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Homunculus are forgotten by IMC


source: on this post? removal of link.

This should actually be [ focus ].



they did mention that they were going to work on changes to homu but I cant remember them saying what will change…

they just edited magnum opus so people don’t make more stones…



I’m not playing more because my pc is dead but i know its possible create the Stone using Divine Might soo IMC Just make more hard create homunculus, Just this :frowning:



I haven’t tried making stones anymore but I suppose that is true…

They might remove the stones or keep it difficult on purpose to counter a more op homu maybe…

still the wait is both exciting and terrifying :tired:

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I’m was sure that someone wrote that they fixed magnum opus on kToS at some point like 2 months ago but maybe I was just dreaming about it… :confused:

Also, now with the new potions thing Artisan title is even harder to achieve… gj.
Since I changed my main Alchemist on reBuild I wanted to finish my achievement on the new one today, poof… 3k mats disappeared , +1 progress :slight_smile: Thx, IMC.