old fletcher?