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Help me make a build pls ^^

I like the machine gun build and PvE and I have been searching for a build but everything i found was released in April or May and has no consideration for Rank 8. Can some one tell or link me a build and give me some info how it would work with rank 8. I would rather not start an archer to find the way I made it was obsolete.

You’re going to have to elaborate on “machine gun” and give us some more information for a build base.

Do you mean you want to be a Musketeer? Or a Quarrel Shooter 3 for Running Shot? Or both?

I can help I just need a little more base or to know how much room I have to make you one.

Also you may just want to look/read here: Xan's Class/Spec Guide

The best advice for any new player is this;

  • Roll an scout 3, you don’t have to like it or main it, but it will provide you an guaranteed healthy income over the entire course of your ToS life.
  • ToS is currently plagued with bots and afk farmers, the afk farmers are lv280 necromancers and sorcs with autopotion macros, they ruin entire maps and the chaplin, archer, and highlander bots are on every map in existence.
  • A well built Scout 3 will let you solo the 145 or 132 dungeon for roughly 1mil or 750k silver per day, without having to combat afk farmers, bots or other players in general. I myself enjoy scouts in pve aswell, I have 2, an idreamy scout at lv 274 and a new archer3-scout3-falc1 at lv 273 that I rolled specifically for rank 8 Mergen.

For machinegun i’m assuming you are going with archer2>qs3>rogue or something like that, right?

First take a look a these [GUIDE] Archer Class Types

Then pick one class you like. Dont worry about the builds before you choose the class you want.

Got a favorite class? Search a guide for that specific class then all set. The guide does not have to be specific, but its easier to find more opinions from people who tried it.

this is where i found the machine gun type

other than that i dont know …advantage disadvangest and so on i just don’t have enough info

I like autoattack/basic attack buffing classes in every game i play

Well, if you really wanna go for a AA build, archer>qs3>rogue3, you could pick archer 2 for more attack speed later, though i will say that you want to have a good ping to make full use of it. For stats, heavy or full str and 50 con if you think you need to be less glasscannon.

Btw you should look at schwazer reiter, same thing until rank 5, qs3>rogue>sr3. It is supposed to be the crowdkiller.

Better go Archer2-Ranger3-SR3

thank you i’ll look into each build

go archer>quarrel shooter3>archer2>SR2

you get to have running shot so you can auto atk all day but you also have the great skills from SR + mount

If he goes ranger3, even more reason to go rogue instead archer2.

no idiot, rogue skills unmount you when you play SR, SRs don’t need that feint+barrage bullsh1t.

Oh boy, the rage.

70% crit chance from behind is good enough reason to get rogue. Even better if you have the mobility to deal with it.

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Dont worry, i get it. Thats why i’m not considering the feint+barrage combo for now(maybe the changes for a viable hacka could make that work in the future?), i’m just thinking about using the mobility to help with sneak hit, even if the 70% is only from behind, it is 70%.

ranger SR isn’t a theorycraft its a meta build, it was already tested.
Do you really believe that rogue SR will work? lol why take a mounted class with skills that unmount you… its not smart
rogue SR is a bad idea that will not be better than just going ranger 3 archer c2.

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lol we both got confused

I’m confused now. lol I’m to new to understand the theory crafting and had to look up a couple of abbreviations. All i want is a build that fits my preferred play style for now that good enough