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You need to get the guild to level 15 and you’d have a chance at 5 practoniums for a guild raid
Who needs to worry about re-rolling that cube every day! This has probably been around for awhile now

What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)

Should have said this sooner, but I highly doubt it’s +300 res. See:

Which lists the 3 piece effect as:

속성 저항력만큼 속성 공격력 증가

  • 적용 속성: 독, 불, 얼음, 전기, 독, 어둠, 신성, 땅, 염
  • 각 속성당 최대 300까지 전환

Which should roughly translate into (And keep in mind I don’t know Korean at all, I just compare translators and Korean to english):

Increases property atk by property resistance

  • Applied properties: poison, fire, ice, electricity, poison, dark, holy, earth, psy
  • Up to +300 converted property atk per element.

But we’ll need more information to determine its worth:
There’s no mention of how it scales, so it might not be a 1 to 1 ratio.
It might work like the current conviction, aka that it only adds dmg of the element type of your skill. (Unlikely, but I wouldn’t rule it out with IMC.)


How often can you do guild raids? Who gets the prac? top 5 damage? How strong are the bosses? can they be done with 5 people are do you need a lot of people? Also lvling a guild only requires talt does it not, or does player count effect guild lvl?

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I guess you have never been in a guild before, anyway:

  • The leveling is done via Talts and Talts only, every member can donate them.
  • Guild Raids are done using special tickets that recharge every day.
  • The Bosses aren’t either strong or weak, but you need some nice geared members, dps-wise, if you don’t wanna take ages to kill them (this patch helped a lot with it, before they had a fuckton of HP more)
  • Loots from said Raids or Boss Kills are sent directly to the Guild Storage, then the Guild Master can send said items to whoever he wants inside the Guild, the items can be retrieved in the mailbox in your character’s lodge.
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How many do you get? Set value? or is it based on guild size?

sorry i never paid much attention to the guild mechanics i generally just pug every thing lol.

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Set value based on Guild Level

EDIT: There’s a nice thread about how Guilds work on this forum: [GUIDE] What are guilds? [v1.12] -Guide no longer updated
I suggest you to take a look at it and ask there if you need more info, the OP is still updating it after every major patch.

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oh no… someone gave it out, burn the defector. jk

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Funny thing is the info was posted on the forums months ago but I dont think guild demand increased at all.

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Has become tough he world boss competition already in kTos? Which are the top world bosses? Just doppels?


i imagine fletcher-mergens as well


It is as you post though it should directly convert property resistance to property attack up to 300 per property.

[details=Here some quick KR > EN world it’s should cover all necessary]
힘: str
체력: con
지능: int
정신: spr
민첩: dex

HP 회복력 (HP recovery)
SP 회복력 (SP recovery)

물리 공격력 (Physical damage)
마법 공격력 (Magic damage)
스플래시 (Splash)
명중 (Hits)
마법 관통 (Magic penetration)
블럭 관통 (Block penetration)
치명타 공격력 (Critical damage)
치명타 발생 (Critical rate)
치명타 확률 (Critical chance)

물리 방어력 (Physical defense)
마법 방어력 (Magic defense)
스플래시 방어 (Splash defense)
회피 (Evasion)
회피율 (Evasion rate)[Increase Evasion by x%)
블럭 (Block)
치명타 저항 (Critical resistance)

스태미나 (Stamina)
이동 속도 (Movement speed)
휴대 가능무게 (Carry weight)

불 속성 공격력 (Fire attribute damage)
얼음 속성 공격력 (Ice attribute damage)
전기 속성 공격력 (Electric attribute damage)
땅 속성 공격력 (Earth attribute damage)
독 속성 공격력 (Poison attribute damage)
신성 속성 공격력 (Holy attribute damage)
어둠 속성 공격력 (Dark attribute damage)

불 속성 저항력 (Fire attribute resistance)
얼음 속성 저항력 (Ice attribute resistance)
전기 속성 저항력 (Electric attribute resistance)
땅 속성 저항력 (Earth attribute resistance)
독 속성 저항력 (Poison attribute resistance)
신성 속성 저항력 (Holy attribute resistance)
어둠 속성 저항력 (Dark attribute resistance)

소형 대상 공격력 (Small target damage)
중형 대상 공격력 (Medium target damage)
대형 대상 공격력 (Large target damage)

천 방어 대상 공격력 (Cloth defense target damage)
가죽 방어 대상 공격력 (Leather defense target damage)
판금 방어 대상 공격력 (Plate defense target damage)
유체 방어 대상 공격력 (Ghost defense target damage)

식물형 대상 공격력 (Plant type target damage)
야수형 대상 공격력 (Beast type target damage)
곤충형 대상 공격력 (Insect type target damage)
변이형 대상 공격력 (Mutant type target damage)
악마형 대상 공격력 (Demon type target damage)[/details]


Patch preview

Client optimization is in progress

  • Make sure to install latest window update to prevent a problem (Fixed a client crash and abnormal FPS drop issues on windows10 latest update)

"Welcome new Klaipeda"

  • New Klaipeda will come on this Thursday
    "Road to Mercenary EP1: Mercenary group Golden song"

Game content
Improve monster AI

  • Fixed monster behavior
    |- Fixed an issue where monsters do not react after a certain amount of time when a character wanders around without attacking monsters.
  • Monster response speed increase

Field boss system reorganize
Now there will be 2 type of reward from field boss

  1. Advance field boss
  • Top 5 damage dealer party will get a cube
    special reward add 1 more boss cube to
    First Blow (First damage dealer on boss)
    Finish Blow (Last damage dealer on boss)

2.Normal field boss

  • Top 5 damage dealer player will get a cube

Summon performance increase

  • summon damage power is changed to be affected by weapon magic attack.
  • it will increase by a percent of weapon magic attack.



Appraiser cost changed added item level and rarity into cost formula.
Monster will not get knockdown by player level up effect

feel free to edit.
edited1 added vid from BongTOS


Does the gem in weapons affect summons too?


No info on that atm.


Don’t know what it means, but i would love love love to see a story, kinda of series, in-game with each big patch, just like RO has.


I think episodic update like RO will make it more engaging for players into world and story of TOS.

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Sorc and bokor saved?

Time to pay 2 win with Leticia’s Secret Cube.


It is a episode name though last night I didn’t know how to translate it.

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