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Bug Abuser on Automatch Singularity

  • Server :
  • Team Name :
  • Location :
    Singularity auto match
  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :
    Around 10:38 am server time (05/03/2021)
  • Here we have an well known silute player joining singularity automach with one of his accounts with a gear that have lower specifications that are required to enter. As we can see on the video, the account are with Event ark Lv.3 (Lv. 5 Required). Since any other player can’t join singularity auto match with the same itens, i believe there is a bug worth of being mentionated.
    Other accounts that have been joining at same way: Lteam, Lteam1, Lteam5.

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@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

Hello troperonal,

We will investigate the reported players as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting.

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