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KToS General Thread v4.0


Used to Auto-Attack while using skills back in the days before this channeling thing (Sadhu Monk memes), and its probably easier to do it now at the very least. Defense values aren’t set at 0 during Out-of-Body so it’s more doable, and good CC in case things go wrong. Being unable to move feels poop though, so eh don’t think of it as losing damage, but more of it being possible occasionally to dish out a bit more damage.

Just gimmicks in general I guess, situational at best, but still fun to use if possible.


but if you’re channeling something else, then you’re already not moving. Would you rather channel a skill and not have extra damage?

Being able to quickly go OOB and channel Possession, Sanctuary or Rubric while simultaneously auto attacking is likely going to be the signature of a good sadhu. It might be ‘easier’ to just not do it, but being able to do it reliably will be optimal for squeezing that little bit more damage out of your character’s rotations. No other class can act while channeling so it will be one of Sadhu’s unique strengths.


Do you know exactly how much defense you lose with OoB on?
I haven’t seen anyone mention how much exactly, but I could have missed seeing it tbh


True, just the set-up of Out-of-Body really feels like a hassle to pull. Out-of-Body spirit also moves slowly I heard, so it’ll be a little bit irritating to gather mobs, Out-of-Body, then make sure all mobs are in the to get hit by Possession.

Out-of-Body just feels like an outdated skill that requires some changes at the moment. One idea I always had when looking at Out-of-Body was looking at a class from another game, Dragon Saga Twin Fighter, that’s a class where you control a pair of twins and command each twin individually to weave attacks from both together. It’ll be fun if one can control both Body and Spirit as seamlessly as that.

@Tankhime From what I heard, currently whenever you use Out-of-Body, your Physical Defense value goes straight to 0, but in kTest, Defense values are unchanged when using it.


from what I remember you can’t auto attack using OoB while using channeling skills, I remember this from running a sadhu exo druid build during the last reset event. I hope this has changed though.


Apparently now in kTest you can Auto-Attack with Out-of-Body while channeling skills, some players tested it, it seems.

Then again its IMC. They might just remove it saying its a bug.


Hmm yeah, that’s how it currently works… reduced to 0.
It should be nice if they let you keep your defense, then.
Especially since it became a suicide skill around the r8 updates, with how much damage enemies can deal to 0 defense players.

Those 0cd Effigy Bokor-Sadhu days around ToS’s release were really fun stuff. I’m glad they’re making Sadhu into a class again, that’s more than just Prana3.


They changed OoB to be allowed while channeling. It is stated on the first re:build announcement if I’m not mistaken.

Movement is bugged, should be faster. Maybe the defense drop is bugged also.


I feel like OOB’s defensive penalty needs to go. The amount of power you gain for such a crippling tradeoff just isn’t worth it.


Yep, OOB can auto attack while channeling spells. But this isn’t really explored much by IMC devs.

Channeling spells like Sanctuary don’t affect OOB when you hope they would. It kind of makes it look more like a gimmicky afterthought rather than a unique mechanic of Sadhu that players can make use off.

If only Sanctuary and Kagura dance can affect OOB… T_____T


I wish IMC would use this opportunity to make skill effects a bit more consistent. There’s no reason why kagura dance shouldn’t effect OOB.

They could use this chance to fix a bunch of other questionable mechanics or non-mechanics with this update. Stuff like allowing Pandemic to spread monk bleeds.


Is it even possible to AA while channeling with a controller?


TP being 30 sec. duration and Possession’s 4 sec. channel aren’t considered nerf? Let’s see if more player choose to play Sadhu when Re:Build hits iTos. TT


Yes, it is.

But, besides those nerfs, it is in a good shape cause the worst thing for Sadhu was SFR, the class struggle to deal damage without Prana active today (and even with Prana, only Possession is ok-ish), and it doesn’t look like that on Re:build. Sure it will not be that one class where your build is centered around IMO, cause it lacks damage rotation on it’s own. But it certainly doesn’t look that you are not doing damage with damage skills anymore, and only picked Sadhu for 1 skill only.

I don’t mind if a lot of people don’t go for Sadhu, I just want it to get decent modifiers to not loose in damage comparison to other DPS classes. Honestly, I’m hoping that it gets good but not meta (personally, I hate meta builds).


anyone have some links for ktest re:build pvp vids?


For anyone who has tried Pied Piper, does Hameln Nagetier still applies the Dirty Fangs dot? :thinking:


Where can I find the class stat growth charts for each tree? I forgot which thread to look for them in.


Its in the Re:Build news in the Developer’s Blog. I recall its either in part 1 or part 2.


@Nekorin did they revert the changes to overheats having separate CD, because a lot of the skills only gained overheats and longer cd because of that change.

The bigger question after this is if this change was reverted why did none of the testers state that this has happened and why is no one complaining about it???


When I see players in kTest testing Monk with Chaplain-Monk-Zealot and then proceed to only use Zealot skills and Double Punch in dungeons, even though Auto-Attack lines only proc once with Double Punch, and that Dagger Auto-Attack even without Double Punch Attack Speed increase is already noticeably faster than Double Punching (while one can barely tell the difference with normal Auto-Attacks and Double Punch) …

I just go why do kTest players bother taking Monk in the first place. Is there some sort of buff to Double Punch I missed?