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Introducing the Fan-Made Database/Skill Simulator


Nice, thanks for making such an awesome database. One thing I’d like to suggest is the ability to check the 3D models of weapons/shields and apply the shining effect from high anvil enhancement levels to see how they would look.

And a small bug: Fanatic Illusion is showing “NaN” instead of its Sp cost in the build simulator image


Greetings @Zeucleio!
Thanks for your find! I’ve just deployed a small patch to address that bug ^^

Edit: Ah regarding adding the weapon models, I’m not planning on adding that, as that will increase the database size a lot and I wan’t to provide an offline version. Maybe in the future after I have the offline app, I can revisit the topic


Just a small correction: at max level, you will have 441 stat points available to invest, not 438.


is that with or without extra bonus stat points?_?


Bonus stat points are directly added to the total. The ones you can invest are the ones you get from leveling (389) and the ones you get from statues of Zemyna or quest rewards (52).

EDIT: looking at this guide, I can only count 49 extra points.

Now I’m not so sure anymore… I’ll have to check my level 390 char tonight.


I confirm: my level 390 warlock has invested 80 in CON and 361 in INT, so it’s 441 points. My stat point guide records 51 points being added from quests and statues, so I must have missed one somewhere.


did i read offline version O.O


Hello everyone, thanks for all the reports!
Today I’ve released a small patch which addresses multiple issues, including the total stat points one:

  • Replaced UserReport’s feedback button with a custom solution as it was being blocked adblockers
  • [Database] Anvil and Transcendence now use the game formulas for the maths
  • [Database] Fixed Anvil and Transcendence showing on fashion items
  • [Simulator] ‘Removed’ white border surrounding Class’ GIF animations when on dark theme
  • [Simulator] Fixed total stat points from 438 to 44

@draconis @ @angrybird


Yup, a desktop/mobile offline app is in the plans ^^


hey when I try to load this it’s just a white page, I’m using PaleMoon am I doing something wrong


It IS a white page :wink:
To access the simulator, click on the “Simulator” menu item on the top of the page.

@rjgtav1: maybe add a background image in the center?


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Hello @venetiansnare & @draconis
The plan is to add some content on the homepage, like what changed since the previous TOS patch, the database changelog and so on. I guess for now I could redirect the empty homepage to the one of the database pages


this is a great idea.


nah for me there’s no menu it’s just all white


Hmm which browser are you using? Can you open the developer tools and show the console to see if there’s any error popping on your end?

Usually you can access them by right clicking on an empty part of the page and selecting “Inspect Element”


i’m using PaleMoon, i dunno what to look for, but it says in dev console
Error in parsing value for ‘display’. Declaration dropped.
TypeError: this is undefined


Hmm I just downloaded and tested with Palemoon x64 on Windows and everything works fine.
Can you try clearing the cache?
Edit: Also, make sure you don’t have an agressive ad blocker enabled


ya that does nothing, I get a blank page on firefox and IE too so i’m guessing it’s not browser related


Hmm everything is working fine from my end and no one else has reported any issue like that so far as well…
Something on your end must be blocking loading part of the code for the database :confused:
Or maybe Github is serving you from a broken cache server… If that’s the case, flushing the DNS cache could help.

Not sure what else could be causing that