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Fenatte Lazy


But they do? Tree is actually one of the only full screen games that actually functions when you alt tab and doesn’t crash constantly upon doing so. Please don’t encourage them to change the one thing that functions better than every other game I play. O_o


uhh no, thats windowed borderless but its labeled as full screen in the menu.

true full screen can actually be accessed by going into user.xml inside the Tos folder and changing resolution mode to 0, its one of the secret tricks to help with fps, but you cant alt tab out of ToS in that mode, you need to deactivate the window by clicking on a second screen lol

anyway ToS should support true full screen instead of keeping it hidden.


Im not saying they removed borderless, I am asking them to add fullscreen capability without, as Yodish92 has said, unable to alt tab or being a hidden function. They just need to fix the actual full screen option and allow people to exit full screen AND keep Borderless. Most games already have this option and the “functions better than every other game I play” are also in other games, just choose borderless in their resolution settings. Talking about meta games, League of legends support this function. I dont know about fortnight, overwatch and dota 2 but they most likely have this function too.


Lel that moment when Hand Knife predictions come true …


Yes it does. At least until 5 minutes before my other comment!



I predict an absurd amount of leticia box sale in the future …


looks like a geared Sanctuary Doctor is still pretty fearsome. That boss melts fast.


For what I’ve seen so far SR is in a bad spot right now, perhaps Outlaw-BM is the best option for gunners in re:build? don’t know for sure yet… edit: Enchanter-Outlaw-SR seems okay, tho…


it literally still solos cm7 even after the nerf


have you considered corsair? It does have a new ability that straight up enhances missile damage. Good for BMs.


then it has been fixed, it didnt seem to work the first days for me.


can someone find the post that his looking at 2 hours and 32 min it shows a IMC preview of legendary grade amulets and bracelets that look supper expensive to craft

edit. also if people didn’t notice +6 months (4 hours of play time per day) of self farming per accessory is like wtf. IMC please reduce required materials to craft the older accessories.


Can’t find the post since I’m on mobile but I did find the video


OMG, is that some rewards for guild missions or contributions?


No, it’s connected to the new GvG/world boss Boruta.


Do you have any informations about the pets? Its connect to the same sistem?


Yes. They use the same materials as the accessories.


I want to know if Wugushi poison pot card damage has been fixed. Or if Pardoner’s Obilation and donation box does anything.

There are still quite a few broken/unrealized mechanics that need sorting out.


Lova ya…

Mi guild was kinda on the fence with PvP…

BUT, thanks to the ALMIGHTY TUCAN, they are interested now :smiley: