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iDreamy's Guide to Scout C3

I think that’s also viable. Loses 25 evasion from Lv50 Leather Mastery but will get higher raw physical defense.

Upon re-checking. That’s actually a nice trade. I think I’ll go for this one too. I checked the defense difference between Superior Royal Guard and Superior Bandit and there’s a 46 def difference, I think that’s worth losing 25 evasion for.

Thanks for the info!

Edit: So let’s say we get a Virtov Plate Upper/Lower, it doesn’t matter which but I think this will be a good way to get back the HP you lost from going pure STR.

Considering Virtov Plate Upper/Lower gives an average 1500 HP, that’s like 15 CON. Max Petamion gives 14 CON.

These completely solved the 30 CON problem w/o needing to invest on HP enchants for headgear costumes.

Will add these stuff on the gearing section.

you are welcome. :grin:

I did this trade too, looks pretty good.

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Updated the gearing section Lv220 phase.

And so … the gearing starts.

Next target, 2 Rapid Bangles.

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so jelly… :[

I just want a lil bit o luck

I do admit that my first char has an absurd luck. That’s literally the 4th Petamion recipe she looted so I thought I’ll just use it this time instead of selling it.

Edit: Aaand, done with 2 Rapid Bangles.

Just want to say that according to the mechanics guide, your character’s armor type is determined by the Shirt you’re wearing. May not have a huge effect, but could be important for certain situations. Especially if you like to fight rangers or QS in pvp.

I don’t see how Rangers are quite a threat when using Plate armor, I mean their main skills has no bonus of whatsoever against Plate. QS indeed is a threat though. Meanwhile, Plate armor totally nullifies Barbed Arrow of Fletchers.

Anyways, those are PVP stuff which doesn’t really matter in the guide. I already put on a disclaimer that this is meant for pure PVE.

That’s true, I just saw that time bomb arrow had a bonus so I threw it in there :stuck_out_tongue:

And you’re right, if you’re PVPing your armor type is pretty low on the list of concerns.

I was thinking about monster attack type.

Archers mobs will do more damage if you are using leather amor, so, looks like is better using plate top armor (shirt) and the other 3 can be leather.

Damn, I just enchanted my Rokas Leather Armor to +7 :cry:

I forgot about mobs attack type vs leather users.

For what it’s worth, usually that plate armor piece is Virtov Plate Pants. It’s the only piece of the Virtov Plate set that’s currently craftable due to the other recipes having ingredients that can’t be obtained just yet.

Meanwhile the complete Virtov Leather Set can currently be crafted.

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Wasn’t that already changed and only few archer mobs now does pierce damage while most does missile.

Thanks for the info! At least pants is craftable, wish RNGesus would bless me with it.

Hi Dreamy, followed your Arti guide before so it’s a pleasant surprise to see you here. Found your guide after scouring the net for a build that does not include Fletcher in it. Have some questions for you if you don’t mind.

I mostly intend to play solo and PvE only and this build path seems to fit in quite well with that requirement. However I’ve read a lot about how late game (220+) mobs are really difficult to solo so I’m wondering how did you find it personally with this build? If there’s other builds that you know of that can solo effectively late game please do share as well.

I’m also interested in the build path you took for your first character that you’re using for boss rush, I assume it’s Rogue 2 with full STR? Thanks in advance!

Oh hello~

Nothing is particularly hard to solo with this build especially with Split Arrow. You can check the sample vid on the skill combos section, the one for Full Draw + Split Arrow, it showcases a Scout C3 solo leveling on Workshop.

I can only think of Fletcher C3. Other classes has too long cooldowns to be effective on solo-ing, I mean sure they can solo but they usually have to wait for their AOEs to cooldown.

It’s a Quarrel Shooter C3 > Rogue C3. The only mistake part of it is Rogue C3. Yes it’s full STR with 30 CON at least. I do think it’s still quite solid for single target but probably having Cannoneer as it’s Rank 7 class would’ve made it alot better.

Are the mobs in Workshop the one with 100k+ hp? Can’t tell because the value doesn’t show. I guess it’s blown out of proportions then when some say that a party is a must.

I see. I’ve read that Burrow doesn’t do much to warrant the third circle. Is the Bleed on Backstab as good as it is on paper? Can’t seem to find information regarding Bleed status in general other than it needs an outside source to inflict it. Thanks again.

You don’t really grind on mobs with really low HP as that would give you really low exp per hour so yes, mobs there are mostly 100k+ HP as well.

Massive Bleeding only procs if the enemy has an active bleed debuff. It does 100% of your physical attack per 2 seconds and can be amplified if enemy moves. Massive Bleeding attribute also increases the cooldown of Backstab by 10s technically increasing the cooldown by 100%.

Not sure how is that “good on paper” or whoever made the calculation and said it’s good should not ever engage on theorycrafting lol

New Patch Notes:
5. Cloaking

  • Heal and font effects on enemy characters will no longer be shown when they are Cloaking.
  • Guild members in a Cloaking state will now appear translucent. :sunny:

Read that, sadly, nothing good for PVE.

Im actually A1 > R2, what build do you recommend with scout 3?

A1 > R2 > S3 > Cannoner maybe? o Musk combo? I need help, i was planning A1 > R2 > S1 > Rogue 2 > Musk but im not sure totally because Rogue :frowning:

Not being conceited but if it’s Scout C3, I don’t think any other build variation that includes Scout C3 can beat my build.

If you really want Rogue C2. You can do this build, Archer > Ranger > Sapper C2 > Rogue C2 > Cannoneer.

Musketeer is an awful class in my opinion.

Why Sapper 2 instead Ranger 2? I dont want re-roll and my purpose is get Scout to PVP/GVG with my friends.