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Infinite party members, unbreakable weapon upgrades, druid transform crashing channels, etc etc

I don’t know if you guys are aware but a few guilds on Silute are abusing these bugs to monopolize World Bosses, they crash the channel so only they know when the boss will respawn, they’re making a party with 30+ members so when you kill a boss it drops 30+ cubes. Also there are at least 2 ways to upgrade your weapon infinitely without breaking it. These are only a few of the game breaking bugs that exists in this game.

I’m sharing this so you know this exist and if you still have hope for this game and don’t want it to die, do something.

As we know the only way to make IMC do something is making bugs publicly so to reproduce a few of these bugs: you can crash a channel with druid transformation or with rogue’s capture to steal a bunch of spells and releasing it for a massive lag spike. Also you can steal raise with rogue and make bosses flying-type.
To make infinite party members send a lot of invites and count to 3. Then, tell everyone to accept. Other way is inviting them in loading screen.
If you want infinite soul crystals, just have a player with squire in your party. When the death message shows up, click on the third button and you’ll be resurrected at the same spot.


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Let’s exploit all the bugs and wish for a server wipe. Then everyone quits hahahah

This is really game breaking, not minor bugs anymore… Hope IMC staffs will notice and fix it ASAP :open_mouth:

Just bury it already.

and there is the +20 Superior Cracked Shooter without a single fail, i read on reddit. seriously? i can’t even +7 my ignition and I only have 5 potential remaining :expressionless:

It was +23, 1~2 days ago. Can anyone calc the chances?

You should write a support ticket and tell them this way.
It’s more likely this way that they notice it than a forum post.
But thanks for informing the public about this. :slight_smile:

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No infinite silver exploit yet? pssshh

Not sure if these rates are correct
If they are correct, then everything higher than +15 should also be 50~51% chance per attempt.

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Unfortunately the game is much worse than we think, or IMC is an urgent attitude or this game will end soon.

They should create an Addon for this :smiley:

To pretend to look legit.

you still need the silver to upgrade it

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@STAFF_Max are you seeing this? This is really bad as it is a game breaking bug and affects numerous players whether they abuse the bug themselves or are victims of such abuse.

Crashing channel to force a rollback is very plausible.

Not all player data will be updated to the main database everytime. Most of the time they will be held in the channel data until the next “cron job” comes around to pick up the data and updates the database. Crashing the channel (hence making the data corrupted) will make the periodic update skip that ‘corrupt moment in time’.


I wonder how are these bugs in Klaipeda and Orsha, someone has information?

staff max will reply you later because he’s busy using google translate and guess what’s your comment about :smiley_cat:

seems the game come to an end ?
i see it burn !