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They really need to take inspiration on Monster Hunters’ enemy AI really love those.

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The permaknockdown is because they updated the boss speed but didn’t reduce the knockdown time enough to let players get up half the time. They’re making some slow progress… The upcoming field boss revamp adds in circle breaker skills and some crazy bullet hell mechanics.

Give them a couple years… Though with so many controversial choices with the gacha and cash shop. I’m not sure iToS will have grown much for it.


the market grew A LOT the patch lecia cube came, a lot more items were in teh shop and tokens actually went down in price while it was here

Financial growth is fine but if it comes at the cost of population I’m not so sure that’s a plan for long term success of a brand.

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want to know what is worse? not making money, and lecia cube did make money, if the game doesnt make money it doesnt matter if it has 60k users.

Pls no. Being a hook bot is already boring enough, at least let me shoot my pistol at people I hook.

There are a ton of things they could theoretically do to make boss fights more enjoyable, but the thing is we’re talking about IMC so they’ll just do the laziest thing possible.

It’s not even a Western thing at this point. I can’t even think of any recent Korean MMOs that have bosses this bad.

At some point we have to ask if the game will last long enough to become worth playing considering how slow IMC works and how often they take one step forward and two steps back with their updates, and especially how much time they spend on fixing bugs because they can’t just write working code in the first place, they always have to spend twice as long fixing their buggy code as they do writing it.

It’s 2017, most MMO devs have figured out there are ways to monetize your game that doesn’t chase off most of the playerbase. Unfortunately, gachas are really easy to do, and IMC’s laziness is only matched by their incompetence so that’s what they went with.


well, i hate knockback just like any other players here, but calling it a bad desing, i would never do, having knockback on those boss attacks seems to be "normal and realistic " and most games should adopt a similar way, since we are dealing against large stronger monsters(bosses), so his attacks in my opinion should have a bigger effect than just “damage” and knockback seems to be the natural effect of those attacks, so this chance is one of the few things that i believe IMC did right with his game and is trying to improve even more Now with gazing golem since this chance is far better as well, since we have being given the tools to support it and overcome like anyother rpg must do , even at sacrifice of 3 card slot plus a lot of money.
having those summon minion/magic circle like you talked about is just so old school rpg, and this new system at least i could call inovation, even if we as players hate it So, at least Now, that we have a effective way to endure it, the system seems to simple be working the way that should be since the start.

the new gazing golem cards is bad design
it’s on the same level as agni

“mr kim pyro is weak”
“lets introduce agni hehehe”
“mr kim bosses have many knockbacks
"lets buff gazing golem”

another lazy solution that didnt address the main problem


I don’t think anyone is arguing for the removal of knock backs, but something had to be done. Losing control of your character for 5 secs every 5 secs is not fun or good design. Now they have swung the pendulum too far the other way. 30% chance to ignore knock backs for 15 secs is overkill. Once you get Pain Barrier, you will basically never lose it unless you leave combat. At least now we are all swordsmen.

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I think a large part of the problem is the boss “tells” aren’t as good as they should be. The classic twinkle and a ching sound that is consistently made .75 seconds before an attack goes off would really help players.

Like stone golem most people know you can dodge jump all of his ground smashing fit. It’s just hard to do the timing because you’re jumping at such an odd time generally when he has his fist in the air and landing from that jump when he actually smashes the ground. Put in some indicators and that could ease the learning curve.

A consistent tell, before an atk is made with consistent timing would help.

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New Summon Prison Cutter

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its 2017, MMOs are a dying genre


People became fickle quite fast, the survivors are the usual blizzard, squarenix, some niches, and even chinese mmo with millions players but never translated xD.

Well … I does fix the pointless card situation.
Also I doubt they did exactly for that but mostly to make card more viable.

nor i’m arguing against the removal; i’m was arguing about how it was not a failed mech but a innovation, since in my opinion dealing with those large bosses a just “receive” damage was just too old school mechs and needed something more, and they did it.
About perma knockback i also talked about where now with gazing golem the system is a little more perfect because we have tools to deal with it.
tl:dr of my previous msg: the system was a innovation but a flawed one since we did not had enough tools to deal with it, only pain barrier from sword and so on, now we have enough tools for all classes so is at very good path, but i never said anything about removal of it or was arguing in favor or against it.

Its not even an innovation since old games like mabinogi and even elsword (just to name a few) have a knockdown system, the problem with TOS it’s that there are some bosses (like GG, ironic) that like to spam KD 24/7 and well, that’s not fun at all, more so if you consider that they even ignore safety wall.

So what we have in the end its a broken solution to a broken mechanic, gg cards are broken af, but at least we can deal with the tree of knockdown game.


i once fought poata (me and one other person) and he only used 1 skill, the knockdown >.<
so every second he would knock both of us back across the arena over and over and it wouldnt stop, it would just be a chain that lasted for like 20 seconds until one of us was knocked back far enough away to where poata coul only hit one of us. and it lasted like that the entire fight, so we could each only get like 2 hits in before the knockdown chain happened again :confounded: i dont know if he was bugged or what, luckily we had heals or i wouldve left, the fight lasted around 15-20 minutes, and then we still had the tree to fight. i wished i couldve just swapped to my druid3 to have pain barrier but i was on my kino so RIP

pyro casting animation is so slow , this so bad when casting skill failed with suprise knockdown

I noticed too late that prison cutter summon doesn’t has its aoe where it spins.

not only pyro animation, trust me ;v