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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


Being moved to Swordman was already bad enough.

But they actually made Grind Cutter complete garbage

But the worst of all. they gave Hackapell, Barbarian’s Helm Chopper,yeah ,that horrible janky-ass skill with one of the smallest hitboxes and slowest animations in the game


Hacka isnt even an archer anymore, but the icon still has a bow…


Well, Hacka will look even more pvp-oriented class now, than before
And no Aim to help with terrible hitbox :sigh:


i really am gutted about all of this. i adored playing my falc3>hacka2. even if hacka were still in archer tree though, they’ve nerfed falconer. falcons can no longer auto attack by the looks of it. my other most-used characters have also been destroyed (linker>featherfoot and krivis>taoist). it’s like they’ve been looking at my character lodge and this whole thing is to troll me specifically lol. as for the krivis>taoist, they’ve systematically gutted every aspect. 1: they removed taoist from cleric tree. 2: they removed the +50% zaibas damage when you use divine stigma. 3: they’ve removed the zaibas splash attribute, so now it can only hit 1 enemy per hit instead of 7 enemies per hit. all of my builds have been butchered :confused:


And this was supposed to make builds more varied.

Everyone will try crazy stuff in the first month and by the end of it all trees will have 2-3 builds max.

I swear this update was made just to cover the design flaw of how the amount of skills one char could have was totally incompatible with the number of hotkey slots.


Has anyone tried a good hacka swordma build?
I’m still curious and because weapons can share to scout tree I might be able to make 1 sword hacka.


I’m thinking of doing a peltasta + templar + hacka. but I did not get to test the build, and I’m looking for related videos, but I can not find it (there is a video of the bong, but it did not show the skills, but I believe it has synergy, even more who likes PVP, which is mine case).
if someone here can post a video link, it would be a lot of help to understand the build better.


We can’t make request - from all hacka player - ask them to bring hacka to scout?
Hacka can’t be good in sword tree but work well with rogue/SR and some other class there
Everything 's in testing btw


Acrobatic mount still boost dmg from mounted cls.
But its horrible now at 30% dmg boost dont think the other skills work with swords…

Barbarian/Highlander maybe… if they remove some mount restrictions.

If we go the Pelt maybe murm/Rode way hacka end up as a very deffensive cls.

But in the end scout would make more sense and would be easier to build.


I’m also thinking about going for Pelt-Templar-Hacka. Peltasta lose its two important skills (Umbo Thrust and Butterfly) and Langrot, but still its a great class to choose, and even has a new skill that is a buff. Templar changed a lot now, and will probably change more when the new guild system rework comes, anyway Mortal Blow got 5 OH now so its even better. Hacka has a lot of offensive skills, they added the slow Helm Chopper as a filler to its arsenal which is something.


But thing like ‘make an Hacka swordman’ is not an option if you don’t have plan to main swordman.
Because it’s always expensive to make a swordman DPS.
And we main archers/hacka for many reasons.

So to most of us it’s time to forget Hacka.


Well, I’m a minority and I’m going to continue with the class, investment will not be a problem, before giving the verdict I’ll have to play and test some builds.


Gonna try the new one out but prob retiring my hacka for good unless there’s some interesting stuff for it now. Hang in there boys




Seeing Barbarian skills work makes it more bearable, the problem is that the hacka skills themselves look pretty weak with the new SF.

Why give Stormbolt 10secs CD and Skharp 5 Overheats if they hit like wet noodles?

The thing that made Hacka special in Archer tree was the access to damage types(Archers mostly only have Bow and Gun damage,Hacka had all types) and unique itemization thanks to the sword offhand. Now it really feels like “Cataphract’s Sword Using Cousin”.

[Re:Build] Class Changes

Hi everyone, I have read hacka now. If you have any questions regarding the skills, please leave a message.
I will put a short summary

Hackapel general:
-mounted class
-must use sword + shield
-skills only available on mount
-suffer from low AoE, use AoE attack ratio gear or get a falconer friend

First of all, my recommendation:

Other option: stormbolt down to 1 just for the debuff, and higher helm chopper => higher damage overall, but longer skill-rotation (consider: you have other class skills too).

Stormbolt: physical & pierce
Enemies hit by stormbolt receive bonus damage from Slash-type attacks. Deals bonus damage to frozen enemies & ice-type enemies.
AoE attack ratio: 0
1.Bonus damage taken from Slash-type attacks: 50%, duration 10s
2.Bonus damage on ice or frozen: 100%
Deals 3 hits of damage
No overheat, cooldown 10s

Skarphuggning: physical & slash
Aoe Attack ratio: 11
4 hits
5 overheat, cooldown 20s
Note: this skill does not scale on attack speed. Spamming 5 overheats takes 3-4 seconds due to the long animation

Grind Cutter: physical & slash
AoE attack ratio 7
Slash continously in front of you.
5 hits of damage
overheat 3, cooldown 15s
Note: this skill does not scale on attack speed. Luckily the animation is quite fast. Estimate 2 seconds to finish all 3 overheats

Infinite Assault: physical & strike
Quickly charge through the enemy and quickly return to your position. Your movespeed increases after this skill.
Target limit: 12 (does not use AoE attack ratio)
-Movespeed increase: +[3 per skill level] speed, for 3s
2 hits
2 Overheat, 25s cooldown
Note: range is big and does not need AoE attack ratio to hit a lot of enemies. Sometimes the animation will make you desync/stutter/lag/get stuck. Very fast skill animation.

Cavalry charge: physical & strike
Charge through the enemy. Your def increases after this skill.
AoE attack ratio 6
Increases your magical def & physical def by 100% after using this skill, duration 5s
0 overheat, cooldown 20s
Recommendation : 0 pointer or 1 pointer skill. Uptime on buff is too low.

Helm Chopper: physical & strike
Strike the enemy’s head to stun it.
AoE attack ratio 4
Stuns briefly during the hit (1~2s).
2 hits
3 Overheat, cooldown 20s
Special effect: during Barbarian’s Frenzy buff, the Helm Chopper will increase in size (bigger AoE size) & the stun duration increases to 4s.

hakkapalle: buff
-increases attack speed
-you must absolutely skip this skill


The AOE Attack ratio is absurdly too bad… and the skill factors are kinda too low, is this class still alright?


wanted to know if the riding ability (horse) has synergy with the hackapell skills. would you please let me know?


Horse skill provides pain barrier and mounted-status. Increases your movement speed +5 too.
No big synergy for hacka. The special effect of Templar Horse: Peltasta Hard shield skill’s duration lasts until you dismount the horse.


Hakkapalle buff now more adding 30%evasion at lvl10?