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Highlander-Barbarian-Doppelsoeldner Feedback

About Highlander:


Change it from a defensive stance to a buff with a short duration.


-PvP: Doppelsoeldner is not a tank, in fact we’re a glass cannon class that relies on very high dps/burst to defeat enemies/players. Therefore, it’s counterproductive to stay in place to have a chance to block incoming damage while literally getting wrecked by other players.

-PvE/PvP: With the introduction of the Ignas Set. Doppelsoldner can’t wear Ignas Leather set due to its set bonus to be specific for Scout and no evasion bonuses from Swordman main stats. Therefore we’re forced to use Ignas Plate ichors on Velcoffer. Which is inconvenient, cause we DON’T BLOCK unless we use a shield or Crossguard skill, that sucks in every aspect cause we’re damage dealers and the buff we get from Ignas Plate Boots and Gloves, doesn’t benefit us at all because we lose DPS while trying to proc the bonus on crossguard mode and the buff only lasts 10 seconds.

About Barbarian:

Nothing to add on this class. I’ve been loving this class since iCBT 2015 and im loving it even more now with re:build.
Possibly change or remove Embowel and Stomping kick, but it’s not a big deal due to lack of skill points.

About Doppelsoeldner:


Allow us to use Zucken and Redel without pre-requisite Zwerchhau/Zornhau.


PvP: Basically those skills are useless, unless the opponent is CC’d to hell. You can’t run and cast Zornhau-Zucken and Redel while the enemies are running around at 63 movement speed. Makes sense?

PvE: Inconvenient, mostly due to lag and moving while getting in position to kill monsters. The animation of said skills doesn’t allow us to move for too long or we lose the 1 second buff duration from them.


Remove the Damage Taken : 100%


PvE: 300 Looting chance at lvl 10 doesn’t justify the skill points used, while taking 100% damage from monsters. Also, 300 looting chance doesn’t justify taking 319% damage from monsters.

Kraujas Set Effect : 200% damage taken
Deeds of Valor: 19% damage taken.
Double Pay Earn: 100% damage taken
Total: 319% damage taken

We don’t want to take 319% extra damage while doing CM Stage 7 on RE:Build. The skill is way too punishing.

Thanks for your attention.


Agree. The cross guard should be changed to a buff so that we can multitask. Using it as it is now, it literally stuns the player while trying to block enemies.

Also they can just change the current cross guard skill into a two hand sword guarding mechanic by pressing “C”. Happened to me when i was in the beauty shop. I can guard with my 2h sword while pressing C. Just for fun.


Should i translate this to Korean? Seems like devs don’t understand sh*t.



Stance = Can’t DPS in PVE - Can’t DPS in PVP Highlander = DPS Class

It’s very easy IMC, Make it a buff, very simple!

And re-check my other Doppel feedback, thanks!

I like cross guard, I can make moulinet hit 10 times weee!