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Karolis Springs graves

I noticed that there are multiple strange graves in Karolis Springs.
When you walk over them, they display one of few messages wondering if the spirits of these graves are at ease.
Does anyone know what are these graves for?


I’ve walked all over Karolis Springs and made a map of locations of these graves. I’m pretty sure that’s all of them but please let me know if any is missing.



Karolis Springs is part of the Kateen Forest, a sacred forest where Tesla and his apprentice, Karolis, sculpted Owl Sculptures to guide souls to find Goddess Ausrine. I guess the graves have no specific reason other than this place being a graveyard before they started their work, so the souls that might have been roaming there could find those Owl Sculptures to lead their way.

I am not sure if this information is accessible through any book in-game, but I found this when I was translating files from English to Portuguese: Karolis was the best of Tesla’s apprentices, and he desired to be a good Dievdirbys as his Master. One day, he asked one girl that he would do anything if she could give him the power to protect her (not sure how they met, it is not clear in files’ rows). She hesitate, but she ended up giving him such power. Karolis turned into a sacred tree, and he helped clearing out and protect the forest for the souls to find their way. It is said that remnants of Karolis are still found in Letas Stream.

I wrote this from my mind, but the original text is not much different from this.


This story can be found in books “Story of Karolis”. It has 3 volumes: 2 found in Karolis Springs and one in Letas Stream.
Just to be sure, I had all 3 books with me while investigating the graves.

There’s always a chance that there’s nothing to these graves. I guess they might be just an indication that the souls are at ease. (Though now I wonder: were these graves interactive also before completion of Karolis Springs quests?)
My bet is that there is some mystery about them though. They seem a little too flashy to be irrelevant.
Also, venetiansnare has mentioned that interactions of these graves were only recently added to the game.

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it’s also possible you might need specific items to activate quests, sort of like the flower branch hat activates the quest in orsha

I’ve been investigating Karolis Springs with Blessing to detect hidden interactions. I’ve blessed every inch of that map.
I am sure that some of the results I had are related with local quests but some of them clearly aren’t.

Here are the locations:

2x south-west interactions

Tomb of Unknown Soldier interaction

South-east interaction



Karolis Cradle interaction - used by Anastazija exploration quest.


I have also investigated Letas Stream. There I had one response that is surely related to a quest.

The one in Letas might be the Ghost related to the Pasleptas collection

Nope. I got no readings in location of that ghost.
The interaction I got in Letas Stream was exactly at starting point of “Away from the Watch” quest.

I figured that interaction at Karolis Cradle is used for Anastazija exploration quest. Updated my earlier post.

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Sometimes I wonder about the last dialogue of Owl Chief:

“From what I heard the water at the Pelke Shrine Ruins turned red…
I wonder if that has something to do with that gem?”

I’m wondering if it’s possible that Karolis Spring graves are somehow related with Pelke Shrine Ruins or Kruvina story.
I wonder if Owl Chief says anything different after completing late-game quests related to Kruvina poisoning or the villains behind it.

Linking info for better tracking:
there are 3x similar spots in Sunset Flag Forest.

Today as I approached Karolis Altar I noticed that it had a buff applied.
It was counting down from ~50 seconds or so.
Other than the buff, nothing extraordinary happened.

I was trying various things in Karolis Springs and Letas Stream so it’s hard to tell what caused this. I tried reapplying it somehow but no luck.
This happened around 7:00pm server time.

I don’t know if this is related to the graves or some other owl mystery.