KToS General Thread v4.0


Sage buff your dmg on slow or hold enemies.


@crevox Isn’t that new card just a better Rafene? 3 of it would give +12 to all stats while Rafene only gives +10.


Monk Buff Waiting Room


That’s the problem. Not much skills slow enemies. Chronomancer’s slow is one of them but is not spammable to consistently get the damage. Sure we have enchant slow but also it isn’t as consistent. I’m not sure what other classes outside of wizard slows enemies. Also taking Sage just because you do more damage on slowed enemies when everything else is not good isn’t worth it.

I would like Sage to have more ‘party oriented’ buffs than increase existing damage since Sage is now a support class.


Everyone typing about skills but am too busy smiling for



Under other bug fixes:

Ignace Plate Armor , Avoiding / Unblocking of the Pants ’ Fury ’ effect is fixed, and Avoid / Unblockable content is removed from the ’ Fury ’ buff tooltip .

Is this what I think this is?


This looks like this encourages solo playing. Is the change that removes the 70% cap on individual rewards already implemented? In that case people will solo play and just look for gimmicks to get the shards/medals.

I can’t imagine massive GvG inside Boruta’s lair with the game in its current state. Too much lag and crashes. It’s already a nightmare when one single guild does the damage and other people just afk inside the area…

Boruta’s Kappas featured in ToS the Roguelike:

@@@@@@@@@@ . . . . . @ . . . . . @@@@@@@@@@@

@@@@@@@@@@ . . . . . @ . . . . . @@@@@@@@@@@ (…)

@@@@@@@@@@ . . . . . @ . . . . . @@@@@@@@@@@ (move already!)

@@@@@@@@@@ - - - - - ± - - - - - @@@@@@@@@@@ (thank you!)


Tao changes do not look very bad. Could be alright

Oh yes




worse “bug” fix ever.

best stats
best effect
No side effect


Very bad decision imo. In contrast,the other pieces are just worthless


imma be super disapointed if i cant summon pajauta


What if centurion reworked to summon NPC cards into his formation.



Sage is so dead that I cant even…
After the patch, this class is even poor. I hope they buff him someday :’(


They keep changing warlock and it is nice to see that warlock have better synergy with other classes with curse now. The thing is that warlock has ok damage and aoe and I hope the changes would make it better. Masterma is good and Pole of Agony cd reduction makes it more usable.

The thing about warlock is quite a bit of its utility and good aspects is with invocation spirits. However, ghastly trail is just so bad that you probably won’t even use it. I would like it to be a skill that automatically collects spirits to summon you like a second dark theruge so that you can ‘carry’ it and nuke mobs with it. The attributes for stronger spirits are also not cheap for a new player.


All these changes are good, balance is always good but…what about forgotten classes like monk and sadhu from cleric tree? I don’t play them but because they are so terribly bad…also pet IA and bugs are not being addressed at all, wugushi being the only one left without critical hits… just sad they forgot about all these classes


F to pay respects.


I wonder why a monster card from a human NPC. Are we going to fight against her in some point? That would be weird, given that she is introduced as a good person, even compared with Lydia Schaffen.


wow I didn’t expect some ppl to actually cry about ignas being fixed
just wow

also who cares when 420 incoming


Thats mean if I survive after a frost pillar I can go and kill that F***ing cryo even with cryo shield? =O


Another worthless effort at trying to balance the game by throwing changes at random. Do they seriously expect to hit the mark like that?

Why not fix the Necromicon instead?

Does it still increase holy property damage?

Who tf cares about stat cards? Why would anyone use any of them when Nuaele, Zaura and Armaos exist? They should rework them to add to the character’s stat scaling (+10% for single-stat 10-star cards and so on). Anyway, this is useless and it makes no sense to have a human(?) NPC as a monster card.

What a big load of Netherbovine crap. It’s just a (very) bad Seed Bomb now, which has 582% SFR at ■■■■■■■ lvl 1 (25s CD)! Meanwhile, Shadow Condensation gets this huge nerf and the 40s CD won’t be even changed. Since it’s just an opener for Shadow Conjuration and Shadow Thorn now, why not reduce its cooldown too to sync up with the other skills?

What’s the point, even? They must be completely dumb for doing that without adding an attribute for Begone Demon to not explode Tri-Disaster Charm.


Yes, but the real problem with cryo shield is the counter attack damage, not the freeze.