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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


I have 5 archers, 3 SRs , 3 Hackas & 1 Mergen = w =
My friend main Musket and we always run Velco together so I dont have musket


no need to hit enemies by Cavalry charge? :o
Just swing sword & I have crit buff of cavalry? >_>


Read the attribute description again. You just use Cavalry Rush and you can see buff icon that increase your def for 5 seconds. It doesn’t have to hit anything to get that buff.

During the 5 seconds buff duration , if you are C3 with the new Grind Cutter attribute, you’ll get that extra damage.


Umm… You don’t get the 5s defense increase buff if you don’t deal dmg to enemy.


It’s nice I thought we just get adding dmg if hit them with cavalry.


Now Terminal has different reply, I will check ingame again
If I got buff icon after cavalry charge even dont hit any target Zeni & Redwea are right.


I think you mistaken this with Barbarian’s Cleave?


5s increased defence buff is separate from another 5s buff that increases critical dmg of Grind Cutter. 5s increased defence has to hit something, the Grind Cutter one doesnt.


Mmk got it, I thought they shared the same buff icon.


Back to your first question.

According to our conclusion, GC attribute increase the crit multiplier from x1.5 to x2.

That is, the max damage increasing of this attribute is 2/1.5 = 1.33

If you have some crit atk, it will be around 1.3

And the crit shot increase your damage by 1.5

Therefore, the total damage increase is around 1.3 x 1.5 ~= 1.95

Which is close to 100% adding crit dmg in your test.


Oh I see
Its good to know :smiley:
Thank you!


actually yes, watch your stats with F1 menu, after you dash yous pdef goes up :slight_smile:


@redwea I’m here. I did not intend to reply this late. The tests you have conducted (together) are consistent with ktos version tests. Also many thanks to everyone for testing. It is nice to have more tests to verify, because hackapel3 is quite extinct on ktos.

I briefly mentioned it a long time ago, without all the math and numbers:


I hope I understand it correctly. Quite close to your data:

@diogoacs PvP hackapel is very difficult. In general, archer at PvP is very difficult. I don’t know of a build which can get to the top 10 or top 20 currently. Maybe someone else will be able to help you.


Its hard for any archer to do well on PvP
Hacka cant get scout which is bad for one of good PvP ability not visable for them :confused:

Anyway they still have some good thing that can help, I will note all those thing on a build that I think best for hacka pvp:

For defend:

  • ‘Deploy pasive shield’ protect you and chance of bleeding - but you ahve to mount-dismount
  • Rogue2 give 25% evasion from ‘evasion’ + Hacka3 give 30% evasion (melee atk) from ‘Hakka pelle’ so 55% intotal
    adding to your base evasion 10-15% so 65-70% evasion which is alot.
  • With a good shield and CON you can have high block. Always put shield on hotkey incase you got shield down from some un-guard skills
  • ‘Cavalry charge’ and ‘Infinity Assault’ best skills for you to escape from CC & hook trap
  • Cavalry charge increase your pdef 50% in 5 sec x2 times, use it wise!
    So basically you have good def especially to melee atck. For archers it’s very important to start.


  • Pasive shield ofcourse
  • Lachrymator: bring enemies to blind state and unable to atk 12 sec duration
  • Devaluate: turns all enemies eq untrans & unenhance, break their def
  • Leg shot: decrease their movement speed by 50%
  • Tear down: dismantle diev’s trees


  • Infinity Assualt the best for Hacka to deal dmg from distance with good dmg, but hit box is bad (like other skills) so you have to control it well.
  • Grind cutter best Hacka’s dmg, use it when you being hooked or CC, if enemies cant kill you when you’re in CC they will die (If you’re in danger because your HP not enough to survive long CC, try spam cavalry charge & Assault to escape)
  • You also have high crit rate from the build and good dmg on some other skills: backstab, storm bolt, skarph, blindside. Survive first and you will have chance to win.

Block pene:

  • Try block pene acc set from Fantasy libarary raid. And try to get high DEX and block pene. If you havent got atleast 700 block pene you better forget about PvP.

For my PvP hacka I took A2 > R1 > Wu1 because I bring it to velcoffer cave too. Need crit shot and Wu dot for better dmg on boss


For my main PvE hacka: A2 R1 Wu1 Rogue SR2 Hacka3

Some quick note:

  • SR2 with retreat shot 10sec duration & 20 sec CD, So very reliable to use combo retreat shot/limacon as a filter to have good AoE dmg also deal on boss.
  • Weapon auto swap, you can use all skills comfortable after equip them to slots
  • GugongWu > Feint > barrage > high anchoring to spread Wugong’s poison
  • Crit shot x5 > high anchoring before spam your hacka’s skill
  • Gu Pot requires you to un-mount, dont move after use skill, try to get back to your pet fast. If you can mangage well Gu Pot deals really good dmg.
  • Maybe I dont have to talk much about Hacka’s rotation

My Falc Hacka: A2 R1 Wu1 Rogue1 Falc3 Hacka2
Kinda basic and lower investment

My SR3 Hacka2: A2 R1 Wu1 App SR3 Hacka2
Good for farming and AoE content and also bossing. You can replace Hacha2 by BM2 but I prefer hack2, and build a BM3
Need some investment to be good - as any other SR builds


For me, autoswapping makes the game lagg for a sec. Which server do you play? You dont lagg when using hakka skills as an SR, right?


I dont get lag yes
Sometimes it stucked after using cavalry charge a few weeks ago but good now.
I play NA server from SEA = w = My combo retreat/limacon lost 30% power but still a good filter
I have problems with AA but skills is good to use
Can’t decide again when I invested alot on this server xD



This build is similar to my current hacka build PvE hacka: A2 R1 Wu1 Rogue SR2 Hacka3.
I also agree that A2, R1, Wu1, Rogue, SR are good fillers for hackapell
They can provide good mobility, valid filler skills and solid critical rate.

But I chose Rogue2 for backstab and take Bullet maker1 for single target damage boost,
especially for velcoffer boss.

Compare to your build, I think my build will have less AOE damage since my Retreat shot and hack skills are weaker.
In more precise.
Limacon 34% weaker.
Retreat Shot 18% weaker.
Grind Cutter 40% weaker(count in attribute).
Skarphuggning 15% weaker.
lack of assaussion Infinity Assault

and gain back stab, Full Metal Jacket, Tase and Silver bullet.
Still not sure if this is good trade-off for me.
Test vedio:

I think there is a slightly difference between your previous description and our conclusion.
If I’m not read wrong, you mean that crit-damage attribute’s effect and crit shot effect are the same and we will get double damage when they stake together.

And our conclusion is that crit-damage attribute only change the multiplier of phy atk and maximum damage increment is 1.33, which is weaker than crit-shot.
When we stake them, we will get maximum 1.99 damage increment. and increment will decrease when the crit atk comes closs to phy atk. not exactly double the damage.


This has been in my mind for a while, but i never get an answer. Falcon’s circling: expand doesn’t add duration if the circling lv itself is already higher. Is this intended or just bug that never fixed?


I’m not sure what you mean about circling: expand. The circling: expand buff should be separate from the Circling effect. Even then I recommend level 1 of circling:expand. The cost vs effect is not worth beyond level 1 attribute.

@mikeee You are correct. I just looked at the tests again.