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Interview with Winners of Guide Event (1st week)

Greetings, saviors!

The Guide Event has ended!
Thank you all for your interests and participation!

We have interviewed winners of the Guide Event.
This is Illeia <2021 newbie returnee guide for late game level 400>, Crevox <Demonic Sanctuary> and Oripathy< Unlocking those Special Costumes!>!

Let’s meet them in the interview!


[GM] Lemon: Hello savior!

Illeia: Hi GM :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: First of all, how was the reward of the Guide Event? Have you used it?

Illeia: Yes definitely. I have used 3! Wigs and hair. I haven’t used the Title.
I thought it would be something similar to the Christmas Master one.

[GM] Lemon: It’s quite different! Try it!

Illeia: Oh, it’s different? :slight_smile:

[GM] Lemon: Yest it is :slight_smile: Why did you select the topic for the Guide Event?

Illeia: I actually started writing it to help fellow newbies who were joining my old guild and did not know what to do for content.
There were a lot of different content available and as a newbie coming into the end-game.
It was difficult to know what to do and how to progress. So I decided to write a guide to help newer players know what to do.

[GM] Lemon: I see! Thank you for the answer!

Illeia: No problem :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: Do you have any exciting experiences related in TOS?

Illeia: I’ve made some great friends along the way, formed a fixed raid party. Joined one of the top guilds in server to do bigger content such as guild Boruta/Giltine and GTW. So it’s been really exciting these few months. The upcoming patch from KTOS is quite interesting as well and we’re all looking forward to it coming to ITOS.

[GM] Lemon: You are really enjoying TOS! I am really happy to hear that! Thank you for the answer!

Illeia: Thanks for the interview GM!


If you are wondering about the guide by Illeia:


[GM] Lemon: Hello Crevox! Could you introduce yourself to TOS Saviors?

Crevox: Hello all saviors, it’s Crevox! Nice to meet you!

[GM] Lemon: Thank you :smiley: First question, have you used the reward of the event? How’s it?

Crevox: Ah, yes! I have the new title. It’s great

[GM] Lemon: Thank god, you like it :smiley: How long have you been playing TOS?

Crevox: A very long time! Since it has released, so about 4 or 5 years. :slight_smile:

[GM] Lemon: Wow! It’s really long! Have you tried all of the contents in TOS?

Crevox: Yes, I’m quite experienced with all of it! I’m sort of a veteran at this point, TOS has been a lot of fun for me.

[GM] Lemon: I am really happy to hear that! Which one is the most interesting?

Crevox: Ahh, that is tough to choose. I really enjoy the raids of TOS, so that is probably my favorite, playing with my friends.

[GM] Lemon: I see. Do you have fixed party to clear raids?

Crevox: I party with a lot of friends from different guilds! We all play together and do our best.

[GM] Lemon: That’s great! Then I am wondering about your guide, you have cleared most of contents. But why did you select the topic for the Guide Event?

Crevox: Ah, the guide I made was for the newest raid, Demonic Sanctuary. A lot of saviors find the raid really difficult and were worried about it, so I decided to make a guide to help clear it up for everyone and show them that they can do it too! I think a guide can really help to show everyone that they can do the content and experience it too.

[GM] Lemon: I see. That’s so nice! Thank you for the guide :smiley: If you give some more tips for New and Returned saviors, what would you say?

Crevox: I think TOS can seem difficult or complex at first, but there is a lot of fun to be had in the different end game contents. I would suggest everyone to take their time with the game and they can find a lot to enjoy, especially with other saviors. And these guides can definitely help with that, as there are a lot of nice guides people made!
And the luckiest enhancement spot is in Klaipeda near Leticia.

[GM] Lemon: Thank you so much :smiley: I’ll try it someday. The last question, do you have any interesting news related in TOS?

Crevox: I really cherish the time I spend with my guild in game. They are always motivating me to do my best and it wouldn’t be the same without them. We have fun every week in the Blockade Battles and raids, so I always look forward to those. For example, I have all of the server first clear raid titles, and every one of those has been a story to tell, and I cherish the time spent with my fellow saviors doing those. I have done so many of them at this point. They are always difficult but it has always been exciting at the end.

[GM] Lemon: You’ve got first kill title! Congratulations!

Crevox: Thank you!

[GM] Lemon: Thank you as well! Thank you for your time.

Crevox: Thank you Lemon! I appreciate your time and the interview :slight_smile:


If you are wondering about the guide by Crevox:


[GM] Lemon: Hello Oripathy! How are you doing?

Oripathy: I’m totally fine, thanks!

[GM] Lemon: That’s good! Could you introduce yourself to TOS Saviors please?

Oripathy: Ahem. Hello there saviors, thank you for checking out my interview! :smiley:
Should i do it in shout?

[GM] Lemon: No no no no, you don’t have to! :smiley:

Oripathy: Ah okay lol XD

[GM] Lemon: First of all, you are one of the winners of Guide Event, how’s feeling?

Oripathy: I feel wonderful, because I can help some of the saviors here that having hard time in finding some guides. Let’s say, community helps is the best! right? :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: Haha XD You like to he[p saviors!

Oripathy: I really like helping them!

[GM] Lemon: Have you used the rewards of the event?

Oripathy: Yes, I have used some of them, including the title here :smiley: And it makes my characters look gorgeous haha xD i love it <3

[GM] Lemon: That’s cool! How long have you been playing TOS?

Oripathy: I’ve been playing like, since 2016. so its straight 5 years :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: Wow, it’s quite long!

Oripathy: haha yeah xD

[GM] Lemon: Have you cleared all the contents in TOS?

Oripathy: One more, I haven’t gotten party for Giltine party mode one. But I’m sure i will complete it one day!
And it’s best be done with your friends, bet you :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: I think you can do it! :smiley: Cheer up!

Oripathy: Yes i can do it haha

[GM] Lemon: Why did you select the topic for the Guide Event?

Oripathy: I guess my topic is somewhat people trying to seek out there in internet, but they have to check it in separate websites. So I’ve been thinking why don’t I try to bundle it all into one guide, so everybody can check it out easily?
Hahaha, and truth be told, its one of my speciality too, getting special costumes :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: That’s great idea, so you’ve started to write the guide for everyone’s convenience!
So do you have many special costumes?

Oripathy: Sure I do :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: Okay! I am looking forward to seeing it!
If you can give one more tips for New and Returned saviors, what would you say?

Oripathy: To be honest, a lot of tips i want to say to new and returned saviors.
But i would say take your time, guys. Enjoy the game with your friends. Do not lock yourself into the meta. This is game of freedom! You can be anything you wish to be!

[GM] Lemon: That’s cool. Thank you! It’s the last question. If you say TOS as one word, what would you say it?

Oripathy: Marvelous! :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: Haha, thank you for your time.

Oripathy: Haha, thank you too for the interview, GM Lemon :smiley:

[GM] Lemon: If you don’t mind could you show me the special costume please?

Oripathy: Sure sure, haha! I guess i can show you the assassin one, as its the unique one :smiley:



If you are wondering about the guide by Oripathy:

Thank you for reading the interview!

We really appreciate Illeia, Crevox and Oripathy for participating in a cooperative attitude during the interview.

The interview will be continued!

See you soon!




GM Lemon send me a mensage at 4 AM BRT :sleeping: :sleeping: