Inactive thread - no longer managed


Leadership for Noble has been transferred, and this thread will no longer be managed.

I will be around until mid-August to help the new leader transition on Discord & in the perpheries.
Otherwise will not be checking / managing this thread any longer.


[Guide] Earth Tower (ET) video guides - Journey to the Top

Being a part of Noble has enhanced my ToS experience exponentially! Hoo-rah!


Noble guild has been a lot of fun to be a part of. People are always on and the more experienced players are always willing to answer questions and help new or less experienced players.


Having a great time being a part of Noble!

It’s definitely a great guild and community. Opens doors to a lot more content and game knowledge~ Of course, being able to find parties to run dungeons, uphill, and other dailies just within the guild is always a bonus :smiley:

Newer players and more experienced veterans alike are always discussing current and upcoming game content so we can stay ahead of the market and prepare! :wink:


Boop boop

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Bumpie :smile:


I am struggling to find a fault with this guild! It’s an active, friendly, helpful community with people online at all hours of the day. The guild leader is very knowledgable and willing to help every member, answers questions etc…


Love this guild. In most games I play I usually avoid guilds or make my own, I play at my pace and hate to be pushed around. This guild is not like that!! Very active, always someone to talk to online. And I have yet to run into a “holier than thou” player in this guild. Just helpful friendly people who understand 2 things.

  1. people have lives and can’t be on 24/7
  2. just because someone hasn’t done it before, doesn’t make them n00b. And are willing to help you learn…
    There is a reason it is full of active members. So join the family xD


Thanks for the support guys.

The guild is now full with a small waitlist.
Recruitment is always open, and we keep a running waitlist on first-come-first-serve basis.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to check out Noble!



Im only rank 3, but i had hoped to maybe add a person or 2 to my friends list that i can converse with if i have any questions?? im still pretty new but have been active for a few weeks now, only level 62 atm though. Let me know! names Naidas and my team name is Desanex


hey Desanex i will PM you our discord link. stay active, and in game to make some progress, and i can put u on our waitlist once you hit rank6+!


Revised / updated requirement: “Rank 8 in any one character (or rank7+ on a healer/support)…” - previously only rank 6 required.

We are having more and more limited spaces and very much active players, less spots are opening up.
I wish to promote more ET parties in guild and will be recruiting players closer to end-game to help members find parties within guild network. Hence we have increased requirement to having one character at rank 8 (or rank7+ for support builds).


Congrats to Keitz, a guild member, on being selected as a winner for the Spring Art Contest!
Check out her great work ‘A soothing nap during the journey’ in the follow links or on loading screens in-game!


I will be sharing some guild screenshots on the forums for new potential recruits to feel the vibe in our guild and how active it is with constant 25-30+ players online (approaching 40 on busy days) at the same time!

Noble raiding Zima Suecourt as x2 full parties to open 315dg on alts. We brought a couple of ‘titans’ on the guild, resembling Attack on Titans anime hehe

More photos to come for ET, guild raid/bosses, other guild events, etc. Tune in for a little “guild journal” to be shared here on the forums!


Noble after killing Guild Boss Naktis! A decent turn out to help with farming Mystical Cube recipes despite unstable game server June 7th. Always excited to distribute the recipes to our members! We stay positive and always make the most of our day~


Clearing ET 35f floor, long journey to completing the Solmiki Set. Just enjoying it day by day, one step at a time. Fascinated at rapid growth of the guild with at least 3 more parties (that I know of…) forming as we speak for Solmiki. Let’s get em Noble!
Another perk of the guild: when the guild leader takes break from regular farming, members are taken straight to 20f to open permanent access to Solmiki floors! We go for the best gear, ‘skip lolopanther’ is our motto!


Reached Guild lv14 last night, and a group shot after the boss! Thanks everyone for all the hard work, and superb participation to our guild events!


New pets owned by guild members, just dancing in Klaip :dancing_women: these pets make some odd noise when jumping :smile_cat:


Video guides to ET! whether you are new to old to ET the videos will guide you through the floors!
Guides made by AlphApex, leader of Noble.


We have reached Guild level 15! Congrats to everyone and thank you for your contributions to guild level!

There are new Recruiters that have been assigned a role to invite players into the guild, please reach out to AlphApex, Stego, Sorachan, or EtherSword in-game if you are interested in joining our guild!


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