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The third silhuette definitely sports spurs on his right foot.


No, tested it /20charlimit


Dude, revelators are not suppose to fight each other but still you have pvp. There should be only one Revelator, but every character you create is a different one and save the same persons over and over again. Don’t push your expectations to others.
Again: i don’t see people complaining about golden pigs running around, neon green skeletons, now we have kill bill’s, playboy bunnies, bears, santa, alice in wonderland, etc. You have all sort of things that don’t go with the revelator fantasy but that is ok. I can’t understand why skin color is so controversial.

Also you should see a doctor for eye bleeding, that sounds dangerous.


The next revelators


The Kingdom always had arenas where people fight each other, as an enternainment for the people. Classes does not exist solely with Revelators, instead humans make use of their knowledge, combat tactics, and even magic knowledge/study for their purpose, whatever it might be. First and foremost, even mages were part of the of the royal army despite having their own society, in tales that precede Laima and her Revelations.

Revelators are humans after all, they might fight each other (see Delmore Castle quest line, where Revelators have arguments - not a proper fight tho, but it shows that they might disagree and even fight). Arenas (as TBL matches) are not a villaneous thing, it’s an enternainment for the people, there is pride in it.

All people who saw Laima in their dreams are called Revelators, that is what every single player character is. There is only one Savior, who is gathering all Revelations, and this is what your character is in your story, if you play along all the main quests. Now this is a narrative particular to each character, the game is not that open in lore that only one person (and only one of his characters) can properly live the story. Each character plays its own.

You are mixing costumes with skin color, the first are only fashion and does not make you a completely different creature, they also play the metagame here, linking things from our world’s culture to the game’s one. Show me a human that is blue/green/orange/any other weird color they might come up with, that is not artificial or temporary, and you will win this argument.

Goddesses protect humans, and all that they do in this game story - past and present - is finding ways to save them. All other races - Vubbes, Hogmas, Khugeris, Varles, etc - are treated as enemies and diligently slaughtered by people (not specifically Revelators, but humans and army in general) cause they are either associated with demons or act violently against humans. This kill any race variety using the plot of the game.

You are trying to bring lore points to counterbalance, but you don’t truly understand the game’s story.


As someone that loves the story of this game it pains me when people talk like they know and they don’t even know what it means to be a Revelator…

the FIRST thing you are told in the game and comes up every almost every 10 quests :unamused:


Laziest way to design last rank I think, and really not interesting for player experience.

They just need to add something that could simplify by a lot the acquisition of the new legendary set if you already have a legendary set of lowest level. Right now there’s nothing that encourage people to get legendary set with low level as normal gear is better at higher level, and now the leveling became way more fast and easy than before.


Good to see that i’m not the only one who read and love this game story. :blush:
Soon we’ll finally meet Medeina!


am still waiting for Jurate to take me on her party boat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No hacka news yet? 20chr


But some of us would really enjoy non human revelators (druid players, mostly lol and we can’t even do that anymore) so this is probably the closest we’re gonna get. They can always adjust the lore as the story is still progressing. If anything, they have shown many times that the goddesses aren’t perfect nor purely forces of good (and in a lot of cases, downright shady)


This is mostly true but there are references in the monster journals that prove otherwise in some cases, such as the Kugheri being potentially friendly towards humans, and Panto also being friendly towards humans in usual cases. many of these races are intelligent and only attack humans because of the influence of demons. We only see a certain side of this because it has to conform to the gameplay, but in the greater picture of the world’s setting, there are examples of potential co-existence of humans and other races.


First: There are more revelators and you see them on quests like the Delmore ones.

Second: There are ways of humans having other skin colors. The easiest and most common way is to paint all your body,which was something that people did and do.

Do not forget blue man group. We have the pied piper, it even makes sense to have it.


Zero Two is red

Ryze are blue

Come be colorful you too.


I forget why Ryze is blue in the new lore, but it’s a good example since it’s likely either his magic or his body paint/tatoos that give him his smurflike hue.

The zombie colours make sense to me too, since things like resurrection and zombism are things that happen in ToS.

The green is the one that stands out to me as the most weird.


zombie colours


I dont mind having a green or blue skined char. I would love to create a red skined female swordie so she can be the Queen of Mars.:blush:


I’m kinda on my way to bunny girl senpai getup (bunny costume + bunny headgear + black long hair) and waiting for updates (correct me if i am wrong) to make a saki from emergence getup (sailor costume + black glasses + that hairstyle which hasn’t been implemented yet)

i was trying a zero two getup too (pink hair from salon + red devil horns) but no good costume for it yet (wake up IMC! RO M got NGE collab)

well at least the red skin will add to it LMAO :rofl:


It still falls under the story of the game, cause the Goddesses mainly cares about the humans even other races not being violent before Medzio Diena, and all other races so far ended up violent or controlled by demons. The Revelations plot is solely made to save humanity, not other races, cause humans always were more close to the goddesses. The character starts in a human shelter too, this is what klaipeda ended up being, from a distant mining city to one that was not destroyed by Medzio Diena.

Also, a skin tone of one of this weird coloration don’t make you another race. Create a proper race and I will probably buy it, if well done. Those weird colors are terrible for the game aspect and environment.


I’m waiting for her to beat the ■■■■ out of me. I want Jurate to kick my ass while i scream MOMMY