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Hidden Quests (Consolidated)

So since the information is rather scattered around the internet and most of the lists aren’t comprehensive or organized, or the information is poorly conveyed / titled / etc, I’ve set out to make a definitive spreadsheet with all pertinent information for those players looking for hidden quests, either for min-maxing stats, or for the sake of completion. It’s still in-progress, as you can tell from empty fields, but I’m actively working on it and have done all of the quests above the “One Who Experienced Death” cutoff point to confirm how they behave, so it’s just a matter of time before I put the information down.

Please do not volunteer information on missing fields assuming I do not have the information available, but if you do happen to know of any other hidden quests that give a tangible reward (permanent stat boosts or items), feel free. For the purposes of this discussion “Hidden Quest” refers to any quest that is not visible in your quest log (even via BetterQuest addon) until you find a hidden trigger.

Resources used:

I may also make an updated, consolidated bonus stat point guide (currently 38 in-game) after the update assuming the new revelation gives 3 stat points, or if there’s any new Zemyna statues, or what have you. On that note, bear in mind that Fortress of the Earth revelation STILL does not give 3 stat points, and is the only one that doesn’t.


There is also a few hidden quest added to the game desides those. They all give titles though. I made a topic once asking about one of them and ended up sortng them out there.


I’m done with it for now, I’ll try to keep it updated and add contributions made here in the coming days, but I just spent 2+ hours working on this thing and need a break.

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Can anyone confirm that the removal of the Centurion Master has made “The Wizard and Mage Tower (1)” impossible to begin? I’m sensing it doesn’t bother IMC that some of their old hidden quests that give stat advantages are becoming abandoned content.

I did It last week. Centurion master is not needed.

Strange, almost certain I talked to every single class NPC as listed, but I will try again.

might be similar to prac box quest in which you might need to see all the dialogues involved

i was fortunate enough in having OCD and already have talked to every npc simply for the fact they all give AJ points so i cant give any tips,

if you ever find out a quest flag that would trigger the seven valley hidden quest npc to spawn id be forever in your debt, i spent a good 5-6 days straight trying to research and find a way to do that quest with no avail, and ive done every hidden quest besides that (and the ones that give special titles which havnt been translated into english)

I found 9 hidden quests which rewards are these Collexia Cubes (, but I only solved 5 of them:

  • Fourth Collexia Cube (My Best Buddy):
    Location: Istora Ruins.
    How to start: 1) While mounted, use “Best” macro/emote in front of Hackapell Master. 2) Talk to her.


  • Sixth Collexia Cube (Research For Success):
    Location: Nahash Forest.
    How to start: 1) Click on the stone near where Wild Carnivore Boss was. 2) Talk to Lucienne WInterspoon.

  • Seventh Collexia Cube (Villagers’ Valuables):
    Location: Elgos Monastery Annex.
    How to start: 1) Talk to Elgos Monk. 2) Find a hidden chest behind him (near the bookshelves).

  • Eighth Collexia Cube (Restoring Lucienne’s Honor):
    Location: Nahash Forest.
    How to start: 1) Talk to Lucienne until she mentions Barha Forest. 2) Talk to Gatre at Barha Forest.

  • Ninth Collexia Cube (Just What I Was Craving):
    Location: Ibre Plateau.
    How to start: 1) Have a Strawberry in your inventory (I recommend to collect 31 before going to the map). 2) Talk to Soldier Heulen.

The content of the cubes are just items/equips for neaby maps collections.


That’s an awesome find, Matt, I’ll be sure to add these to the spreadsheet when I have some time to look them over and test them out. You don’t happen to know how to trigger all 9 of them, do you?

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I don’t know :disappointed_relieved:

guides for all collectia quests + some title quests are listed here"


I used the same guide months ago and I can confirm they all work, on multiple chars too, before it was very useful to try and get some high DPK collection items from those cubes, now with RNG it can be considered easier to just grind for them, still it’s a viable method.
For some of the titles quest, you can also refer to the thread linked by @Alyu_aint_short , those are all implemented too.
Also, recently True Companion quest has been available for completition: if you have the BetterQuest addon you probably had this quest in the questlog for a long long time, and never been able to complete it, now you can do it!

For the true companion one, You need a companion LV 300 to unlock.

Yeah but before some weeks ago, you couldn’t turn in the quest, I tried with several chars switching the pet and I wasn’t able to (the same happened to my friends), but now you can complete it and get the title with no issues!

Done! Except for Dina Bee Farm quest =/

I’ll test and add these to the list after the weekend.

With all the Necros AFK in Dina Bee, I understand it is hard to get aggro from mobs before they’re being killed. :confused:

I’ve done it like this: if you stand some tiles on the right of the two NPCs, there are 2x Honeybean that will eventually spawn and aggro you, moving away from the Necros range, it may take a while but it’s doable!

Once they are on you just move slowly towards the male NPC (Darren) and stand in front of him, let them hit you for a good amount of time (unequip your gears to avoid damage on them) and keep talking to him until you get a different dialog option, if I remember correctly both correct answers are the 1st ones (they are the ones about you acting tough, saying stuff like “it doesn’t hurt”) when you give those answers, the quest still won’t trigger, you need to go talk to Priest Raeli in Uskis Arab Land and she will give you the quest itself, once completed you get the title “Maximum Endurance”!

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Still don’t have confirmation on The Wizard and Mage Tower (1) being doable with the removal of the Centurion Master. I’ve had my hands full, but if someone could confirm this, that would be great. A brand new character or a character that has ABSOLUTELY NEVER talked to the Centurion Master in the past is needed for this test, as well as having done all available quests in Mage Tower.

First of all, thank you so much for the link, @reversen

@IllFatedGaming I did it with 5 characters. Four old characters and a brand new (created after the removal of the Centurion Master).

Historian Colin’ s Favor seems to be bugged, at least on Fedimian. I tried it two times but never recieved any INT stat potion…