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How is inqui btw. I imagine inqui will be the priority for damage on a chap build considering you don’t have the option to take “c1 only”. You have smite and god smash on really low cd’s and I’m thinking that doesn’t leave that big enough room to AA substantially. I tried a caster inqui before and what happened was I went thru a skill cycle and flames just spawned and they were in charge of AA damage instead of me.

Then I misunderstood that cause my comment was focused on attribute cost indifference, which is weird since some skills are so much more efficient/strong than others.

I know, you basically need 3 Clerics and some decent spread (a triangle usually is enough for bosses, but you’ll need a pentagon for CM), that’s probably why it’s still so strong [+ the fact you can’t use it alone].

With what he did, you could basically replace both Priest and Chaplain and still have a similar outcome because both didn’t really contribute to the kills.
That’s the point.

The premise of the video is that the Chap-Inqui build is still doing well but by looking at it objectively,
it means the whole build is but a meme and other builds are at least as good if not better at clearing.

depends on stat spread and equipment. If they didn’t remove the 30% penalty from Pardoners spell shop, then you have to overcome this 30% difference with SPR and attribute investments.

Now here’s the thing: Who’d would put 300m into the full attributes besides a spell shop that earns money from it?
If you have a Chap>Inqui>Priest, chances are high you would want to spend your attribute points on God Smash, Breaking Wheel, Smite, Breast Ripper, Heal, Mass Heal, Binatio, maybe even Monstrance so you can hit bosses more easily.

Those points alone could probably max Blessing, Aspersion and Increase Magic Defense, or at least get them to a high attribute value.
And this is a huge difference on top of the equipment difference and the spending of your few free stat points, which will be enough to put any spell shop ahead of any non-spell shop Priest, unless he’s a whale.

the extra 20% attack modifier between lvl 80 and lvl 100 are a huge jump for some skills,though.
That’s why some people like me will max some attributes nonetheless.
Of course you don’t have to max any of them, but they are created to be maxed so you get the maximum output from your equipment & invested skill points.

Yeah, but they didn’t. They still left a huge gap between a lot of Classes (especially green and yellow circles & red circles) and within the Classes between the different skills so that you can’t really choose which skill to level because some are just so bad you won’t gain anything from investing into them.

Yeah, the attribute points will not be lost, which is why it’s the most future-proof investment.
However, the issue is that all skills cost the same to max no matter if they are actually useful or not.

Some Classes are thus exceptionally expensive to boost and some are exceptionally cheap to boost.

I guess the developers don’t count enhancement attributes as attributes. They reduced the costs of all non-enhancement attributes by a lot. The problem with this is that they removed a whole lot of them and didn’t really introduced any new ones, so a lot of Classes/builds don’t benefit by these changes at all,
but are just looking at the 103462 points required per enhancement attribute no matter how useful/weak.

Inquisitor is one of the big winners of Re:build, aside of Exorcist and Krivis.
It has very substantial damage now, low CD times (so you can spam skills instead of auto-attacking the Breaking Wheel) and some very high damage on Breaking Wheel.

It features the single best defense reduction skill in the game now (Judgement) which can reduce the defense of every race in the game aside of demon, since it turns enemies into demons and thus reduces their physical defense modifier to 0.7.
Aside of that, it also reduces their physical attack modifier, which is a huge stress relief as endgame bosses mostly deal physical damage if they are not already demon race.

And since Smite and God Smash deal additional damage to demons, you also get another damage multiplier on top of it.
As Judgement has up to 62,5% uptime (78% with Laima), you can imagine that being a huge overall damage boost to Inquisitor, even if the initial modifiers of God Smash and Smite seem low.
And let us not forget that God Smash still has 3 OH and 50% defense ignore.

I don’t get what you mean by chaplain didn’t contribute to the kills. All of the auto attack damage was coming from chaplain and priest’s buffs…if the player was using self-buffs and had enough SPR/attributes to make it better than a pardoner shop, then the build would be functioning just fine. I fail to see what’s so ‘meme’ about it.

@c2gaming.seetoo how come you say Krivis was a big winner from re:build? from what I can see, Krivis got absolutely gutted and ignored.

Because the whole premise was basically striking the wheel and causing flames by killing mobs.
When you see the guy autoattacking monsters without the Breaking Wheel, it does pretty much nothing.
Both Aspersion and Last Rites are very weak, so they do not add much damage to your autoattacks.

However, by killing mobs this way he actively counters the Torture Expert attribute effect since the CD of Breaking Wheel is not reduced when an autoattack spread through it kills a monster.

Meanwhile, notice how God Smash and even Smite simply destroy the mobs?
And the guy doesn’t even efficiently use God Smash,Smite,Breast Ripper and Breaking Wheel, let alone Judgement to reduce the def of monsters and increase the damage dealt to them with God Smash/Smite/Breast Ripper.

All these facts make me think that if he actually used Inquisitor&Cleric in a clever/efficient way, Chaplains contribution would be close to 10% or less, judging from what I saw in the video that Chaplain is supposedly capable of.

Krivis got a huge single-target power boost(Divine Stigma & Zaibas) and a really good buff set for accuracy,critical rate and additional damage. I think the skill set won big times in comparison to what happened to other “supporters” aside of Diev.

But this is how inquisitor has always functioned before we got the torture expert attribute and the other stuff that came with rank 10. the focus IS on spreading the auto attacks and making them AoE and generating flames which you sit in and let enemies melt.

Keep in mind that god smash on the wheel doesn’t proc torture expert either, and due to cooldowns, wheel + ripper isn’t something you can do every time the wheel is off CD. This chap could have used that combo a lot more, but in the mean time the flames imbued with auto attack lines and on the wheel makes for very consistent damage.

I guess I’ll have to look at the numbers some more to see your point, but as far as the auto-attack style of chaplain goes it seems to be fine. I’ll take your word for it though.

Also, am I missing something about Divine Stigma and Zaibas? Zaibas wasn’t buffed last time I checked. Still less than 100% per hit for 15 hits. They lost their 2nd hit with daino and no longer can convert physical autos into magic which was build-defining for auto attack based rod users and INTquisitors. Instead they get…an accuracy buff. Exciting…

They also lost access to one of the strongest healing moves in the game (lv 15 aukuras) as it lost its healing functionality completely. Krivis really got nothing but fun stuff taken away from them and nerfs.

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How does one craft a Homunculus in kTest? I can’t get Magnus Opus to go beyond level5 …

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oh god, did they break magnum opus without realizing it?



Zaibas still has up to 19 hits per OH, but the OH count was increased to 3, so now you can summon up to 57 lightning strikes upon the enemy. With lvl 80 enhancement attribute, that’s up to 5870% damage.
If we consider the Electra necklace as well, we get ~8720% in total.

Divine Stigma ticks for 6100% over 15 seconds at enhance lvl 80, and it supposedly boosts the damage the stigmatized enemy takes by 50% (so you can still combo Zaibas and Divine Stigma for bonus damage), so it might even boost its own damage now?
Someone would have to do a check on that to be sure, but at least this seems to be what the skill effect says.

If we pair that with the additional elemental damage granted by Aukuras and the useful boost of Zalciai (which now adds a 5% crit chance boost when buffed via attribute),
Krivis is quite a potent option for any build now.

From what I’ve seen others test Divine Stigma, nah that 50% effect didn’t happen. Either it’s a mistranslation, a confusingly worded effect, or is bugged. Aukuras only buffs magic attacks, which kinda saddens me. Zaibas would’ve been fun if its splash attribute wasn’t removed. In a group of mobs those hits would’ve been spread so much and in a boss fight one would pray the boss doesn’t move for ~6 seconds per Zaibas. Daino is … OK I guess, and Melstis cooldown nerf is tear-jerking.

From what I see in Krivis, Krivis is actually a bit more suited for magic builds that wants to make use of critical hits. IMO Krivis is in a weirdly bad spot right now.

So @Umineko inqui is out on an AA chap build? This would be primarily because torture expert is way to good to not use by killing via non torture tool. In that case burn should go to chaplain as an attribute and they should just come up with some different flavor text for it to make sense. Flames are counter productive to the overall damage of inqui given how much more powerful the tools are. Did I get it right?

Chapquis will still be plenty strong and will be my choice come re:build. My planned build was Priest Chap Inquis (since that is what I have rolled since it was available). Good to see it is still as strong as it should be.

Yeah we also have to account for the splash attribute on Zaibas being removed. I guess it’s ok for bosses with the additional overheat but all in all I don’t think all that is worth losing all of the cool stuff Krivis used to have.

Also, the problem with saying Inq/chap is bad is that chap kind of relies on inq to be playable regardless of the torture tool stuff. Without the wheel making those loaded auto attacks AOE, chaplain by itself doesn’t do much other than kill enemies one by one. It’s just logical to want to take an auto-attack oriented class and give it AoE through this interaction.

I just checked the splash attribute seems to be inbuilt into zaibas now. Looks like a hidden update? O.O


Would be nice if they keep it like that, or if they delete splash attribute but increase skill factor by a lot. Just deleting the splash attribute doesn’t make any sense given how low the skill factor is.

Now they just need to reduce Melestis cooldown by a bit, then Krivis might be a decent option again


I get this feeling that krivis and taoist should swap places. Just a feeling though. It will pass.

Maxed Zaibas hits for 19 times, and if splash attribute doesn’t exist then the hit count should divide accordingly. There seems to be more than 3 monsters and from counting damage ticks it looks like 11 ticks? All I get from that is that Zaibas’ mob clearing capabilities seemed limited when faced with more than a certain amount of mobs.

Anyway… they seem to add this as a hidden update and managed to bugged Aukuras… now Aukuras don’t add any fire elemental damage at all (to either magic nor physical)… well done ><


But somebody made a homunculus video… do you need divine might for it now or wth?

The value of melstis goes up significantly when buff duration for many classes decreases, which has already happened in Rebuild.