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[Guide] TOS 2021 Newbie/Returnee Guide for Late Game (>Level 400)

So… you’re NEW! or you’ve just RETURNED!

First and foremost, welcome to the game, or welcome back. The story is relatively interesting to read and play through so do make sure to finish up all your main quests (Yellow Flags). Get your Kedoran Gear from Wings of Vaivora NPC and get to level 400 to begin Late Game.

So now that you’re at 400, you’re probably wondering where to go, what to do, and how to progress right?

Step 1: Get to level 440 and get your Ep12 Gears
So in order to move further in the game, you’re going to have to finish all your quests and gather your Ep12 Gears from (F5). Once you have these, it’ll allow you to survive better in Ep12/13 maps and to be able to start doing some weekly content and farming in Challenge Modes (CM), which is the main driver for earning silver in this game.

*TIP: Go to Settings > Graphic and TICK the box which says “View the range of Boss magic circle” to be able to see red circles where damage will be happening.

Step 2: Join a Guild and start doing Weekly Content/CM in Guild
You’re gonna need help in the beginning when you’re gearing up and that’s a fact. Take part in Weekly Content (Uphill Defense, Dimensional Collapse Point [DCP], Earth Tower [ET], Velcoffer’s Nest [Velco], Tomb of the White Crow [SkiaL]) as well as Challenge Mode (CM) where you can earn Mercenary Badges, Attribute Points and Silver. Guilds regularly help the newer people in joining weeklies. Sometimes people also shout open parties so just be thick-skinned and ask for carry whenever you see it.

1. Uphill Defense (Min lvl 400)

  • Press F10, under Dungeons and look at Uphill Defense for more information
  • You should head to Saalus Convent (map) and talk to the NPC in the middle next to the fountain, and enter
  • Select ‘VERY HARD’ for the mode when you’re inside the map
  • Once in, your job as a newbie is to COLLECT FIRE CRYSTALS in the area where you spawned
  • Let the DPS/carries do the job, just focus on your fire crystals
  • There is a sphere at the bottom of the screen, you should talk to it while collecting crystals and upgrade the “Enhance Party Attack”
  • It should require 5 crystals each from levels 1-5, 7 crystals each from levels 6-10, 9 crystals each from levels 11-15, and 10 crystals each from levels 16-20, for a total of 155 crystals
  • Once you’re done with the maximum level of Enhance Party Attack (20), roam around the map and observe how Uphill Defense works
  • In future you’ll be doing it to carry others :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  • For reference, it’s 15 levels of mob spawns from the left and right side, and bosses spawn in the middle at levels 5, 10 and 15
  • After which there will be a bonus round where mobs spawn in the middle and bosses spawn on the left and right side

2. Dimensional Collapse Point (Min lvl 450)

  • Press F10, under Dungeons and look at Dimensional Collapse Point for more information
  • DCP can be done in any of the Ep13 maps but it’s mostly done in Issaugoti Forest since it’s the easiest due to the ability to use Turn Undead skill
  • Head to the Market Manager and purchase at least 30-50 of Turn Undead Skill Scrolls
  • Once in DCP, your main goal as a newbie is to SURVIVE all the traps and explosions as well as mobs
  • Use Turn Undead Skill Scrolls on mobs (chance to 1HKO them)
  • Run around the map and make sure all the mobs are dead and that’s it

3. Earth Tower

  • Press F10, under Raids and look at Earth Tower for more information
  • Earth Tower is usually done for its Attribute Points
  • For the newer players, doing Earth Tower in Solmiki Area 2 and Area 3 are good because you can get ACCESSORIES
  • To be very honest, you can clear this on solo with your free Ep11/12 gears, but it’s just faster and more sensible to do it in a party
  • Solmiki Area 2 drops Organ Essence which you can use to craft Solmiki Bracelets
  • Solmiki Area 3 drops Plokste Essence which you can use to craft Solmiki Medal (Necklace)
  • Just keep going up the tower and clearing each floor

4. Velcoffer’s Nest

  • Press F10, under Raids and look at Velcoffer’s Nest for more information
  • In Velcoffer’s Nest, there are a few things that you have to clear before being able to kill Velcoffer
  • This raid is also done more for its Attribute Points, Velcoffer Essence for Velcoffer Equipments and the occasional Costumes
  • Area 1 requires you to destroy all the statues
  • Area 2 requires you to destroy mobs that spawn crystals, pick up the crystals, charge them up at the altar, and use them to break the seal
  • Area 3 requires you to kill the mini-boss
  • Area 4 requires you to lure Shardstatues to the statue, kill them there where they will explode and damage the statue
  • FYI, statue can also be cleared in 2 cheese ways: 1) Quarrelshooter or 2) Healer TOF + a non-regen skill from either Assassin or Featherfoot

5. Tomb of the White Crow (Min lvl 420)

  • Press F10, under Raids and look at Tomb of the White Crow for more information
  • In Tomb of the White Crow, you’ll be killing this boss called Skiaclipse and there are 2 phases: bound and unbound
  • There are gimmicks in this raid which you will either have to learn, or let the carry burst through
  • Most of the time, if you’re on Ep11/12 gear, you’ll just die and wait for others to clear the raid
  • If you’re interested in learning about the raid, you can search on YouTube for the gimmicks and learn it
  • More often than not, it’s cleared just for the Attribute Points and the Feathers to sell
  • It is no longer recommended to craft Skiaclipse Varna gears
  • Feathers should be kept to sell or to be exchanged for Content Points in future patches

6. Challenge Mode

  • Press F10, under Dungeons and look at Challenge Mode for more information
  • So basically, Challenge Modes or CMs are your bread and butter in this game
  • You’ll be spamming this every day in order to earn silver to gear up
  • You can do 1 Challenge Mode per character per day (you can buy 2 daily reset vouchers from the mercenary badge shop at 1000 badges each and up to 30 per week at a total of 44/week)
  • Each run should net you around 1m - 1.1m be it in Automatch or Field
  • You will need to have the following before being able to queue in Automatch:

+8T5 Savinose Dysnai/Glacia Legenda Weapons with Lv380 above Fixed Ichors
+8T5 Skiaclipse Varna and above Armors with Lv400 above Fixed Ichors
Botanic or Lv300 above Accessories
Kaze Seal or above
Quest/Crafted Ark Lvl3 above

7. Divisional Singularity

  • Press F10, under Dungeons and look at Divisional Singularity for more information
  • Basically, DS is the harder version of CM and gives you roughly 2x the amount from CM and also drops to help you craft Demon/Goddes Fixed Ichors
  • You are able to purchase 1 DS ticket from the mercenary badge shop per day y (3000 badges each) and up 7 per week (at a total of 14/week)
  • Each run should net you around 1.8m - 2m be it in Automatch or Field
  • You will need to have the following before being able to queue in Automatch

+10T8 Savinose Dysnai/Glacia Legenda Weapons with Vaivora Fixed Ichors
+10T8 Savinose Dysnai/Glacia Legenda Armors with Lv400 above Fixed Ichors
Legend Lv350 above Accessories
Botanic or Boruta Seal Lvl 1
Quest/Crafted Ark Lvl5 above
Weapons/Armor should have set stats (eg. Balinta, Sauk, Severty etc)

Step 3: Get your Galimive Fixed Ichors
After you’ve done your weeklies, you should have some Mercenary Badges. You will be using 20,000 Badges to purchase 2 x [Kedora Merchant Alliance Galimive Armor Box] from the Mercenary Badge Shop (Silver coin button next to map accessible only in towns). Open these boxes to receive 2 x (Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots).

In this game, you are able to equip 2 types of Ichors onto your armors: Random Ichors and Fixed Ichors. Random Ichors are defined by the colored circles in front of the stats (red, blue, green, purple) and Fixed Ichors are defined by the dashes in front of the stats. Some armors allow equipping both Random and Fixed Ichors and some armors come with in-built Random Ichors and only allow the equipping of Fixed Ichors. You’ll get to learn this along the way.

There are 2 ways to extract Ichors from equipment: 1) Extraction which is 10% chance and 2) Transmutation which is 100%. The reason why I’m asking you to buy 2 is because Transmuting armors require 2 of each equipment at full potential to extract the Ichors at 100%. Extracting them at 10% is far too costly, and seeing as Galimive Armors are cheap from the Mercenary Badge shop, it’s a much better choice.

So rather than buying or doing raids for Fixed Ichors, the fastest and easiest way to go about having some good Fixed Ichors is through the Galimive Armors. Bring the armors to Telivelis, the Blacksmith in Fedimian and purchase 4 x [Ichor Transmutation Kit]. Thereafter, go to ‘Ichor Transmutation’ and put 2 of each equipment in, some Sierra Powder and the Ichor Transmutation Kit. After you’ve extracted each Ichor, equip them onto your Ep11 armors. (Don’t worry, you can unequip them in future to place on better armors)

By doing this, you should have more HP to survive better in content.

Step 4: Clear your own solo Weekly/Daily Content
Other than the contents above which require party carry, there are also weekly and daily solo content which you can do.

1. Fishing

  • This is mainly for collections (F11) and passing time as many collection item drop from fishing
  • You may fish up to 10 items daily, and can further increase your fishing limit by paying TP

2. Sole Hunt

  • Press F10 and look under Dungeons to read more about Sole Hunt
  • Sole Hunt consists of multiple bosses, from Amiss Dog to Misrus, to Tel Harsha
  • As a newbie, start off with killing Amiss Dog/Maiden
  • Those 2 drop Magic Stones which are required to craft Lvl 440 Equipments
  • Slowly as you gear up, you can progress up to Misrus, and thereafter Tel Harsha
  • There are lots to learn along the way and you can check out other guides to learn more

3. Assister Dungeon

  • Press F10 and look under Dungeons for more information about Assister Dungeon
  • Press Alt + T to see your Assisters
  • Clear as high as you can get every week
  • Open more Assister Albums and keep progressing in the dungeon whenever you can
  • As you get more and more Assisters, you can mix and match them for extra buffs for your character

4. Weekly Boss Raid

  • Press F10 and click on Weekly Boss Raid to get more information
  • There is the Practice Mode as well as the real fight
  • You have 7 tries to get as much damage in as possible
  • You may get extra tries through a Weekly Boss Raid Entry Voucher which drops in DCP or can be bought from the market
  • You can see a list of rewards and collect them from that menu when you attain the damage needed (Total Damage Reward)
  • Try your hardest to get the most damage out of all 7 tries
  • But most importantly, do it every week because it’s a good source of Magic Stones and Mercenary Badges
  • Getting 700k damage for the Weekly Boss Raid Cube also gives you a chance at an Archstone

5. Remnants of Bernice

  • Press F10 and look under the Dungeons tab for more information about Remnants of Bernice
  • Floor upon floor of mobs and bosses that you have to kill
  • The higher you get, the more Mercenary Badges you’ll receive the following week
  • You may summon an Assister in here to help you with it
  • Do it every week and get as high as you can for more Mercenary Badges

6. Solo Legend Raid

  • The last one on this list is the Solo Legend Raid
  • Press F10 and look under the Raids tab to see Legend Raids (Solo) that you may do
  • Try your hand at Skiaclipse first and learn the gimmicks necessary to clear the raid
  • Your goal is to be able to clear this single-handedly in future
  • Outdated solo legend raids are done mostly for attribute points
  • Current solo legend raids give good loots that are current and expensive so it’s worth doing
  • Lepidoptera Junction (Solo) is currently the hardest solo legend raid in the game and requires strong gears as well as good knowledge about the raid gimmicks

7. Auto White Witch’s Forest/Lepidoptera Junction

  • Press F10 and look under the Raids tab to see automatch mode in both White Witch’s Forest and Lepidoptera Junction
  • Do your weekly 2 runs and also purchase extra entry vouchers from the Mercenary Badge shop (3000 and 2500 badges each respectively)
  • Keep the items dropped from there for crafting of Glacia Weapons/Armors and Karaliene Accessories in the future
  • The following gear is required to join the Automatch queue:

Legend Lv400 above Weapon with Fixed Ichors
Legend Lv400 above Armor with Fixed Ichors

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat as you Gear Up
Basically, going through the quests from level 1 - 430 is just the tutorial. The real game begins when you’re gearing up for end game and you start doing raids and higher level solo content. You will just be repeating the Solo/Party Daily/Weekly contents over and over till you’re geared to continue doing harder raids. Thereafter it’s all about progression, getting better gears, making yourself stronger, and waiting for the next patch of contents.

Once you’ve geared up to the necessary requirements, you should start looking for a party (in-guild or out of guild) to start clearing the weekly raids. This will vary according to different patches so I won’t write too much about this, but for the current patch there is:

  • Lepidoptera Junction (Normal)
  • Lepidoptera Junction (Hard)
  • White Witch’s Forest (Normal/Hard)
  • Demonic Sanctuary

But at the same time, this is just the natural progression of players as the game goes by. You can play however you like, whatever classes you like, as long as what you do makes you happy. There are a whole lot of other things which you can take part in such as Collections, PVP Content (Gemstone Feud/Team Battle League), Exploration, and Adventure Journal (F4).

Guilds will usually have various events/raids/contents which can help you gear up faster but it depends on the guild as well as the availability of such contents so do check with your guild!

1. Guild Raid
there are many guild raids that can be done according to guild levels but the two raids which are worth doing in this current patch is Boruta and Giltine. Boruta Raid is a way to get Boruta Seals (do take note that there’s a certain requirement to start getting Boruta Seals, but that depends on your guild). As you’ve probably seen during your quest, Boruta is a huge dragon which you have to kill in order to get loots. Giltine raid allows you chances to get gems as well as Ectonite for Res Sacrae.

2. Album Party
Ever wondered what cards you need, where to get them and HOW to get them? Well one of the easiest ways to get cards is through an Album Party. This is best done with a maximum of 5 parties (25 people). How Album Parties work is that a boss drops loot to 5 people (and their parties) with the highest DPS. So the range could go from 5 people getting the loot, to 25 people. As a guild, we would wish to MAXIMIZE the amount of drops people get.

a) Head to where your guild is doing Album Party in
b) Join a party and just wait
c) Everyone else will take turns summoning boss monsters from Monster Albums (Red, Blue, Green, Purple)
d) When the boss dies, pick up your cards

3. Guild Events
Some guilds will have regular guild events for their members where they giveaway stuff and build the community. Make sure to join in some of them and make some friends!

That’s all I have for you now. All the best in the game feel free to PM me anytime you have questions!

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