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Infinite party members, unbreakable weapon upgrades, druid transform crashing channels, etc etc

GG IMC, just bury the game already


There’s +15 stuff with no Potential loss in Klaipeda. We’ve all seen that miraculous Agvara Cannon.


My last hope for the game have been killed by this post…
Even when they fix this i can’t accept it that people have +15 or higher gear by exploit after they fixed it and pretend like nothing happen.
Either IMC has to fix all this and have a wipe or i’m afraid no one will play this game except the blind white knights…

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Personally I would want IMC to increase the maintenance time today to fix this problem immediately though. This is something which will escalate into more problems the more it drags on.

The moment I saw this it was like a really sad day for victims of such a bug

  1. Abusers could easily create a +8/+10 “legit” item to sell for lots of profit in marketplace.

  2. With higher + items, they have the edge over world bosses. Other teams who work hard for their dps will never match such bug abusers.


Sorry but how does the “Transform” skill from druids crashes the game
or is used to upgrade itens infinetly? i’ve read in this thread that it can be exploited but it didn’t say how

Reading this killed whatever love I had left for the game.


Perhaps transforming to a certain type of mob in town and using their skill crashes the game? Just thinking aloud~

and then if GM try to ask them or people begin to question about it, they just try to decreased their potential and post the proof


This is like the old times again.
Send silver to other people, crash the server/channel, roll back, voilaa double amount of money, rinse and repeat.
To all respective staff of IMC this must be dealed ASAP or the game will collapse.

I suggest the minimal punishment for exploiting this bug is INVENTORY WIPE except costume or TP shop item as you need to instill the fear of not repeating this behavior again also as an example to other people to not try to exploit the system fault further.


this bug happened very long time ago
every effort that players report about it are decline, reject by the abuser and even GM/Mod them self

and this is an broken breaking exploit

i have no more hope for this game at the moment
but still hope that they just close the server, try to make it better and re-release after like 1-2 years later and make everything fresh

i 'd like it better than trying to fix this shietty situation right now
but i’m sure 100% that they will not doing it :joy_cat:


Do you mean the bug mentioned in this post (known issue 3)? Known Issues - June 1st

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inb4 massive ban wave leaves klap with 200 players

also most of those are on here

this has been going on for a long time

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[quote=“Nekorin, post:18, topic:313564”]
Not all player data will be updated to the main database everytime. Most of the time they will be held in the channel data until the next “cron job” comes around to pick up the data and updates the database. Crashing the channel (hence making the data corrupted) will make the periodic update skip that ‘corrupt moment in time’.[/quote]
WTF if that’s the true i wonder who programmed such a stupid and exploitable system. Shouldn’t all important character data be updated in the database (almost) immediately? What would be the advantage of a system that only updates every, say, 10 minutes?

Wouldn’t that also allow silver exploits?

  1. CharA gives CharB 100 million silver
  2. CharA stays in channel while CharB warps away, spending the money
  3. CharA quickly crashes the channel, getting his silver back while CharB, since he is not in the channel anymore, keeps the items be bought with the money


  1. CharA puts 100 million in team storage
  2. CharA crashes channel, getting money back while team storage keeps money

Not sure if that works and i certainly do endorse doing that, i’m just theorizinig and imagining how broken that system might be.

Haha! don’t get me wrong it’s not that i hate white knights, I just can’t stand some people here that endlessly defend a flaw in this game while so many people telling it’s a huge turn off and sometimes an easy fix to solve it, like the quest vs grind unfair exp rate.
Nothing wrong with defending a game you love but don’t become ignorant


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They won’t. It’s shown countless time that they react to the forum post much faster than support ticket.

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[quote=“Sayurichan, post:35, topic:313564, full:true”]

also in mabinogi thats exactly how the infamous martyr guild duped items
except they would crash the entire server

Makes me wonder if they google translate everything written on the forum to Korean like they copy paste lame answers translated to reply bugs :weary: