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Irredian's Shelter Guide


Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Crevox

Irredian's Shelter Guide

In an upcoming update, IMC will be adding a new hunting ground: Irredian's Shelter.

In this area, you will fight level 390 monsters that are much more difficult than previous hunting grounds. The area also contains level 400 boss monsters. By hunting monsters and completing gimmicks, you can move to special areas where many monsters gather, or even attempt a solo only raid. In this raid, you can obtain high level necklaces, bracelets, and new Seal items.

Preview video:


You can enter Irredian's Shelter in the northern part of Spell Tome Town, in [Magija Slove Square].

There is a Vakarine Statue right inside for easy warping.

Here is a full map of the shelter.



There are four types of monsters you will encounter. They all have about 200,000 HP.


They use an eye beam attack.

Masked Executorimage

They use a leaping attack upon aggroing, jumping towards you and slashing.

Greedy Prisonerimage

They spin their body and whirl towards you, dealing damage in an area.


They fire at you with their crossbow.

Tel Harshaimage

Tel Harsha apparitions roam the halls. They cannot be attacked, but they may have something to do with the secrets of the shelter…

​Tel Harshas are one of the many forms a human can take when they are reborn as a demon. It may not be the best form, but the fact they become Tel Harshas means they were once highly respected humans.

Boss Monsters

After defeating monsters and solving gimmicks, you may encounter a portal. This will send you to fight one of the two boss monsters that dwell within the shelter.

Battles with boss monsters are solo only. This is available 5 times per week, and this entry limit is shared across your team. Boss monsters have high HP and strong attack power to compensate, so be well prepared when you decide to fight.
The number of entries resets every week at 6:00AM on Monday.

Amiss Dogimage

​Amiss Dogs are monsters created artificially during Medzio Diena. Apparently, their creator is not satisfied with the results due to unexpected consequences.

He fights using physical attacks.

Madon Maidenimage

Medzio Diena was a fortunate event for Madon Maidens, as they managed to possess different creatures in order to become more powerful. However, it is still uncertain whether their possessing spirit is human or demon.

She fights using magical lightning attacks.


If you can defeat the boss monsters, you will be rewarded with [Irredian's Cube]. The cube can contain these items:


Abyss Set

Abyss Irredian Bracelet
HP +272
Critical Rate +60
AoE Attack Ratio +2

Materials Required: Magic Stone x1, Irredian Brooch x20, Irredian Crystal Piece x50

Abyss Irredian Necklace
SP +203
Critical Rate +75
Maximum Attack +432

Materials Required: Magic Stone x2, Irredian Brooch x37, Irredian Crystal Piece x60

3 Set Bonus
When attacking, 5% chance of triggering an effect.

Effect provides +10% critical rate for 5 seconds (maximum 200 critical rate).

Cevisa Set

Cevisa Irredian Bracelet
Magic Defense +235
AoE Defense Ratio +2
Block +75

Materials Required: Magic Stone x1, Irredian Brooch x20, Irredian Crystal Piece x50

Cevisa Irredian Necklace
AoE Defense Ratio +5
CON +35
Physical Defense +432

Materials Required: Magic Stone x2, Irredian Brooch x37, Irredian Crystal Piece x60

3 Set Bonus
When you are hit, 3% chance of triggering an effect.

Effect provides -10% damage received, +5 movement speed for 10 seconds.

New Seals

Stage 1: Gung Ho Damage +5%
Stage 2: STR +35
Stage 3: HP +603
Stage 4: Physical Attack +234
Stage 5: Critical Rate +235

Stage 1: Critical Rate +52
Stage 2: INT +35
Stage 3: SP +302
Stage 4: Critical Rate +67
stage 5: Magic Critical Attack +1255

Stage 1: Guardian Saint Healing and Damage +5%
Stage 2: CON +35
Stage 3: SPR +42
Stage 4: Critical Rate +67
Stage 5: Critical Rate +235

Stage 1: Concentration Critical Rate +5%
Stage 2: DEX +35
Stage 3: Accuracy +72
Stage 4: Physical Critical Attack +437
Stage 5: Physical Attack +627

Stage 1: Cloaking Damage +3%
Stage 2: DEX +35
Stage 3: Evasion +72
Stage 4: Physical Critical Attack +437
Stage 5: Physical Attack +627

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Nice guide, how do the seals (stages) work?

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You can read more about seals in my Boruta rewards guide.

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Added elements of the monsters and bumping due to current relevance of seals.


Good morning @crevox, I see that irredian has hunting ground bosses. In the current iteration of iTOS, do the HGs have bosses too? If they do, how does one find them (its okay if just a general clue on how, so that it wont be spoon feeding)?

EDIT: grammar


Only Irredian has them, it’s a new feature.


Is cloaking damage value from scout seal correct?
Boruta seal gives 100%
3% is… Almost irrelevant


It’s odd, but yes. Maybe it’s a display bug or something, but that’s what it says in game.

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ty man. appreciate it.

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Maybe you can test this, but I found out today that in Irredian Shelter, all buff and debuff effects increasing damage output that come from skills are halved inside the HG.

E.g. my Prophecy only adds +15% damage, my Death Sentence only +44% damage, and my Guardian Saint with Boruta Seal only +5% damage.

If it’s indeed true and not a bug, it could prove to be a nice addition of information for your guide.


today was my first time entering Irredian Shelter…
may i ask what triggers the opening of the portals of:

  1. maiden / dog
  2. other closed areas

i was not able to see any gimmicks leading to opening them.


Kill mobs. That one thing triggers.

  1. there’s an indicator on the Tel Harsha that increase everytime someone kills a mob on the map,
    once it reach 1000 the gate will open for 30mn
  2. Not entirely sure if it’s timed or if it depend on kills too, mu bet is on kills same as the bosses

Does Cevisa Set effect work with genbu armor after patch 420?