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Bug Abuser on Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode Report

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : totiisonfire

  • Location : Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 30/04 - 07:19 PM server time

  • Evidence: player using his own weapon on uniform mode, you can see in the video he swaps his weapon, equipping only when attacking, probably a swap weapon bug abuse, here`s the proof caught on video:


wow, this issue so old that i dont really give a damn and thought imc capable of fixing this. its still exist??? typical imc.

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I bet this Toti guy is horrible when actually meet with another geared player, when he just can only win a competition with a gear difference.


meh why even bother, rn majority entering feud just to afk and complete weekly res sacrae quest
he certainly have nowhere else to show of his weapon because if its under equal circumstance he wouldve been a crap

Aqua and bug in the same sentence? don’t impress me at all

And this type of trash players, whos need to is this type of bug abuse to get notice in the game, i only have one thing to say, shame on you


shame on you toti…

lets just shame him here in the forum coz IMC wont even bother banning people unless its about market abuse

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If found botting or funneling rmt seller, permanent ban.

If found as bug abuser, temp ban. 1-2 weeks, usually. Tels purple guild is famous once for this.

If market abuse, like buying silver. They just take the money or take ur recent item equivalent to the money.

Mostly this is the pattern i saw.

I wish these were really enforced. There is a well known player in the Silute community under the name LastSavior who received lots reports from multiple people for funneling and RMT selling, he doesn’t even hide anymore, his alt accounts are in the same guild named 300kk (for funnelling via shared storage), they stay in the same spot in Orsha queueing for CM Area 3 at the same time ■■■■■■■ up everyone’s game with a semi-afk pyromancer in their CMs, the guy has like 50 different accounts and never got banned.

funneling is gray area, even top players did. klaipedan server top players play many accounts and imc dont give a damn, noone does, also we are talking about different issue here lmao

It’s hard to get a clear evidence with funneling and botting, unless they mess up like doing cm with all char without disguising their ip.

When punishment is being delivered, it usually come with a very clear evidence, with few weeks of stalking and investigation. Accusation just put support to aware such activities, so they can look into the player activities. There is so much accusation that most of it just groundless and just look justified on the surface without a clear evidence.

My take, i dont give a damn about others. If they get to the top, i can’t be impress. If they being nice, i’ll be nice. Slaying people in feud using bug? That is not nice.

It’s not a gray area, funneling is strictly against the [RMT Policies] ( and a permabannable offence.

IMC just don’t enforce their own rules and the game turned in this mess where tops players have the choose between having tons of alts or buying items via RMT.

I really don’t care about the funneling and the alts thing, the problem is when the guy starts queueing in CM automatch with various accounts at the same time and being a semi-afk player that cast skills every 40 seconds just to get the rewards, making the game less enjoyable for everyone.
There are tons of evidences against him, he even talks openly about it in the shout, it’s really not that hard to investigate.

Or just buy cm packages, the silver rate is seems better then the rmt price from gold website cough cough or in discord cough cough or in fb cough cough

Tho, if they plan to get more than what the packages offer, which i think unnecessary, cough they need to go underground.

In the silute RMT market, silver goes around 6 cents per 1kk. Premium Packages are not even close LOL.

Wow… dats some high level infestation over there…