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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


even if you dont like falc, for pvp falc1 is so goooood to not take it, only for the spamable CC it gives.


what do you mean separate effect? I saw the buff duration my char got.

skill lv1 + att lv1 = duration 11s
skill lv5 + att lv1 = duration 15s
skill lv5 + att lv5 = duration 15s
skill lv1 + att lv5 = duration 15s


one is regular circling debuff duration and the second is the +3 aoe ratio bufd from attribute. They are on two separate timers, only the attribute buff is visible.


Few rank 10 hackapel vids around. If you have a video to share, please do not feel too shy to share it here on forums. Sadly I cannot add more to the first post because the character limit has been reached.

Arch1, Ranger3, Rogue2, SR1, BM1, Hack2 - Mikeee
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My game performance is not good especially when recording a video ._.


Hey fellas,how do you feel being Sword version of Lancer?

I don’t know what to do, all the fun classes went to Scout and the Swordman ones don’t seen all that sinergetic with Hacka anymore. Don’t even know if i may keep playing it when they go so far to gut the class identity.

Also, the stat modifiers are trash(compared to other “dps classes” in the new tree),it’s extra bs since everyone can Sprint now.


Its funny most classes that would work well with Hacka moved to scout class …
Why isnt hacka there?
Rogue/Corsair/SR…its realy sad.

The sword classes on the swordman tree are all very deffensive Pelt/Rode/murm.


It is funny hacka isnt in scout when scouts use sword as a mainhand.


@shenhuehue inb4 pelt/rod/murm skills still can’t be used while mounted. hacka has no synergy with anything in swordsman tree.


I think the Hackapell in sword man is a new class. Current hackapell’s spirit will live in Scout.
Maybe we can find similar playing style with new scout class. It’s not that bad for me… maybe?


So, who else is ditching hacka now?

I played hacka only bcz of its peculiar play style of xbow+sword.
Since it will become another generic swordie, its not in my strike zone any longer.


Might try hacka-swordie on ktest once, I do not expect anything of it.

Many thanks to all hackapel thread viewers these years, this will be the end of it.



My most favourite build riding archer’s gone
SR2 hacka3, SR3 hacka2 , Falc hacka3, Rogue2 hacka3
And I dont know what should I main in Re:build
I dont really have fun of any other classes like the Hacka ones :<
Especially with my 235PING


I feel sorry for all of you hackapell main…

But cheer up. There’s a new challenge in finding a swordsman build that synergize with hackapell!

I’m thinking sword-pelt-cata-hacka. Pelt and cata are mainly for buffs.


I dont want play Swordman. I have templar for guild & squire for buff
But no I don’t enjoy Swordman, so RIP my Hacka :’<


* puts hand on shoulder *

Squire was moved to Scout…


Let’s stay positive, guys

Im sure we’ll figure smth out with new hacka.


I probably won’t go for it but Barbarian>Pelt>Hacka seems the more natural one.

Hope the mount restricitons get a major Overhaul or all the Mount classes will be screwed.


pretty sad news, its been a privilege my hacka boys u.u