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How are people entering with Division Singularity with level 1 arks and less than the recommended entry limit?

like how??? I’m seeing all these alts entering without gear restriction check.

-20 charssss----

is this auto DS we talking about? field DS no gear check

Ss or record it for us to see who. If there is many, one example is enough. Record is better.

Many cm was run everyday min. This will be like finding needle in haystack without lead provided.

automatch version of division singularity

This is one example…dude in DS Auto with the free Event lvl3 Ark - DS Auto requires lvl5 up quest/crafted ark

Tried in telsiai. Can’t queue with lower than lvl5 ark.

Telsia must be such a cool server, where people play the game and do things in the game the way they are meant to

in silute we have hundreds of RMT bots spamming CMs and singularity all day, its good for “queue times” but whenever you enter a CM and you cant “solo” it, you’ll probably just waste your time because the bots just cast random skills every X seconds (to do the minimum required damage for reward) and since they are automated they dont care if a CM fails

Worst part is those players got massively reported, tickets opened with proofs and everything else but IMC does not care so silute is basically ran over with bots

botters are so free in silute they have guilds to funnel silver to one character to make it easier to sell it(which just prooves how much they dont fear getting banned), and there are so many right now there are more “bot guilds” for silver transfer than there are legit guilds in silute

Sad to hear this my friend but IMC just care about your money they don’t even care about feedback. We had people in Fedi server who are used hacks, there’s still someone who hack certain stuff into the game with no punishment. We have this guy multiboxing in Orsha Hi BKNG scum sictir running around like 2 years now. One of the biggest „whale“ in Fedo reported via ticket like 10 times guess what they still look into it. :joy::laughing:

Each server have their own problem. Each servers’ player exploit the game loophole in their own way.

As long open market and free trade exist, people will keep exploit every crook and nook.

wait… i thought imc wiped out all the CM bots? It’s still a thing over there? O_O

IMC never did anything about it in silute, lol
its not just “a thing” its extremely common, you can even see multi accounters leveling with multi boxing, the same player afking in 5 different dungeons at the same time (on 5 accounts) while doing 5 CMs on 5 other accounts etc

Even multiboxers are a thing now

Silute is heaven for people testing bot software for TOS really, IMC abandoned support for the server a few years ago

if that wasn’t a satire, let me tell you that Telsiai is the almost same as the rest of your post :slight_smile:
Except i can only find 1 group of accounts doing the AFK+CM tactic


maybe… just maybe, the low lvl ark guy (Z guy) do party que with someone who has complete requirement (A guy)… n let that A guy click the que button.

like in this post

suspect is red square

if u have an quest ark…(STR;DEX;INT) lvl5 u can click automatch and swap event ark at same time and u enter in queue with event ark… same for res sacrae… etc.

lol i remember that name “totiisonfire” somewhere in this forum. That dude is reported for abusing bug in gemfeud Uniform mode where he can use his Normal weapons instead of the items provided inside the instance…Dude is a legit hacker!

Edit: Found it!

I don’t know how he does it but I can confirm that I am not involved in this. In the mentioned post I was actually queueing with the guy who made the report

todo dia isso bicho :tired: supera