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Homunculus are forgotten by IMC


Most pet classes in this game are poorly designed, and with terrible AI.

Homunculus is the pinnacle of neglected pets though. Everything about it is terrible.


I would prefer to make it work like omyoji’s fox , using skills every few sec instead of aa


I wish they made homunculus to be able to use more skills… Also for goddess sake, please make it permanent.


@Spaceneko I need to check that skill out, I know nothing about omyoji…

Please visit my Homunculus Suggestions thread and give your ideas :blush:


Hell, just making it so that each one of it’s skills had a different cooldown would improve it.
At the moment there’s no real reason to add anything other than Join Penalty, if you add anything else, it’ll waste the 1 skill per 15 seconds on a single enemy and do horrible damage.

At least this way you can pair up more skills, instead of giving it only 1.
Ice Spike freezing and Join Penatly~


it’s pretty funny to have a kino3>alch3 though. homunculus will cast raise every 20 seconds, despite it being a 50second CD skill.


with all this changes on tos2.0 imc will do something with homun ??? please imc make alch more fun to play, i love it 2 new skills (drop potion <3) but now make homun more usable, my dream stay on klaipeda with my homun on my right side and my goro on left side rs


this video does not show much different, does anyone have access to the tests to test better?


There seems to be some deep-routed issue with making homculus work as your combat partner, so why not have it apply multiple buffs to the alchemist the second it’s called? This way IMC doesn’t have to go through the trouble of setting up a proper AI and balance it.


Honestly, just implement a priority system and some conditions you can set and it would be amazing for combos. Like “If player casts Flame Ground cast Heavy Gravity on top of it”.
It could be a different kind of pet that you can teach some of your spells, let use items of different kind and generally be a partner. Necro goes for masses of minions just like Bokor, Sorc has high quality ones and Alchemist would be a mirror of yourself (a clone if you so will).


yeeeeah i agree but wo know how imc think ??


With homonculus they don’t, as they choose to ignore it.

Can’t get a headache, if you don’t think about it. :haha:

Also, I’d advise all alchemists not to skill alchemistic missile in rebuild as it stands today, since it’s weaker than energy Bolt 5, even if maxed. It seems like IMC used some excel sheet formulas to come up with the new dmg skill factors, overheats and cooldowns and applied that to all dmg skills across the board instead of using common sense.


with the changes coming I’ll give a chance again to homunculus but this time being alch> sage> feather (do not ask me why but it is)

Now IMC please, PLEASE since it is changing everything in the game create new forms of homunculus and remove the duration of 10 days of life.


I tried it on itos and non of the skills are available for homu, they never edited or added any skills other than ones from the start…

Hopefully they add more skills or all skills to the darn thing…


i hope too :frowning:

@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

Do you have any news for Homunculus ??


It’s funny, my main was alch/sorc in the past, did homu once but never used it as everyone was saying that it’s useless and waste of time.

I’m going back (well, not exactly - it will be different char because my alch is lower level and there will be class change anyway) to my alch after patch and thinking about sorc/necro, wonder if my homu will be any of use. :stuck_out_tongue: (btw: Rangovas necklace work for homu too, isn’t it?)


I dont know If rangovas work on homun :confused:


Okay, IMC wtf are u doing ?? Magnus Opus is not avaiable to lvl 6 ‘-’


Maybe they want you to pray to RNGesus?
All these religious Clerics shunning us for wanting to create our own mini-humans…

Hopefully we do get different types because it’s kind of weird when people hit on my homunculus and call me it’s mommy.


Homunculus will be updated early next year for better AI and remove lifetime duration. Source: new announcement in ktest news.