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Homunculus are forgotten by IMC

Alchemist friends how are your creations ?

After the launch of Rank9 have the homunculus learned new skills? How are your character builds ?
let’s share knowledge because the original post is blocked by inactivity.

guide with old information ->>>

skills we know homunculus learn:

Homunculus Skills
Magic Missle

Enchant Fire
Fire Pillar

Ice Bolt
Ice Wall
Ice Pike
Subzero Shield

Joint Penalty
Physical Link

Magnetic Force

Stone Curse


Shrink Body
Swell Body

my homunculus is on it stone cause its a pain in the butt to make one for it to expire in less time than a fucking exp tome :rage:

Remove expiration and I might make more and keep one…


First of all the AI system for any companion in this game is very weak
Second, its damn expensive to make one
Third, looks visually lame and has a lack of variety (design) compared to RO
4th IMC thinks that and Alchemist missile were “enough” to make that class fun or playable beside just a boring shop class

I’m an humunculus now ? i was infected by my messy creation ?

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What… were you doing with it…?

Am I the only one who doesn’t see them as expensive to make/maintain?
Compared to making Mirti bracelets of course.

The first one I gave Magic Missile and JP, my alchemist is mostly SPR with a little bit of CON, I outdamage the homonculus…
The Current one is purely JP, honestly not sure if JP works properly on it, I do remember it doing nothing, no damage share or anything, atm I’m unsure if that still the case or if it works now.

i made 1 one year ago to test it and when it banished its leave me “these buff” to remind me to not do something to useless again

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I don’t see them that expensive… I have a lot of gold bar stocked up tho from the time when it was worth it to just run lvl50 dungeons… I sometimes have a bit of trouble with mercury but mostly I can get that too.

The full JP one is the only one I find useful tbh and yes it is sometimes buged… It uses jp sometimes on enemies that are far away and it visually shows they are connected but they are not actually… and such things…

So for me they are mostly expensive because they are bad… rly rly bad… I’m also not sure that now that 50dun is not that awesome where would I get my gold bars if I would run out of it… but that won’t happen soon because I rarely make homunculus and play with my alchemist…

Also I still wouldn’t mind if they would last longer…or forever…

Imagine if you could equip them.
Or if they at least gained something with cards, new skills or something.

With my current Alchemist Build (W2>Link2>Sorc1>Alch3>Onm1) it can only use 2 skills… MM and JP… not good, even if I had a full skill set to give it the 15 second CD on ALL actions makes it bad, and only preferable JP wise.

It should at least have different cooldowns and a way to get new skills without the need to get another class (it’s a C3 timed actual-craft creation ffs).

i’ve wondered about making a wiz1>pyro1>kino3>alch3>onmyoji1 and teach the homunculus nothing but raise. it should cast it every 15 second right? would be a pretty powerful level of CC. probably not worth it though :confused:

15 seconds yes, but it casts when it wants to, every single time I enter the level 300 dungeon, mine casts JP before we even get out of the timer zone…

its not expensive create a homun but we lost a time to create and after 9 days homun died u_u

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Gosh so much this.

It takes a lot to make one, we should be able to keep it and make more stones to upgrade it on: stats, skills or visuals.


It not that strong, It’s not going to ruin the balance of the game if IMC make it permanent please.

Homunculus is fun. IMC won’t support all fun stuff.


@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia

Do you have any news for homunculus ???


you can magnum opus Talts into Gold Bar. pls dont skip Alchemist 105 class again.

btw, dear IMC… pls update magnum opus!

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Haha… you are right… but I’m still not out of my gold bars so I never had to find out how to get it…but now I will know it ty… :smiley:




Okay, but are they more forgotten than scouts, hunters, archers, matadors, templars, rogues, etc?

Yes, those classes had some kind of changes along the way…

Homunculus was put in the game and never touched or spoken of ever again…