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Translations please :frowning:


From what i can understand with google translate :

The first part mentions a compensation for skill changes for the following classes :

  • Wizard
  • Pyro
  • Warlock
  • Necromancer
  • Featherfoot
  • Bokor
  • Shadowmancer
  • Sage
  • Hunter
  • A cleric class (name didn’t translate well)

You can apparently choose 2 rewards for the compensation (via NPC in all towns) :
1st choice : class points (up to 3 000)
2nd choice : skill reset potion + stat reset potion

The second part mentions the end of some event (apparently) that affected Uphill and Remnants of Bernice

There are no mentions of what the skill changes are exactly from what i can see

Finally, the last part of the post mentions a quest being added, as well as some changes for Boruta :

  • Something about the contribution values being changed (when dealing damage to Boruta, or doing other things that matters in it)
  • You can choose your position when entering (probably choosing wich warp to spawn from)
  • Something about guild contribution only receiving contribution from attacking Boruta (rip afkers ?)
  • The invicibility effect whe entering the map is reduced to 1 minute duration
  • If you leave a guild, you can’t enter Boruta for 2 weeks

There’s something about skills that uses resources being disabled during wait time (i have no idea what this is refering to though), as well as a message showing up when trying to use these

This update will also make it so you can’t put shops near NPCs (FINALLY)
Then it mentions errors being fixed (no details)

And, finally, the very last part is about events (i won’t bother reading though)

Hopefully someone will post a better translation, but that’s better than nothing i suppose


Weird, because they didnt specify the changes. Is that normal?


yeah i’m surprised the changes aren’t listed for once


For the classes in the list are surely the changes of the previous patch.


make no sense if you giving wiz stat reset potion without class change.


That’s pardoner.

Shameless wiki promotion (still working on it)


Also, your class list is about the ones that are ending their reset event, that started in February 21st. Classes that will receive reset items (can be redeemed until March 21st) are:

  • Wizard
  • Cryomancer
  • Warlock (again?)
  • Necromancer (again?)
  • Featherfoot (again?)
  • Bokor (again?)
  • Shadowmancer (again?)
  • Taoist
  • Scout
  • Assassin
  • Bullet Marker
  • Druid

Also, google translate work here. We might have to wait to know what is actually changing.


This is gem feud. Basically skills can no longer be used unless the 1 min waiting time has elapsed.


No KTEST patch yet to outline all changes being made. Will have to wait for anything more than the preview provided, which seems to mostly contain changes already mentioned through dev blogs.


again… and the 999 changes in scout tree never comes to iTOS, I feel like I’ve been waiting for years…


So on a scale of 1 to never going to come back 1 being also never going to come back, when will combat logs come back to the game.


KTEST Patch 3/6/19

Skill Balance

Skill Changes
Changes were made to some damage over time skills that previously could not be stacked on a single target to enable stacking.

Skills changed:
Smash Bullet

Necromancer Skeleton Summon Armor Defense
The defense of Necromancer summons [Skeleton Soldier], [Skeleton Archer], and [Skeleton Mage] will increase based on the Grade, Enhancement, and Transcendence of the summoner’s Top, Bottom, Hands, and Shoes. This increase is based on the average value between the pieces.

Warlock’s Mastema [Stigma] debuff is now classified as a [Curse].
The list of debuffs classified as a [Curse] are as follows:

Featherfoot: Bone Pointing’s Hexing debuff
Featherfoot: Blood Curse debuff
Featherfoot: Enervation debuff
Bokor: Hexing debuff
Warlock: Stigma debuff from Mastema

Changed the way diminishing returns function with Frost Pillar in PVP.
Frost Pillar will freeze 3 times total, and each separate instance counts as a stack against diminishing returns.

In other words, one Frost Pillar will consume all diminishing returns for Freeze, and targets will become immune to freezing for 45 seconds.

Gemstone Feud Improvements

-During the delay before Gemstone Feud begins, you will be unable to use skills.
-An announcement message has been added when the boss monster has been defeated.

Borutos Kapas Improvements

1. Contribution from some gimmicks has been changed.
-The rate at which you obtain contribution from echoes has been doubled.
-The contribution gained from Vengeful Fever has been removed.

2. When you enter Siluvinas Lair, you will be able to select your spawn position.

3. Guild contribution rules have changed.
-Instead of all individual contribution gained also going towards your guild, only contribution gained from damaging Boruta will be added to guild contribution.

4. The spawn invulnerability time after entering has been changed.
-The time you will remain invulnerable while not taking any actions has been reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.

5. Mark: Added a traitor effect.
-This effect will be granted if you leave your guild and will last for 14 days.
-While this is active, you cannot enter Siluvinas Lair where you can fight Boruta.
-The remaining time on the mark can be checked on the buff.
-You can see the effect while in Vedas Plateau, where you enter Siluvinas Lair to fight Boruta.
※ This effect will apply even if you leave your guild prior to the update.

6. Changed the time interval that the echo gimmick removes buffs to every 5 seconds.

Episode 11: Pajauta

The first quest for Episode 11, Pajauta, will be released.
Map: Fedimian
NPC: Pajauta
Required Level: 360
Reward: Lv15 EXP Card x9
Level 380 Armor Support Box x4
Level 380 Weapon Support Box (+11 enhancement, +3 Transcend) x2
1,000 Attribute Points x3
Silver x120,840
Pajauta Card x1

[Card Equip Effect] All Stats +[★*0.4]
(All Stats means STR, INT, CON, DEX, SPR)


1. You can view the remaining number of instanced dungeon entries on each character from your lodge.
-Click the button next to your character to view their instanced dungeon status and the amount of SIlver they have.


2. You can no longer use shop skills near NPCs.

Skill Changes


-The damage dealt by the debuff [Behead: Bleeding] will no longer cancel Cloaking for the user that applied it.
-[Behead: Deep Wound] will no longer cause a decreased duration of the bleed effect when striking boss monsters.

-No longer has a guaranteed critical strike against monsters with less than 30% HP.

Because the attribute [Annihilation: Intensify Wound] already exists to boost critical hit rate, we deleted this similar functionality.


Magic Shield
-The attribute [Friendly Protection] now applies to party members instead of nearby allies.
-Fixed an issue where the enhance attribute bonus did not apply onto allies that received your Magic Shield.

-New attribute [Enchant: Lethargy] added. Provides a buff upon using Lethargy that gives a 1% chance per attribute level to apply Lethargy on enemies attacked. Cannot be used at the same time as [Enchant: Slow]. Max attribute level 5, +50% SP consumption, requires Lethargy level 5.


-[Enchant: Slow] cannot be used alongside [Enchant: Lethargy]. SP consumption penalty increased (20% -> 50%).


We recognized that there is a certain difficulty in properly making use of evil spirits.

We removed unnecessary synergies, increased the skill factors, and changed Invocation and Ghastly Trail so that they are always available.

Because Mastema and Pole of Agony are often used together, we synchronized their cooldowns, and changed Stigma to be a [Curse] type debuff because it is easier to apply to enemies.

Ghastly Trail
-Cooldown 20 -> 10 sec
-SP Cost 168 -> 149

-Buff Duration 40 -> 60 sec
-Skill Factor 243 / 8.1 -> 291 / 9.7
-Removed [Fear] damage bonus.

Dark Theurge
-Skill Factor 139 / 8.1 -> 167 / 5.6
-Removed [Fear] damage bonus.

-Cooldown 30 -> 40 sec
-SP Cost 211 -> 230
-Skill Factor 347 / 18.7 -> 438 / 21.9

Pole of Agony
-Cooldown 50 -> 40 sec
-SP Cost 243 -> 224
-Skill Factor 149 / 7.5 -> 132 / 6.6


We’ve made changes to Featherfoot mainly focusing on adjusting their skill factors and their synergies used to begin doing large damage to bosses.

Kundela Slash
-Cooldown 15 -> 20 sec
-SP Cost 112 -> 119
-Skill Factor 362 / 18.1 -> 397 / 19.9
-Attack range increased by 30%.
-[Kundela Slash: Curse of Curses] adjusted. Will now deal 2 hits if the enemy has 2 debuffs, and will deal 3 hits if they have 3 or more.

-Attack range increased by 30%.

-Skill Factor 81 / 4.1 -> 118 / 5.9
-Footprint spacing decreased (25 -> 20).

Blood Bath
-[Bleeding] duration increased (5 -> 7 sec).
-Skill Factor 196 / 6.5 -> 250 / 8.3
-Changed the Enervation bonus to apply when the enemy is under the effect of any [Curse] debuff.

Blood Sucking
-Skill Factor 216 / 7.2 -> 274 / 9.1
-Changed the Enervation bonus to apply when the enemy is under the effect of any [Curse] debuff.
-Removed the 20% bonus increase on cursed enemies of the proper types.

Because this skill restores HP in proportion to damage dealt, we removed the bonus upon increasing the skill factor.


For Dark Wizards, we recognized that the synergies with [Fear] were too difficult to use, so we removed them.

Shadow Condensation wasn’t performing so well in many scenarios, so we improved its explosion power.

Shadow Thorn
-[Fear] bonus removed. Now ignores 50% of defense on [Blind] enemies.

Shadow Conjuration
-[Fear] bonus removed. Now ignores 30% of defense on [Blind] enemies.

Shadow Condensation
-Now only creates a maximum of 5 shadow beads.
-Shadow beads will now be created on the caster, nearby allies, and summons.
-When shadow beads are created, [Blind] will be applied to enemies.
-The explosion area of the shadow beads can overlap, enabling them to hit any enemies up to 5 times.
-Skill Factor 525 / 26.3 -> 221 / 11.1

Infernal Shadow
-Shadows created will now be placed in front of the caster.


There was a misunderstanding on Bokor’s mechanics.

We will be returning the Hexing - Effigy combo to its previous state.

-Cooldown 15 -> 10 sec
-SP Cost 158 -> 149
-[Hexing: Dark] SP consumption penalty decreased (30% -> 10%).

-Cooldown 10 -> 5 sec
-SP Cost 115 -> 109
-Skill Factor 290 / 9.3 -> 248 / 8.2


Storm Calling
-Required class level 1 -> 16
-Skill Factor 303 / 10 -> 306 / 15.3

Begone Demon
-Maximum skill level 1 -> 15

Upper Level
-Required class level 16 -> 1
-Will now explode after using Begone Demon.

Tri-disaster Charm
-Duration decreased (SkillLevel x 16 sec -> SkillLevel x 12 sec).
-Changed the debuff so it periodically reapplies while the enemy is in the area instead of applying when enemies enter the area.

Creeping Death Charm
-Total hits decreased (SkillLevel x 4 -> SkillLevel x 3). This results in the maximum number of hits decreasing from 60 to 45.
-Hit interval increased (0.2 -> 0.3 sec).
-Movement speed increased (5 -> 7.5). Added acceleration.
-Skill Factor 147 -> 181

Creeping Death Charm was dealing too many hits, causing balance issues, especially with items such as Frieno set. Balance changes were also inevitable due to how much damage was dealt in a short time.

While it’s more difficult to deal all of the hits with Creeping Death, the potential AoE and skill factor for Begone Demon has been increased, allowing Taoist to have more varied options in combat.


Ice Wall
-Enemy melee attacks can no longer trigger Ice Wall debris upon striking the wall.
-Ice Wall HP increased (2 + SkillLevel x 2 -> 4 + SkillLevel x 4).
-Attacks on the wall to create debris will decrease the wall’s HP.

Ice Wall triggering for enemies made it difficult to deal with in PVP. The first change solves this issue, but not having Ice Wall’s HP reduced upon being hit also caused other problems, so we made the final change and also increased the wall’s HP.

Frost Pillar
-Changed Frost Pillar to only freeze three times with one summon.

Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes were implemented.


What cause blind in wiz? I see only salamion and effigy.


It is really nice to see buffs to dark wizards and have more synergy between them. Now we can choose 3 out of the 4 which is

  • Warlock: Can curse + good AOE + good damage + invocation is much better
  • Featherfoot: 50% dark (from previous patch) + better single target + more curse
  • Bokor: Hexing (good for boss) + Effigy + zombie summons
  • Shadowmancer: 1v1 focused mainly for bossing

The Taoist nerf seem justified even though my main is a Taoist. What I feel is that they try to make Begone Demon useful to explode Creeping Death Charm x3 for the huge burst but at the same time that will also destroy existing Tri Disaster Charm which is bad because you would not want to explode it because of the debuff it provides for not just you but your party as well. It would be great to see an attribute that makes Begone Demon NOT work with Tri Disaster Charm.

Cryomancer just seem worse in pve now? I understand that the changes are for PVP but if the changes affect PVE Cryomancer just don’t really have much of a spot now compared to other classes.

I do hope they do more rework to wizards though. It is nice to buff dark wizards to encourage variety but some wizards are still not as good as others

  • Cryomancer is good for CC but CC doesn’t really help much when damage is more important at higher level content. However, I don’t want them to make Cryomancer a DPS class. Frost Pillar nerf just makes it worse?
  • Elementalist is only taken now due to the synergy with Pyromancer. It would be nice for them to bring some synergy with Cryomancer. Hail is just very very weak and not worth a point. Either make it a strong bossing skill, or at least make it comparable to Storm Dust. Elemental Aura lasts too short that sometimes people forget it even exists. Make electrocute do more damage on frozen enemies like last time to make Cryomancer have more synergy.
  • Runecaster right now have ok damage and AOE but not comparable to other classes. Rune of Giants is just so restrictive. To me Runecaster should be a class that charges powerful high CD runes that does a lot of damage.
  • Previous Sage nerfs made Sage a worse damage dealer, but does not make Sage good in support at all. It only receive damage nerfs but no buffs to Missile Hole or other ways to make Sage a ‘support class’. At this rate might as well change Sage to a yellow icon with a Taxi logo.

This are just my opinions regarding the previous and this current wizard changes. Feel free to share yours.


I’m soo tired of the wizz testing balance patches it’s prove that the RE was just a reset/ nerf on every top build just to become to buff them again

Also prove that the staff are too stupid to implement a básic balance on their game