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Introducing the Fan-Made Database/Skill Simulator


Yes, this week’s plan is to finalize automating and optimizing the import process so it then runs on its own :b


Hello everyone!
A small update has been deployed! Here’s the changelog:

  • Added jTOS
  • Updated iTOS as of 2018-10-26
  • Updated kTOS as of 2018-10-26
  • Updated kTEST as of 2018-10-26

This will propagate over the next couple of hours


Hello everyone!
Just wanted to mention that the database has been already updated with today’s patch ^^


Hello guys, a new update has been deployed yesterday, here’s the changelog:

[New] Added global search at the top - you can search for ClassID, ClassName, Title, Description and Book text
- Desktop and Mobile design
- Even faster and more advanced than the previous implementation
- Includes keyboard navigation and tooltip
- Supports searching in Japanese for jTOS
- Supports searching in Korean for kTOS and kTEST
[Fix] Improved navbar design on some weird screen configurations
[Fix] You can no longer navigate when the database hasn’t yet finished loading
[Fix] You can now switch region at the homepage


Hello everyone, just wanted to say the database has been updated for kTEST Re:Build.
There are still some rough edges, more specifically:

  • Skill levelling is broken
  • Simulator will come later today
  • Some class GIFs are missing
  • Formulas for equipment, skills and monsters should have been automatically updated.

Clear your cache to make sure you’re seeing the latest version


the link in the first post doesn’t work on my side (404 error), you might want to post a link that works again in this topic

edit : just trying gives me a blank page as well, nothing seems to be loading


About an hour ago my hosting server messed up and the deployment was incomplete. It should be fixed by now. Sorry for the incovenience


indeed, seems to be working, takes some time to load though


To propagate the patch quicker I purged all Cloudfare’s cache, so it will take some time to cache everything again


I have the same problem, love it but it’s super slow :frowning:

any advice to make it load faster and stuff?_?


It should only be slow on the first load, then all future loads should be faster.
Unless you have caching disabled on your browser…
These past few days i’ve been causing a ton of load with all the new releases, so maybe it will stabilize.

If it remains slow ping me, as my goal is to make it always as fast as possible.
Also, can you compare it with github? Thanks


Also, a 90% working kTEST simulator has been released today ^^


I whitelisted it from all I could find, hope that fixes things in the future :blush:


Hello everyone, over the last days I’ve been updating the database every day, with the latest patches and some improvements. Here are the changes:

  • [Fixed] You can no longer pick the base class multiple times
  • [Fixed] You can again select Rank 8 classes as the 1st pick
  • [Fixed] Attribute unlock and Skill tooltips have been fixed for all attributes/skills
  • [Fixed] 1.0 build no longer works on 2.0 simulator and vice versa
  • [Fixed] Chaplain is no longer considered a Secret class.
  • [Fixed] ‘Summon’-like skills have been purged from all databases.
  • [Fixed] Re:Build Simulator builds are again able to be shared around
  • [Improved] When no more skill points are available, and you left click a skill at level < levelMax, it now goes back to 0.
  • [Improved] Added ‘Usable by Scout’ icon to equipment tooltip and detail pages
  • [Improved] Updated cards’ frames to the latest design.
  • [New] Added Stats to Re:Build Simulator

There were probably even more bug fixes in the mean time, but these are the ones I’ve noted xD
Thanks to everyone who has been helping testing the new simulator and providing feedback ;D


is it normal for the stats to go down on the 3rd class selection of ktest?_?

I was testing my Scout > Enhancer > Assassin > Corsair, but when I go from Assassin to corsair the stat points go down :confused:


The total number of stats is constant. But depending on which classes you choose, the stat points are distributed differently


[Updated] kTOS is now on Re:Build
[Updated] Updated iTOS, jTOS, kTOS and kTEST to the latest versions has been updated with the latest patches of each region ;D kTOS is now on Re:Build as well
It will finish deploying over the next hours. Until then, some links may crash when opening