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I really want to play this game but


Well I really do want to play this game but sadly I’m a Indonesia player…
Tried to play in my local ToS but it’s kinda “dead”.
What should I do? Use vpn and hope that steam won’t ban me? or just wait for a miracle to happen in either of the server (IdToS somehow gives a re:build update or iToS unban Indonesia’s IP)?

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Rejoice ! Indonesian players can finally enjoy the game!

Use VPN, you won’t get banned for it. Tons of Indonesian players been playing since day one using VPN and some still playing I guess.

My ISP luckily doesn’t require me to use VPN for playing the game but I’ve sent couple tickets regarding some in game issues, and stated Indonesia as country of origin, CS doesn’t seem to have any problem with that.

Don’t put up hope on idToS giving more update, it’s been too far left behind. And at this time probably Gemscool only waiting for the contract to end and terminate idToS. Hopefully by then the IP restriction will be lifted as well.


I already hoped for the contract to end since the first time i played in IdToS (I know Gemscool and have predicted this)

Anyways… Thanks for the information you’re a big help :smile:


No prob. Check your Inbox, I sent you up link for local Discord server.


GM/Staff has mentioned that VPN players from indo will not be banned. However the IP restrictions wont be lifted till the contract with gemscool is over. Have to bear with it in the mean time…


I’ve been holding the urge to play since the ip ban started so…

I just hope if the ban is lifted, the server won’t hold up (lag issues)


Gonna check that later thanks riph



Hello, fellow Indonesian player, I’m still not believing this but here’s the story

So I’ve been checking out ToS page in gemscool daily to see is there any news about Indonesian server finally shutting down, but until this point, there is no news about it.

I also check ToS page on steam daily to see a miracle that I can load the page without any warning message showing up telling me that this game is currently not available in my country.

So I wake up this evening and do the same routine to check the ToS page in steam, and,… IT LOADED!!!

Is the region lock has been uplifted? or there’s something else happening here?


can you enter servers from iToS?_?

can you post image…


I’m currently downloading it through steam right now.


don’t get hopes high until you get in ok…


All right, I’ll give you an update once my download is complete

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Yes! It works


Those are great news for all our friends on Indo :blush:

you use any vpn or anything else?_?

Hope there is an official confirmation and I hope more people get to finally enjoy the game they wanted to play without dumb restrictions :haha:

Hope more people can confirm if they can get in too


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I tried it, the region lock is still there. :pensive:
there’s a chance the reason you can login without restrictions is because of your internet provider (some ISPs aren’t blocked. I’m guessing you’re using MyRep)
but heyyy the fact that ToS page finally can be loaded on steam is a good sign. maybe… soon… :hey:


I’ve got the restriction removed from the Store Page of Indonesia(ID) region now.

ToS no more IP Block?

Could you try to access again?
We’ve requested to the Steam(Valve) to remove the restriction of gifting & purchasing all products from the Indonesia(ID) region to play in Itos.


Thank you very much!
Last time I tried it yesterday, I could open the store page but still got the restriction notif when logging into the game.
I’m not home right now, I’ll try accessing again when I got the chance.


Hello fellow Indonesian players!

@STAFF_Amy Can you check the access inside the game? Our players still cannot play without VPN as it restricts because of the region.

Thank you for all the support that Indonesian players have finally played the game without VPN and lag >w<