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Is this the reveal date?



Sorry for the delay. Double Gun Stance + Double Weapon Assault isn’t a thing.



A friend that studies korean told me that it probably means they’re revealing the new classes on Feb 17-18-19th (series of dev blog posts or one of those dates?). He doesn’t recall what “휴방” means exactly, but he believes it’s related to revealing, displaying or simply showing (방), like in “방송” (broadcasting). If you try it on google translate, it gives:

Seems a bit early if they’re working on it to release 2 of the new classes before june, but let’s see what happens around Monday.



It’s never too early to release new classes.

I’m ready for sword wielding cowboys.



Maybe @crevox could review the new classes entry for us? Please?



Well, that just means they will just make an overall review, probably not going too far in practical terms and interaction. I’m actually fine with it, it’s nice to have this kind of preview once in a while, as well as knowing what to expect.



This was from the link @fabricio_polo inserted

신규 클래스
개발팀은 2019년 번의 신규 클래스 추가를 계획하고 있습니다. 첫 번째 신규 클래스 추가는 상반기 중으로 4개의 클래스가 추가되게 됩니다. 신규 클래스에 대한 자세한 정보는 업데이트 진행 전까지 순차적으로 소개해드릴 예정입니다.

The highlighted part:

The development team plans to add two new classes in 2019. The first new class ( probably batch ) will be added by the first half of the year, EDIT: four classes will be added. More information about the new class will be available before the update.



It’s good to be right.



첫 번째 신규 클래스 추가는 상반기 중으로 4개의 클래스가 추가되게 됩니다

may I ask what this “4” is? when I tried translating it always came out as “4 classes” in every language and I’m a bit confused now



What can that mean? :tired: 4 new classes. 2 classes in first half of 2019, other 2 later.



oh, thanks, I thought there’d only be two coming in 2019



when will they release scout-only costumes in medal shop


also can we petition somewhere to exchange the trees of squire and hackapell



I updated the text since I looked over a few words. They are planning 4 class additions. But it’s weird since they have 5 base classes now.



thanks! korean is quite misleading sometimes xD
I suppose the classes really are for archers and/or scouts since they have fewer options?




Is Armor mastery working currently?



KTEST Patch 2/18/19

Skill Balance

Class Icon Color Change
-Sage’s class icon will be changed from its original red color to green.
-Sage is being changed to be [Support], which is done due to skill factor redistributions, and its attack skills applying status effects such as Confusion, Slow, and Stun. These effects have also been adjusted.

Change Class Stat Growth
-Sage’s stat growth will change.
Old: CON 30% / INT 100% / SPR 70%
New: CON 60% / INT 70% / SPR 70%

Corruption / Strong Corruption Effect Change
Old: Increase Physical/Fire Damage
New: Increase Physical/Poison Damage
-Corruption will now also lower max health percent like the strong version, however will only reduce HP by 1% per tick instead of 2.5% per tick. Health reduction capped to 50% of max HP.

Skill Changes
-Featherfoot’s Blood Curse skill has been restored.
-Bokor’s Tet Mamak La skill has been removed.
-The animation of Dark Theurge has been changed to be the same as Invocation.
-A new highlighting effect has been added to make it easier to identify the following skills:
Kabbalist: Revenged Sevenfold
Sage: Hole of Darkness
Warlock: Mastema
Featherfoot: Kurdaitcha
Bokor: Mackangdal

Companion movement speed has been changed.
-The movement speed of your companion will change based on your own movement speed and its current stamina (up to 250). Movement speed is updated at regular intervals and may not change immediately.
As long as the companion has stamina, its speed will be increased so it can fully keep up with the owner. However, if stamina is empty, the companion’s movement speed will be significantly slower (but not slower than before this patch).

Earth Tower

-Will be split into 8 sections (Every 5 floors up to 40F).
-Any section can be chosen, and you will consume one entry for completing that section. You can no longer advance to the next 5 floors after finishing the boss battle.
-Symbol consumption removed and some floors adjusted.
-Difficulty lowered.
Monster HP: 80% reduction
Monster Defense: 26% ~ 28% reduction
Monster Attack: 17% ~ 19% reduction

Remnants of Bernice

-Now rewards Remnants of Bernice Coins instead of Dimensional Potions.
-Can trade coins at the Oracle Master for shop items.

Superior Urgent Repair Kit = 200 coins (restores all durability)
Dimensional Potion = 10 coins
Rare Enchant Jewel = 90 coins
Unique Enchant Jewel = 200 coins
Legend Enchant Jewel = 4500 coins

-Stage skip function removed due to reward change.
-All rankings will be reset.

Uphill Defense Rework

-Can now be done 4 times per team per week instead of 10 times per character per week.
-Hard mode added.
-Progression changed.
30 stages -> 15 stages, every 5 is one single segment which will advance when all monsters are defeated.
-The spawn time, amount, and location of monsters has been changed.
-Monster stats have been changed.
-Boss monster is no longer a random spawn, and spawns once per section (stage 5, 10, 15).
-Lapemiter changed to only spawn once per segment, and its damage to the torch has been increased (normal: 15% / hard: 30%).
-Once the boss has appeared at the 5th stage, you will be regularly informed of how many monsters remain.
-Fixed bugs.

Reward Changes
-Rewards per stage have been removed, and it will now be rewarded when all 15 stages are cleared.
-Normal: Lv5 Gem Abrasive x2
-Hard: Lv6 Gem Abrasive x1
-Uphill Defense points for the shop will be rewarded in the same way as before and you can now trade for the above two items with the points.
-Normal rewards 120 points, Hard rewards 180 points.
-Removed Silver Anvil (14 days) and Ripped Legend Enhancement Card from the shop, added Combat Enhancement Potion (Uphill).

Please note that Uphill points are stored on a per character basis, even though the lockout is team-wide.

Territory Wars Improvements

Item/Skill Restrictions
-You can no longer use Klaipeda/Orsha/Fedimian warp scrolls, or a Warpstone, in the war area. The skill [Statue of Goddess Vakarine] is also forbidden.

GTW Warp Scroll Change
-Warp Scroll - GTW can no longer warp you to the spot area if you control the area, and when warping to a Divine Flag, you will only have 5 seconds of invulnerability (no longer permanent if you do nothing).

Participation Rewards added.
-Five different stages of reward based on how many guild members participated:
1 ~ 5 Players: Stage 1 Reward
6 ~ 10 Players: Stage 2 Reward
11 ~ 15 Players: Stage 3 Reward
16 ~ 20 Players: Stage 4 Reward
21+ Players: Stage 5 Reward

You can claim the rewards in the guild hideout.

Stage 1:
EXP Buff +10%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x2

Stage 2:
EXP Buff +15%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x3

Stage 3:
EXP Buff +20%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x4

Stage 4:
EXP Buff +25%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x5

Stage 5:
EXP Buff +30%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x6

-You only receive the highest stage of reward you are eligible for.
-Rewards are per team.


-Party UI has been improved.


Skill Changes


Energy Bolt
-Cooldown 3 -> 5 sec
-Can now be used without fully charging.
-Damage increased by 25% at full charge.
-Removed [Slow] damage bonus.

The fact that [Slow] provided a 100% damage boost made it feel as though Energy Bolt depended on it. By increasing the damage while charging, it has less dependency on it, and Sage attributes can increase Energy Bolt’s damage further.

Magic Missile
-Cooldown 30 -> 25 sec
-Skill Factor 100 / 3.3 -> 92 / 3.1
-SP Cost 104 -> 100

Magic Shield
-New attribute: Friendly Protection. Now also applies Magic Shield to allies.

Magic Shield can be used like Peltasta’s Guardian, a strategic momentary protection against a single powerful attack. This attribute has been made available as an option given that players who do not want the buff can remove it by right clicking the buff icon.


We want to focus on improving Warlock’s ability to work with summoned evil spirits. Instead of having them surround you and throwing them, evil spirits will pursue a more stylish way of attacking enemies.

Demon Scratch
-Horizontal range increased by 10.
-Pulling power 200 -> 120

We adjusted the pulling power so that dragged enemies do not end up behind you.

Evil Sacrifice
-Evil spirits within a range of 150 will automatically attack nearby enemies.
-SP Cost 130 -> 37

Ghastly Trail
-The damage increase will linger for 3 seconds after channeling is finished.
-Damage bonus adjusted to [20% + Skill Level x 4%].

-Cooldown 40 -> 30 sec
-Skill Factor 438 / 21.9 -> 374 / 18.7
-SP Cost 230 -> 211
-When using Evil Sacrifice, enemies that are inflicted with [Stigma] will be prioritized first.
-Holy damage bonus on [Stigma] reduced (100% -> 50%).

-The benefits of Dark Theurge attributes Dark and Tough Evil Spirit will now also apply to Invocation spirits.
-Now deals 50% more damage to enemies under [Fear].


We want to change the main debuff of Necromancer, [Corruption], to support dark wizards instead of elemental wizards. It will now increase Poison damage instead of Fire damage.
Beyond that, improvements in overall uptime and duration have been made.

Flesh Cannon
-Max level 5 -> 10
-Cooldown 35 -> 25 sec
-Skill Factor 76 / 3.8 -> 83 / 4.2
-SP Cost 191 -> 172

Create Shoggoth
-Duration 900 -> 600 sec

Corpse Tower
-Duration 30 -> 100 sec
-AoE Attack Ratio now set to 16.

Skeleton Mage
-Protection spell duration increased (30 -> 45 sec).


We added a new attribute to support the Dark element, and Blood Curse has been restored. It has high requirements, but the combat skills have updated so that when everything is brought together, it can have explosive attack power.

New Attribute
-Increases damage against [Cursed] enemies with Dark attacks by 10% per attribute level.
-Required character level 300
-Max Level: 5

Blood Curse
-Skill restored.
-Additional damage based on character’s max HP ignores defense.
-Curse Duration: 12 seconds.
-Cooldown: 35 seconds.
-Skill Factor: 897 / 44.9
-SP Cost: 200
-Enhance attribute added.
-Attribute: Reduces HP consumption by 40%, but increases duration of the curse by 7 seconds.
-Attribute: When losing HP from Blood Curse, you will always remain with at least 1 HP

-The footprints will continue to damage enemies for their entire duration.
-No longer debuffs enemies with [Hexing].
-Property changed (Dark -> Poison).
-Skill Factor 181 / 9.1 -> 81 / 4.1
-Casting time 10 -> 5 sec
-Footprints duration 10 -> 15 sec
-Enhance attribute added.
-Attribute: Move at normal speed during Kurdaitcha, but increase the cooldown by 10 seconds. Also raises SP consumption by 10%.

Bone Pointing
-Bone fragment now increases in damage with your Magic Attack.
-Bone fragment inflicts a level 1 [Hexing] debuff.
-Cooldown 50 -> 45 sec
-SP Cost 243 -> 233
-AoE Attack Ratio set to 8.

Blood Sucking
-Range increased by 25%.
-Cooldown 60 -> 50 sec
-Skill Factor 241 / 8 -> 216 / 7.2

-Cooldown 10 -> 20 sec
-Skill Factor 532 / 17.6 -> 447 / 14.8
-SP Cost 159 -> 178
-Applies to a maximum of 10 targets and no longer uses AoE Attack Ratio.

Due to the change in how the Corruption debuff works, we adjusted the skill and how many targets it can apply to.

Kundela Slash
-Skill Factor 392 / 19.6 -> 362 / 18.1
-Applies to a maximum of 10 targets and no longer uses AoE Attack Ratio.
-Deals 100% increased damage to [Cursed] enemies.

-Number of hits increased (10 -> 15).


We improved the usability of the main skill, Damballa, and added a synergy element for use with Dark-type wizards. We also felt that skill cooldown was a bit too tight, so we increased the cooldown of Effigy and Hexing.

-Changed to a ground target skill.
-Maximum Range: 200
-Range of Damballa increased (40 -> 50).
-Skill Factor 447 / 44.7 -> 504 / 50.4
-New attribute: Removes the knockdown of Damballa.

-Cooldown 10 -> 15 sec
-SP Cost 147 -> 158
-Base magic defense reduction increased (3% -> 7.5%). Scaling per skill level unchanged.
-Base duration reduced (15 -> 6 sec). Scaling per skill level unchanged.
-Dark attribute changed. Now increases minimum critical chance of Dark skills used against afflicted enemies by 2% per attribute level. Attribute maximum level increased (3 -> 5).

-Cooldown 5 -> 10 sec
-Skill Factor 288 / 9.6 -> 280 / 9.3
-SP Cost 108 -> 115
-Range 150 -> 180

We determined the cooldown time was too short, especially when factoring in the cooldown time and duration of Hexing, so we increased it.

-Base duration reduced (60 -> 40 sec). Skill level scaling unchanged.

-Cooldown 60 -> 50 sec
-SP Cost 293 -> 261
-Range 100 -> 60
-Base duration reduced (10 -> 4 sec). Skill level scaling unchanged.
-Now only applies half the duration in PVP.
-You can now avoid the cumulative damage by using Shadow Pool or Stop: Break Time.


Powerful adjustments have been made to the skill factors, overheats, cooldowns, and damage synergies to help ensure they deal enough damage.

Shadow Thorn
-Skill Factor 357 / 11.8 -> 484 / 16
-Now deals 50% more damage to enemies under [Fear] or [Blind].

Shadow Conjuration
-Overheat 1 -> 2
-Skill Factor 515 / 17 -> 450 / 14.9
-Now deals 30% more damage to enemies under [Fear] or [Blind].

Shadow Condensation
-Now inflicts [Blind] debuff for 3 seconds immediately upon creating the shadow beads.
-Cooldown 40 -> 30 sec
-SP Cost 224 -> 205
-Skill Factor 617 / 30.9 -> 525 / 26.3

Infernal Shadow
-Ground target range increased (35 -> 40).
-When the shadow is attacked by Shadowmancer skills, it cannot be knocked back/knocked down for 0.5 seconds.


Having access to two portal skills, it was decided that it was too difficult to emphasize and focus on an aggressive aspect that suits a red class icon. Now that Sage is a Support type class, all attacking skills have been adjusted to have debuffs and utility attached to them.

New Attribute
-Increases damage against enemies under [Slow] or [Hold] by 10% per attribute level.
-Max Level: 3

Micro Dimension
-Skill Factor 351 / 11.6 -> 302 / 10
-Attribute [Ultimate Dimension: Confusion] is now [Micro Dimension: Confusion] and chance to apply reduced (10% -> 5%). Requires Micro Dimension level 5 or higher.

Changing the class color results in a need to adjust skill damage.

Ultimate Dimension
-Cooldown 40 -> 25 sec
-SP Cost 223 -> 195
-Skill Factor 97 / 3.3 -> 67 / 2.3
-Attribute [Ultimate Dimension: After Effects] now also applies [Slow] for the duration.

Changing the class color results in a need to adjust skill damage.

Dimension Compression
-Quickcast can now be used with this skill.
-Maximum skill level 5 -> 10
-Skill Factor 194 / 9.7 -> 188 / 9.4
-New attribute: Collision Aftermath. 10% chance per attribute level to inflict [Stun] on enemies that are pulled in for 4 seconds. Max attribute level 5.

Changing the class color results in a need to adjust skill damage.

Hole of Darkness
-Property changed (Dark -> None).
-Skill Factor 1054 / 106.4 -> 1377 / 137.7


-Reduced the interval of Fireball’s debris attacks (0.3 -> 0.5 sec) but increased damage (70% -> 100%). The damage is a ratio based on Skill Factor, so damage will be based on Skill Factor.

We adjusted the interval to decrease the amount of times it can occur, but raised the damage to compensate.


-Removed the movement speed bonus to companions.

Due to the update to companion movement speed, this effect has become meaningless.


Spell Shop
-Four enhance attributes added, one for each type of buff.


Cassis Crista
-Added information to the skill tooltip about debuff resistance.


-Removed the delay when calculating numbers.

Many bugs were fixed.



Anything here is under development and subject to change.

New Archer Class: Matross

Seems to use a musket. Not yet implemented in game. Consider this an early leak.

Skills (not final):
Canister Shot
Crouching Strike
Tiger Hunter
Menace Shot
Rapid Shot

New Sage Class Icon


New Hair Accessory

Colorful Boeing Sunglasses.



Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex

Hahahah, the new sage class icon tho. Remind me of the meme they use to post. A green taxi icon for sage.

Very excited for ff buffs and sage changes.



Glad for FF and sage buffs.

Hope Pyro or Sorcerer synergy for Sage…I don’t like having Necro with my Sorc-Pyro but they combine well…



No Dragoon changes? That class is currently unplayable.



No Monk changes? That class is currently unplayable.