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Introducing the Fan-Made Database/Skill Simulator

Greetings Saviors!

We would like to introduce a fan-made DB/skill simulator for TOS, created by rjgtav.
For more details, check out the announcement on our official website:

Link to Database :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


And he did all of these for free. Wow, what a great guy :satisfaction:



:tired: :bed:

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The database and skill simulator rocks.

Thanks to rjgtav for making it and for imc to promote it.


This is donation worthy

good job to rjg, it really is a big thing to do something like this for the community. :satisfaction:


Not knowledgeable in this area, but will the github nature of his database makes it show up on Google once it’s popular enough? For example, if now I search ‘Primus Raffye Staff’ on Google, tos.neet and tosbase’s entries show up. This is important for anyone and particularly people in the future who isn’t aware of the link to such a site, but they will eventually discover and use it when they google for TOS items, mobs and maps etc.

Yes if users use it more , it will appear more often on Google search engine. This is also used in marketing strategies, and known as SEO ( search engine optimisation )

Many people like us started with using tosbase + keyword back then , before tosneet took over. Guess we all have to start using ‘rjgtav solmiki ‘ when using employing our search

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Really appreciate, thank you

Hello everyone, just wanted to inform I’ve deployed a new update, with today’s patch ^^
And thanks for the support <3


Unfortunately I have no experience with SEO, so I have no idea on how to improve it…
I’m using GitHub as this way I can host it completely for free ^^



edit: perhaps a thread for changelogs would be nice.

I’ll be posting them here. Eventually I’ll create on the repository a and include it in the database (on the homepage for example)

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Congratulations for the simulators, @rjgtav1!

I first discovered it on Reddit, I think; or was it the forums?

Anyway, good job and IMC should give you freebies.

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Archer Skill Simulator seems bugged. Hope you can look into it asap. TY for the hard work.

I managed to break the archer tree. I’m good at breaking stuff.

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the reports regarding the current Simulator crash issues.
I’m happy to inform that I’ve managed to identify the issue and I’ve deployed a small update to address it.

@biky_alex @JedTricks


very nice. :heart_eyes: