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[Guide] "Unlocking those Special Costumes!" Mega Thread

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Unlocking those Special Costumes!

Update Note

special thanks to Deamonne & Shikiiyoo for helping me with the guide! Love you <3

  • Update v 1.0.0 (25/05/2021)
    Made the [Guide] under [General Gameplay] and [Game Tips and Strategies].
    Put [Zealot], [Exorcist]. [Retiarius], [Matador], [Pied Piper] guides here.

  • Update v 1.0.1 (30/05/2021)
    Put [Bullet Marker], [Assassin], [Outlaw] guides here.

Hello, fellow Saviors!

Some of you might already become sub-classes that having Class Quest to get variety of the class costumes. The quest also can give you the class’s special costume as well! You can use the special costume to make your class costumes become cooler.

The class quest is usually being given 15 times repetition, that it will reset by Friday on server time. So you don’t have to worry about failing 15 times while trying to obtain your favorite special costumes! Also to get all of the rewards, you have to reach those scores in three attempts. So when you got yourself the special costume first, you have to do two more times while reaching score needed to get the other 2 costumes.

So…what are we waiting for? Let’s check those special costumes!


zealot_f zealot_m

Zealot is the sub-class from Cleric base class that excels in physical prowess. They usually paired up with Inquisitor, Monk, Druid, or Krivis sub-class. You can notice that some Zealots show their unique wing on their back. That’s our first Special Costume, Prophecy Wings!

You can get it by completing the Class Quest given by Zealot Master, Aliza Tal, that resides in Inner Enceinte District (you can teleport to her by using town’s statue and choose “Move to Class Master”). When talking to her, you can get “Zealot’s Trial” quest. Take it and go to the Timerys Temple map.

zealot quest 1

Go to the purple-marked area on the map. It’s quite far and if you’re a bit underleveled, be careful as the monsters in this map are all auto-aggro you. When you arrive there, talk to the stone thingy. It will prompt the quest. Then you need to press V button to choose the difficulty (highest difficulty rewards you with the special costume).

zealot quest 2 zealot quest 3

After you choose the difficulty, A x A square will appear. If you are familiar with Minesweeper game, then you will nail this quest easily. If not, lets finish it together!

Here, you can use the quest item given to reveal one cell or opened cells to give you number. The number shown describes as “There is/are x bombs around me”. That means on the designated cell, you MUST NOT use the quest item to reveal some cells around it according to the numbers shown. Finally, there are amount of cells need to be revealed by the quest item for you to finish the quest. For the hardest difficulty, you need around 85 cells.

zealot quest 7

We can see if we are failed when you revealed the bomb (shown on image as red cell). You have to revisit Zealot Master to retake the quest if you fail. Quite annoying, yeah.

If you finish the quest, you can warp back to Zealot Master and earn your reward. Congratulation, now you can feel like you’re owning nice Back Costume!

zealot costume 1

[TIPS] This quest is mixing of math & luck. You can immediately fail when the first cell revealed turns to be a bomb, or whooping carpet of revealed cells open up. The rest can be done with math, by revisit opened cell to see the number, check the neighbourhood cells, and you can determine the bomb locations. Also, the easy way to retake the quest if you fail is to check your “Abandoned Quest” on F5 hotkey. There, you can easily retake quest without going back to the Zealot Master. Take note that if you succeed, you have to go back to take the quest. So, take “Heretics, Here and There” sub quest as well at Timerys Temple to warp back easily.


exorcist_f exorcist_m

Exorcist is a sub-class from Cleric base class that once a magic powerhouse class which broadly taken by a lot of saviours, Exorcist still deals nice amount of damage with barrage of Holy elemental magic damage. Usually being paired with Crusader, Miko, Krivis, or Druid. Exorcist’s Special Costume is one of the coolest special costume as well. Who wouldn’t want to have floating futuristic-looked beacon on your back? Let me introduce you, Vertex Beacon!

You can find Exorcist Master, Sydow Merrinblock, easily at Fedimian. Talk to this handsome man to get the quest. After that, go to the Guards Graveyard to find the quest area.

exorcist quest 1 exorcist quest 2

Head to the purple-marked area and you will find [Binding Orb], [Exorcism Site], and sometimes you can see [Green Apparation] there as well. Talk to Binding Orb to begin the quest.

exorcist quest 4

You will obtain four quest items, which are Red Book; Blue Book; Black Book; and Green Book. You can see colourful monsters lined up in front of the exorcism site. Quickly put the quest items onto your skill slots and step on the exorcism site. The quest is similar to Dance Dance Revolution game that we have to press the same colour book according to the colour of nearest monster. If you have good muscle memory, you’re gonna be fine!

You have to get 500 points to reach the special costume reward. Don’t worry, as the quest goes while you’re doing it correctly, you will be granted extra points as well. Also, it’s good to train your muscle memory too! Finally, if you finish the quest, you can warp back to Exorcist Master and get your cool beacon on your back!

exorcist costume 1

[TIPS] One of the easiest costume quest. If you don’t have good muscle memory, just take it slow while learning your fingers which book you have to press according to the monsters colours. Enjoy!


retiarius_f retiarius_m

Retiarius is a sub-class from Swordsman base class who mainly using one-handed spear and dagger. Usually being picked for PvP capabilities, pairing up with Hoplite, Dragoon, or Templar. Retiarius’s Special Costume is Missio Galerus, the shoulder guard of Retiarius pride and freedom.

Head to the Tenants’ Farm to get the Class Quest “Retiarius and the Net” from Caecilia, the Retiarius Master. This quest also takes part in the current map as well, so you don’t have to go to other maps! After talking to Caecilia, the quest will take part immediately. So, be ready!

The quest area is rather small so you can cover them whole with your screen. Your job is simple, net the monsters according to the number you got above your head. When you got the exact number of the monsters, you will be rewarded 10 points. If one monster less or more, you will get 5 points.

retiarius quest1 retiarius quest3

The numbers may change from 3 to 5, so be cautious of the number shown. You will get the special costume when you have reached certain score. Congratulation, now your character feels more proud using that cool shoulder guard of Retiarii!

retiarius costume

[TIPS] Focus on net the monsters exactly as the number shown or one monster less or more. If the number shows 5, focus only getting 4 monsters only as 5 monsters are rather too much for the net area. Play around the two crystals that pulling the monsters.


matador_f matador_m

Matador is the sub-class of Swordsman base class who uses rapier and excels in boss-killing moveset. It always pairs up with Fencer as the only two Rapier-user classes. From the name itself, Matador’s Special Costume is Bull speciality, Clear End!

Matador Master, Kridella Otero, resides in Fedimian town. Talk to her to get the quest and move to the Stele Road. Walk to the purple-marked map and talk to the Matador’s Assistant to start the quest. He will explain how the quest works as well.

matador map matador map 2

You will start from the right area, using Capote (V hotkey) to aggro one monster. The aggro will last around 25 sec. After you aggro the monster, bring the monster toward the left area, into the three pillars area to get point. There will be some obstacles and buffs you can use on the left area.

[Advantage Paiktis Grass] will prolong the aggro debuff on monster if it steps on it. [Sweet Maitinimas] will stop the monster from aggro, and will walk back toward the right area. The green swampy area slows you down, while electrified area can kill the monsters. You can take [Support Bag] to increase your movement speed and won’t deplete your stamina if you dash.

After the time runs out and you get the score needed, you can travel back to Matador Master to claim your rewards. Congratulation, now you can be a bit confident if you’re facing monsters!

matador costume

[TIPS] You can use Capote again after you did on the first monster. 25 seconds aggro duration is rather long, so it’s better if you pull more than one monster toward the left area. Stack up your stamina pills, as you might keep dashing around to avoid monsters hitting you to stop the aggro. You can still use your skills in the quest and Back Slide skill is your best friend on this one. Also take note that using Capote while riding companion WILL NOT unmount yourself. So for the faster and easier completion, Cataphract can be used only for the quest LOL.

Pied Piper

piedpiper_f piedpiper_m

The only class that can bring you happiness in town if you’re good with playing musical instrument. Pied Piper is a sub-class of Archer base class that mainly taken for PvP, mobbing capabilities, and playing flute to flex how good you are in music. Also the only class that giving the additional notes you can play with your flute after you get the Special Costume, The Blessing of Terpischora.

Head to the Pied Piper Master, Jogaila, at Forest of Prayer. Talk to him to get “How to Use The Flute” Class Quest. After that, head to the Altar Way and go to the purple-marked area on the map. It’s quite a walk but enjoy it to the very least.

pied piper quest 2

When you’re arrived at the marked area, you will be prompted to press V button to start the quest. After you pressed it, a maze shows up like this.

The quest is simple. You have to make a way for the orb to the finish area. You will get some hotkeys for changing the arrows on the maze to move the orb. You will get 1 point when the orb arrives on the finish area, and you will get new maze to complete. Get 10 points and you will get the special costume and additional notes for playing the flute!

pied piper costume 2

[TIPS] Because the class quest is rather far whenever you completed it and want to go to the quest map, do take “Freedom to the Enraged Souls” quest and keep the warp point after you finish it. The maze is easy to do, but if you feel the maze is quite difficult, you can change the maze with the refresh icon like hotkey. Also it becomes easier if you walk alongside with the orb while changing the arrow paths.

Bullet Marker

bulletmarker_f bulletmarker_m

Bullet Marker is a sub-class of Scout base class that becomes the most popular Pistol-user class. It is usually being paired with Sheriff, also being paired with Dagger-user classes as Assassin, Clown, and many others. The class’s special costume, Tuned Fireworks, is a stylish arm decoration that can shine nicely. Who wouldn’t want to have this special costume paired up with dual-wielding guns?

You can find Bullet Marker Master, Flint Winterwood, at Greene Manor. He’s standing near the warp statue, so you can easily spot him. When you take the class quest from him, the quest area is not far from him. Go to the quest area and the quest will begin.

bulletmarket quest 2 bulletmarket quest 3

The quest is rather simple. You get a elemental type attack on your character for shooting elemental properties that weak against it. You can see which elemental property strong against on the quest description. Take note that you have to use Double Gun Stance and shoot with your basic attack toward the elemental properties. The elemental properties and the charging properties will spawn randomly. After you reach certain scores, you will get your special costume in no time!

bulletmarker costume 2

[TIPS] Focus on the nearest charging properties and seek out the elemental properties that weak against it. Stock up your Stamina Pills as you might be dashing around finding the correct target. Also it is best be done with Mouse Mode control, so check your setting and use it!


assassin_f assassin_m

Assassin is the most picked sub-class from Scout base class. Its Hasisas buff is too good to be skipped, both Dagger-user and Pistol-user. Also one of the few classes that has escape mechanic skill (Instant Acceleration). Its special costume, Judicas Mask, puts the costume on the [Wigs] slot. So you can combine two special costumes in one character!

Talk to the Assassin Master, Rashid Zabanya, at [Gateway of Great King]. He will give you the class quest at [Ramstis Ridge]. Head there and go to the purple-marked area. Press V button to start the quest.

assassin quest 1 assassin quest 2

After you prompted the quest, some monsters will appear. You will get some skills on your new skill slots. The first skill deals 1 HP to one enemy, second skill deals 2 HP, third skill deals 3 HP, and fourth skill deals 4 HP. The last skill refreshes four other skills cooldown.

assassin quest 4

Monsters below 5 HP gives you one point, so you need to kill certain monsters to get the costumes and/or special costumes. After the quest timer is up, if you reach certain point, you can warp to Assassin Master to get your rewards. Congratulation, the hood is yours!

assassin costume 1

[TIPS] Always aims for the 6 HP monsters first! They can give you whooping 3 points at once if you kill them. Use the 2 combos to deal with the 6 HP monsters quickly, 2nd-4th skills, and 1st-2nd-3rd skills. You will get 100 points in no time.


outlaw_f outlaw_m

Outlaw is a sub-class from Scout base class that using both dagger and pistol on their skill sets. Usually they are picked for PvP environment, paired up with Assassin, Rangda, or Rogue. Its special costume is called Savelock, an shoulderband attached to the costume’s sleeves that looks menacing and wild!

Find the Outlaw Master, Maea Kellefinker, the sister one, at Fedimian. She is always beside his brother, Jazz Kellefinker. After taking the class quest, head to the Starving Demon’s Way

outlaw quest 1

outlaw quest 3

Upon arriving at the purple-marked quest area, the quest will start immediately. Here, you will get two new skill hotkeys also two resource spots, [Rubble] and [Sand]. If the counter is zero, you cannot use the skills. Refill your rubbles and sands (max 3 usage), and use them to the enemies. You can use [Brick Break] behind the enemies to stun them, use [Throw Sand] in front of enemies to blind them, and kill them with your basic attacks. Only when the monsters have debuff while killed giving you the points, also only main hand registers the point, sub hand basic damage WON’T give you point. So beware. After you have reached certain points, you will be rewarded with costumes and/or special costume. Congrats!

[TIPS] Buying [Grace : Additional Holy Hits] from buff shop is the key! The points for special costume is too high if you don’t use it. Also having [Movement Speed] enhance & stats will help you a lot! Don’t forget to take sub-quest from the quest map so you can warp back easily.






After the 15 tries of BM Quest. Can you try again next time?

It has weekly reset I think.

Yeah, the quest will be reset every Friday, as @Mrgrgr told.