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is arc1-ran3-rog2-appr-hack3 good for a hack3 build?


Ranger3 Fletcher3 Hackapel2 + 1 filler. Hackapel3 is not worth for most players, so you could take rogue1: feint & barrage + sneak hit, appraiser for debuffs or some other class.

@jonrook49 it’s ok but a bit low on AoE. For new players I willingly recommend the Ranger3 + [rogue1 or archer2 or appraiser] + falconer3 + hackapel2 build. Falconer3 = loved by all and gets party invites easily. Also quite decent at AoE with average single-target damage. Great support&utility.


thanks @greyhiem. also recommended stats? str or dex? i would assume str is the main stat for this build.


Both STR + DEX are viable. You may go full str, full dex, or mix str/dex (or even go con, str, dex, spr).

New archer players I suggest 50-100 CON and 30-80 SPR, then dex & str. If you like to go min-max damage you could go higher str. Especially when you start you will have low critical rate, so dex will not boost your damage a lot.

If you are ranger3 + rogue1 with Feint & Barrage combo, 80-120 dex is ok to barrage faster. Barrage 15 is a must on ranger + rogue builds. The special interaction (mentioned in second post) is very strong and doubles barrage damage. Left click images to enlarge.

You could take barrage 15 on other builds too, but if you dislike barrage, you may opt for this skill distribution:

This example shows ranger3 + appraiser.

The falconer3 + hackapel2 skill points do not change for any build.


nice, terse and very informative guide, more than enough hacka2 build to follow.


Yeah, facl3 aoe is amazing on standard pve (farming, running dailies) and has better utility in pvp thanks to falcon cc, but it feels soooo undewhelming on durable bosses like velco or wb. Main problem with falc is that you throw all your skills in 10 secs then you have to wait about half a minute to do real damage again Dx

Im still debating betweeen these two options hhahahaha but yeah, i think that this 2 options are the onlye viable ones.






A little observation of Hackpell3

  • After doing some test with my friends, we found that new attribute of Grind Cutter in hack3 works like Blindside, not Critical shot buff.

    It only increase crit attack by 50% show in status window.
    This calculation method is much weaker than Critical shot buff.

    For example,
    If we have 8000 phy atk and 4000 crit atk.
    When we active the Grind Cutter attribute, the total damage of Grind Cutter will increased by
    (4000x0.5)/(8000x1.5+4000)x100% = 12.5%.

  • (Need more varification)
    On the other hand, Critical Shot buff is true 50% total damage increase.

    I think people who consider to go Hack3 will look forward to Grind Cutter’s new attribute.
    Please make sure that you understand the mechanism of this attribute before you make decision to go Hack3.

    By the way,
    I’m trying Hack2 BM1 now :grin:
    [TOS] [Hackapell] Trying new build in Velcoffer Nest boss


    Not true, but it seems to be calculated differently and weaker than critical shot buff.

    My grind cutter damage (per hit, on low defence mob):
    Without critical - 114k
    Normal critical - 188k
    With attribute - 248k
    With critical shot - 289k
    With attribute and critical shot - 376k

    My critical attack is 1205.


    Hi Zenigame, thanks for your testing.
    Could you also provide your phy attack value for reference?


    Tested with sub atk - 7524 to 7926
    No blessing, 125 fire property, 634 lightning property.
    Grind cutter enhance at lv 79


    You are right,
    This test result is not match my conclusion.
    I’ll try to find figure out the correct mechanism.
    Or if anyone here already known it?


    what mean this ? grind cutter dont stack with critical shot and blind side ? I never play hakka 2 or more but now I thougth to try Archer2 Ranger1 QS3 Appraiser Hakka3

    whats mean the video ? I didn’t see any difference on the deploy pasive its just step over it when you dash


    Well, now I can confirm is following :

    1. Hack3 grind cutter attribute CAN stack with critical shot buff.
    2. grind cutter buff seems weaker than critical shot buff.
    3. What I try to do is to figure out how grind cutter attribute work, but my conclusion still need verification.

    my video have no relationship with above discussion, just share my build. (Sorry for confusion)


    The only reason something isn’t of a full effect is because it is applied earlier in the formula.

    Without critical - 114k
    Normal critical - 188k
    With attribute - 248k

    Quoting my figures earlier, since I wasn’t using any other multiplier buffs like prison cutter / velnia monkey card etc, and yet the damage of 248k isn’t ~1.5x of 188k, the only other multiplier I could think of is my Lv 79 enhance attribute, and I suspect this grind cutter attribute calculates its boost even before the enhance attribute. Since Lv 79 attribute gives 1.395x more damage, ignoring it would make my non-critical damage 81,720.

    So it would have been like this:

    Without critical - 81,720
    Normal critical (x1.5) - 122,580
    With attribute (x1.5) - 183,870 (about 61k difference from normal critical).

    With the 61k then calculated, going back to original damage with Lv 79 enhance attribute, adding 61k damage to 188k gives 249k, which is definitely more or less the tested value of 248k. Coincidence? Well someone else will need to test it out when they rank reset.

    So basically the only question and test needed is, does the Grind Cutter attribute give full ~1.5x damage critical boost when Grind Cutter enhance is Lv 0 and no other multipliers? If yes, problem solved.


    The fluctuation is caused by the difference between your min and max attack power. Make the weapon 0 durability to make the test more accurate (buy NPC sword, make the char naked, put money in the bank and let your char get killed a few times).


    Gosh, be more constructive. If you are simply going to dismiss as min-max fluctuation, then show how can a mininum attack which is 95% of maximum attack caused such huge fluctuations upon multiplying 1.5x twice. A simple calculation would already show you wouldn’t achieve 248k regardless if you use the minimum or maximum value. And I’ve tested more times than you think, the values are extremely consistent; afterall we are not using musket here.

    Edit: I have just tested it anyways (sub atk 1420-1420), it doesn’t form any conclusion about Grind Cutter attribute:
    Non critical: 105,648 (5 hits added up as the last hit gives a slightly different damage)
    Normal critical: 162,489
    Attribute: 215,313
    Critical shot: 243,733 (exactly 1.5x of 162,489)

    All tested on same mob, giving same damage each time. Critical attack is 52, no elemental damage. No absolute conclusions can be drawn from these figures, except that Critical shot buff is absolute 1.5x, which we have known already. That’s why I propose someone with no enhance attribute to test it. We don’t need absolute figures to determine something. As long as he can get a really close 1.5x, and this factor goes lower upon raising the enhance attribute, then we can more or less conclude how the new Grind Cutter attribute works without going into the finest detail of the formulas.


    It seems pretty close if you calculate Grind Cutter+C3 Attribute.

    It could be
    100% from from Grind Cutter + 79 attribute
    50% from C3 attribute with no attribute

    Am still at R9 Hacka 2, will take a while before I can test your theory ahahaha