KToS General Thread v4.0


Oh yeah i hate that, sometimes with lags it takes a second or two to display the shield in Feud, i end up killing myself like a moron :tired:



This is a green card. Those are blue cards.

They previously expressed interest in giving NPCs cards, such as Giltine. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a monster or going to be an enemy.

And yes, the card seems to basically be Rafene Card powercreep. However, every character can only get 1 at the moment from this quest, so you’ll have to trade if you want more (or use alts). They could be implementing NPC cards as slightly stronger versions of existing cards but limit acquisition like this, not sure.


Oops, I completely forgot that. The point still stands though, green cards need some help.


Perhaps that human will reveal a monster form or something like that while you progress further in the new quests.


I know but in general Cryos are omnioji too and with genbu armor you don’t get the reflected damage because you are not hitting the cryo, so if I can break the genbu armor with melee skill I can shoot the cryo with BM skills after that.


Nah not crying about it.

Its just that item design have come such a long way that every piece of gear now is all full of + ,+ and + . Remember how some end game or HG items was like full of +++ and - - - that came along with the power. (The legendary Sarkmis with insane stats, but forces players to suffer a -72 CON handicap in the cruel R8 Era) , yet some they found their way into meta. (Fringay - 1900 magic atk was like the best tool against Inqui’s Melleus)

instead of having more choices to pick from, majority of the players are technically forced onto a single piece for optimal performance.


Perhaps is the dev’s way to keep people interested, and to keep farming. Hopefully the new sets arent too broken as well. It was obviously a typo from the start, but they re-coded the entire buff to appease the mob.

Just my 2cents

p.s i do own an ignas plate ichor too.


I agree with that, more build diversity would be so much better than new BiS items.
It makes theorycrafting pretty boring


she isn’t a demon why would you expect that D:



Eh. Chronomancer has an Attribute that gives you a buff that applies slow to ANY spell/attack with a chance.


How significant is this attribute though? From what I read it it has a 10% chance of applying the slow debuff but is this per skill or per hit? If lets say I take Sage + Chronomancer, with Sage skills being even weaker than before I can only depend on my last class to take advantage of this increase in damage on slowed enemies which kinda seem a bit mediocre? Rather than taking Sage for a 30% damage buff wouldn’t it be better to just take another damage dealing class that can actually deal good damage?

For example, lets say you went with Chronomancer + Taoist. Instead of choosing Sage for the “damage boost”, wouldn’t it be better to choose another class for more AOE damage (Pyromancer/Runecaster/Elementalist/Onmoyji) or another class for more single target damage (new Featherfoot/Shadowmancer).

Of course the changes have yet to be implemented so I can’t really say much. Then again it is not like they are going to have a max reset event for us to try out different builds due to the changes. It would seem nice for Sage as a “support class” if lets say the slow 30% damage boost applies to party but from the skill description it seems to apply only to itself. Hence to me it kinda defeats the purpose of them trying to change Sage into a “Grenn Icon Support Class”


I’ve been saying this for ages, except instead of cards, I mentioned Mercenary Contracts that hire various NPC types.

RIP our Warlock synergy as well…


rip wiz, wl and shadow still ■■■■ and taoist is nerfed :tired:

now we should go ff+chrono+taoist for support L U L


I’m taking RC anyday over Sage, especially if it’s to go along with Chrono + Tao. With 50% from Storm and 50% from Tri, another 30% from Sage is actually only 15% more overall damage. RC’s Rune of Destruction is way more significant. With 15k magic against 19,922 mdef (Velcoffer), your base damage becomes 3736. With Destruction’s -50% mdef debuff, your base damage becomes 5825 (56% more damage).

5825 x 2 (Tri + Storm) is 35% better than 3736 x 2.3 (Tri+Storm+Sage). If you prepare Tri and Upper Level first, then Destruction’s 10s debuff is enough time to quickly spam all DPS skills of Tao and then explode with Begone Demon. Pass with Chrono and repeat. Rune of Protection minimize interferences during this crucial 10s.

Well this is for bossing. For mass mobbing in CM, well, Rune of Destruction’s OP damage reflect alone will already produce the damage equivalent to god knows how many Sage skills combined.


Just reminding that after rebuild Velcoffer’s defense got way lower, so mdef shred althought still helps doesn’t carry the same impact as before.



lol please use tos.neet.tv instead of tos.guru. Have you even calculated yourself using the values there to see if the output damage made the slightest sense at all?


wow seems like the update hit ktos relatively fast, only been like a few days since ktest?


I know its still very early but do we know if Ignas Armors are still safe to ichor for the upcoming lv420 legendary gear.

Has anyone seen new uniques with better stats, or is it still safe to heavily invest into ichoring Ignas Pieces and collecting them to place in the new Legendary Equipment when it arrives.


You literally can take ichors out of legendary gear when lvl 420 comes out. What are you stressing about on investment when they have made it supper easy to get into raids, unless you want to not do raids your self and wait to buy the recipes from the market.


what do you mean by “take ichors out of legendary gear”?
we can unequip our ichors or we can extract ichor from old legend gears (eg: solm/lolo) ?


Lol wut