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i think i’m on the wrong thread, where’s the KToS spoilers? :hey:


i think i’m on the wrong thread, where’s the Monk buffs? :hey:


I am sorry but I have to:

Looking for KToS info?

Interested in the most up to date news?

Do you want see stuff months ahead of iToS you can only dream about for the moment?

Then ignore the last dozen replys and come back later! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We need Featherfoot buffs!! Waiting for more promised interactions and class adjustments in ktest.
Would love Ennervation changes, blood bath changes, kundela SFR increase. Make FF a melee wiz with shittons of single target dmg.


i think i’m on the wrong thread, where’s the Dagger Classes buffs? :hey:


What i am saying is the exactly opposite of this. You are the ones that don’t want to see other people play with the skin colors they want to. You are the ones that think that only human color skin are worthy of being added to the game and everyone should agree because you don’t want to see blue people walking around because it will ruin YOUR fantasy.
You are the ones that think your way of enjoying the game is the correct and worthy way.


i think i’m on the wrong thread, where’s the Exo buff?


I think I’m in the wrong thread. Where is the new next gen Pokémon? :heeey:


My problem with the skin colors is that seemed to have skipped naturally occuring, darker skin colors and went straight to more ‘unnatural’ colors.

As far as the lore, I -personally- don’t see an issue with those unnaturall colors with the lore. To me, it’s just cosmetics for the player to enjoy. It doesn’t impact how your player interacts with the enviroment and NPCs wont tell the difference.


I think I’m in the wrong thread, where is humanity common sense buff?

(this is going to be the ktest thread meme)


Hi, do you know if they gonna up the atk speed of Limacon (with dex)? Because it’s to slow compare than double gun stance. Thanks in advance.


I’ve tried both DGS and Limacon. DGS seems faster cause the dmg is split into 2 consecutive hits. Im pretty sure they are the same speed tho.

edit : ktos have hackapelle buff? also any enchanter buff?

The class points reset system is retarded and a cash grab

maybe they didnt want the game to be more difficult by giving us darker skin colors :kissing:


Yes, it looks the same (i tested this 2 hour ago).

But no update about the atk speed with dex? (limacon/DGS)


Someone knows if they are going to release the new year cubes on itos too? Also, did they fix the scaling issue of enchanter being INT although the tooltip says its DEX?
Also, rodelero, peltasta and murmillo skills based off shields do less damage always if you activate the attribute to use shield defense to calculate the attack, did they fix this already?


It’s DEX. The description mentions DEX, but the formula used on the tooltip is wrong and calculates via INT. However, if you look in your F1 stat menu, you can see that the value is different than what the tooltip shows, and it actually scales with DEX correctly. It’s just the tooltip value that is wrong. Confusing, yes, but at least it’s working… mostly properly.

Regardless, yes, this was fixed in KToS.

There’s likely some kind of scaling going on with the defense to convert it into real attack value. I’m not aware of what the formula is, but it’s hard to say if there’s any bug here.


Thanks for the info about enchanter, really appreciated. I’m just very confused about shield defense values converted to attack because I tested it with a velco shield T10 against a velco shield without trans and the difference is minimal also, the sword is a wastrel without any refine and activating the attribute actually lowers your damage instead and it’s hilarious xD


That certainly sounds concerning. I’m not personally aware of any changes that were done to this in KToS, but it’s always possible.


Hey Crevox. Take a look at this video. Does DGS + Double Attack works this way on kTos? Is it intentional to work this way or is it a bug? Its working like the extra hit is being split between the 2 Double Gun Stance hits and raising it’s damage.


About the Shield Defense values, I’m quite sure there was a kTos patch to fix it as it was not working the way it should. I’ll search it.

Found it: