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Can I have just half blue lol
They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our blue skin


Maybe they should add tattos too at this point as skin tones… Half blue skin looks good too.


You are taking the game too seriously. Are you listening to yourself? it’s an online game. This is not a history book where you have to stay true to the facts. Get a life. Wizards are fantasy characters, all those monsters are fantasy. Stop the human BS, for real. Don’t like it? Don’t take it. Stop trying others to follow your ideal of a game.
MMORPG are made for you to pretend to be anything you want. So let people pretend whatever they want and just stop being so self-centered and idealistic about a f*** online game.


If you said that according to the lore…

Borutos Kapas Raid won’t be here. Who the f*ck make guilds of saviors against each other only to defeat Boruta? If Gemstone Feud, it is still relatable as mercenaries guilds are opposing each other (for example, Schwarzer Reiter mercenary guild is against Dopplesoeldner mercenary guild). Guild Territory Wars is also relatable to the lore of guilds against each other for the better resources.


This game, as an rpg genre, has a story and a mythology created for it that is followed and drive the updates received so far. Even small things, as dragon creatures not being able to fly in this world, is detailed and specified. You might don’t care for it, but this game has, indeed, a very deep lore and story.

The only change so far, until today, that changed the game lore in some sort of way was moving out classes that were talents originally created by humans incapable of doing magic to the Scout tree, and even that can be argued cause those arts are not properly magic, but workarounds.

Bring the tatoos and paintings some players here said, bring actual different races, and that would be OK for me if well done. If you don’t like my pov, and are ok with weird coloration, then ok. Disrupt the game story to justify your point wrongly and I will reply.

If you don’t have any other argument than attacking me personally, then don’t waste your time. Just because you seem to not enjoy or care for the game story and ambient doesn’t mean that everybody act like you.


Yeah! Of course! Just like if you play with female characters you’re automatically a trans person.
Dude, please. You should think a little more before posting something.


just because it’s an online game doesn’t mean it can’t take its own lore and story seriously. That can be said about any form of media, and taking a story and lore setting seriously is what makes the difference between a well-written game story and a poorly written one. Don’t be so short-sighted.


I don’t really mind about the skin tones to be honest. Doesn’t change the fact that the character is still human. I mean, we do have cat weapons, whale pistols, etc.


I just want a healthy-looking tan on my Monk, why all these complicated talk …


Is Pillaging at the corsair still buggy? I could not immediately rob any loot from the mob, only money is robbed :frowning:


No that’s not a bug. The skill’s effect was changed to only drop silver now.


about “bugs”, and the Nak Muay bleed skill ? is causing slow instead of bleeding


On the topic of bugs how long do you think it will take them to fix not being immune to knockbacks while having a buff that provides you with knockback immunity. Kind of sucks being knockback chained in Velcoffer while you have knockback immunity buffs up.


What anti knockback skill you referring to? I tested my chaplain and hacka 100% uptime, no knockback.

Edit-in velco just to be clear.


He might still be using RoP for knockback immunity…


RoP have the anti knock attribute and it’s working fine but can’t be shared anymore.


I tested Gazing Golem cards (Pain Barrier) and Pied Piper’s Marschierendeslied, I didn’t have a problem with them.


Anyone has found any news relating the new year’s packs mentioned early on this thread?


To add more, Laima was making “fake” revelators by sending dreams to many people. This is to buy time for the real Savior, you, to collect the revelations while fleeing from Demon Lords’ attack. There is this saying

How do you hide a tree? Plant it in a forest!


Everybody enjoys games in different ways. Why do you think yours is the correct and worthy way?


Pain Suppression through Gazing Golem, Pied Piper’s Marschierendeslied and normal Pain Suppression do work but sometimes even while you have the buffs active you will get chain knockbacked everywhere by Velcoffer or any Boss/Mob that can knockback.