Tree of Savior

Introducing the Fan-Made Database/Skill Simulator


tried a DNS flush and got nothin, it’s pretty weird this is what I’m getting on my end, worse comes to worse I can just wait for mobile version
thanks though!


Mobile app is gonna take a while.
If you have mobile data, can you try opening the database on your phone?
Or can you try, for example, using Opera and enabling its embedded VPN?


okay this is weird, it works on the newest version of Opera


Good! Glad to know it at least works somewhere xD
Edit: Even so, I’ll put a note on my tasks to review if I’m using some features only the latest browser versions support. Thanks for the report


There’s one entry missing in that guide (revelation at Royal Mausoleum 5F) that gives +3 stat points, so it’s indeed 52. I was missing “Ruklys’ Inheritance” quest that gives +1 point in Stele Road.


Hello again! I’ve deployed a new version with support for older browsers. Can you try it again?


I got it working in IE, but not Palemoon, but with IE it was a problem with SSL/TLS so i’m guessing its the same with palemoon, so probably it was just a problem on my end


Hello everyone! A new update has been deployed!
Here’s the changelog:

  • [General] Improved Navbar on Mobile
  • [General] Added kTOS and kTEST datasets. You can switch at the top right corner of the Navbar
  • [Simulator] Fixed Skill SP not updating on tooltip. Thanks @Edoweiss


Hey, man, just curious if you know the guy behind tosbase. Is it possible to use their domain to host all this shiny new database? The domain name kinda grew on me heh.


Hello! I do not know the author of tosbase.
However I’m currently holding a poll regarding which domain should I go for.
Feel free to vote over here: ;D


I’m curious as to how much functionality of tos.neet you’re willing to mimic.


My ultimate goal is to replace all database websites so…
So far the only feature I’m not keen on implenenting is the 3D viewer


I kind of don’t like the names, they just feel like they are part of something else :confused:


Hmm I am using the same texts as the game, I don’t have the resources to be documenting everything by hand.
Anything in particular you were looking for?


In what sense? those domains (.info and .guru) are the cheaper ones I found :x


Unfortunately the problem with these additional effects is that their code is a bit all scattered around, and not always it is possible to develop a generic algorithm to deal with all these situations.
That said, this is stuff that I can try to take another look at a much later stage of the database


all of them, their names are like if it was the ToS branch of X website…

am awful at explaining stuff, ether way am ok with whatever name as long as its easy to find and use…


Do you feel the same about,, etc.?


neet a little, but been a neet it kinds of feel ok and base felt like it own thing and reads more like Tree of Savior Data-base…

Anyway, I can always edit it name on bookmark and tab xD so name is not a problem really, more of a nitpick :smile:


When will the DB be updated with new costume items?
Maybe make it “automatic after 2 or 4 or something hours after a scheduled maintenance time”?