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KToS General Thread v4.0


Auto attack lines only proc once, but it’s still two hits. That means blessing procs twice, and as a zealot that also means you get more property damage out of immolation.


are there any videos of mounted classes (hacka, sr, cata)? so mounted classes are limited to scout/swordsman classes.


I get that such damage procs twice (can’t confirm it), but with that said I just can’t see why the preference to use lackluster, flat additional damage as main DPS rotation.

Pulled a random Hacka vid there for ya.


Confirmed or just theorycraft? The thing with blessing and fake multi-hit is yeah blessing hits twice, but the total damage = 1 blessing. If blessing will normally do 1k damage, the blessing of a fake (2) multihit will do 500 x 2 damage. I still don’t understand why fake multi-hits exists.



Is it a fake multihit? I figure the 2nd hit is just an additional physical attack that isn’t an auto attack.


Double Punch is a real multihit, but in ToS 2.0 seems like it isn’t. If it was, Auto-Attack lines would’ve proc-ed twice.


auto attack lines would only proc twice if both hits would count as an ‘auto-attack’ but that doesn’t mean that it’s a fake multi hit. It could be an auto attack and then a second hit by itself. Auto attack lines only proc on the actual auto attack hit, but the followup could then proc a full blessing or any other property as well.

It needs to be properly tested. I suspect it works this way, because if it’s a proper fake multihit then it really is just an attack speed boost.


today’s ktest patch notes:


Nothing about reverting the change for individual cooldowns per Overheat

Nothing about altering skills that got their cooldowns increased because of the individual overheat cooldown mechanic.

That 60% nerf to Limacon because of bug double dipping into enhancement attribute, why didn’t they fix the bug see how its going to be then nerf it if it still needed to be nerfed.

edit. probably why it was nerfed, on cm7 doing +20k crit auto attacks, while retreat shot and marching fire were just passing 11k crits


I don’t know about the bug but Limacon + Double Atk + Pistol mastery… Maybe too much?


Probably the wrong place for this but can we request a full screen option? It might help in improving fps fr potatoes like mine


2 years and they never added a full screen option. If I’m not wrong it’s the same problem with B&S since ages. I need this option too.


New Hand Knife Area

The old combo with deprotect Zone is back !

Like this


But Deprotected Zone no longer exists…


I swear to god, warlocks have been getting buffs in 90% of the daily ktest updates ever since rebuild was introduced.


The Effect is not performed with the Deprotect Zone, but rather it remembers the old combo of the deprotect zone…


What is karachas set effect now that rogues dont use xbows :thinking:


Does it really matter given what lv the set is?


D attack doesnt work with limacon