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ToS vs Firefall and etc

Continuing the discussion from kTOS General Thread v2.0:

If it was just iToS maybe. But it’s not. Even if there is bitterness about things it’ill probably still be trucking. You know I was about to say something about firefall’s survival after it hit china. But they actually did just shut it down, that said that game was like a cockroach. And as poorly as IMC does sometimes it wasn’t as bad as firefall in the early days.

as someone who played Firefall in very early beta, before the9 got too much say in development, the game was good, the vision was great, and it had one of the best communities i’ve ever seen.
sadly after Mark Kern was forced to step down everything took a turn for the worse, im not saying hes without blame either, but once he was out of the company the original vision was lost.
Mark Kern is however working on a new title, with the same vision as the original Firefall, very early in development but things are looking very promising so far, the team is only working part time atm, there will be a kickstarter in about 6 months to start fulltime development, for those interested:

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Hmm, I heard very different stories about Mark. Mainly that he asked for the design direction to change several times and that was blamed for Firefalls meh release. Maybe I’m mistaken. I mean he was voted out of his CEO position by his own board because of how many hair brained schemes he had. Or less the amount and more how expensive they were.

Maybe, maybe not, i only really know his side of the story.
And to avoid doing the same mistakes with Em-8er he and the team will do things differently, one of them being crowdfunded, no big sponsors.
And rather than funding the whole game in one go, they will fund it in Milestones, so before each crowdfunding campaign they will prove they can deliver on previous Milestones.
They also offered a full credit “refund” to old Firefall players, so when Em-8er release people can get a 100$ credit worth to spend on the virtual store.
It might not be possible to get that anymore though, since it had to be done in combination with Firefall’s Forum.

No matter if you like Mark Kern or not, its a game i really want to see made